Restricted Subsidiary Sample Clauses

Restricted Subsidiary. The foregoing provisions shall not prohibit: (i) the payment of any dividend within 60 days after the date of declaration thereof, if at said date of declaration such payment would have complied with the provisions of this Indenture; (ii) the redemption, repurchase, retirement, defeasance or other acquisition of any subordinated Indebtedness or Equity Interests of the Company in exchange for, or out of the net cash proceeds of the substantially concurrent sale (other than to a Subsidiary of the Company) of, other Equity Interests of the Company (other than any Disqualified Stock); provided that the amount of any such net cash proceeds that are utilized for any such redemption, repurchase, retirement, defeasance or other acquisition shall be excluded from clause (c)(ii) of the preceding paragraph; (iii) the defeasance, redemption, repurchase or other acquisition of subordinated Indebtedness (other than intercompany Indebtedness) in exchange for, or with the net cash proceeds from an incurrence of, Permitted Refinancing Indebtedness; (iv) the repurchase, retirement or other acquisition or retirement for value of common Equity Interests of the Company or Holdings held by any future, present or former employee, director or consultant of the Company or any Subsidiary or Holdings issued pursuant to any management equity plan or stock option plan or any other management or employee benefit plan or agreement; provided, however, that the aggregate amount of Restricted Payments made under this clause (iv) does not exceed $1.5 million in any calendar year and provided further that cancellation of Indebtedness owing to the Company from members of management of the Company or any of its Restricted Subsidiaries in connection with a repurchase of Equity Interests of the Company shall not be deemed to constitute a Restricted Payment for purposes of this covenant or any other provision of this Indenture; (v) repurchases of Equity Interests deemed to occur upon exercise of stock options upon surrender of Equity Interests to pay the exercise price of such options; (vi) payments to Holdings (A) in amounts equal to the amounts required for Holdings to pay franchise taxes and other fees required to maintain its legal existence and provide for other operating costs of up to $500,000 per fiscal year and (B) in amounts equal to amounts required for Holdings to pay federal, state and local income taxes to the extent such income taxes are actually due and owing; provided that the ag...
Restricted Subsidiary. 7 Securities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Restricted Subsidiary. Any Subsidiary of the Borrower which has been designated as a Restricted Subsidiary by the Borrower and from which the Administrative Agent is required to receive a duly executed Subsidiary Guaranty, including, without limitation, the Guarantors.
Restricted Subsidiary. 7 Securities......................................... 7
Restricted Subsidiary any Subsidiary of Borrower other than an Unrestricted Subsidiary.
Restricted Subsidiary. A Subsidiary of the Parent designated as a "Restricted Subsidiary" under the Indentures relating to the Senior Notes.
Restricted Subsidiary. In the event that any Loan Party acquires a fee interest in additional Real Property located in the United States after the Effective Date (other than Real Property subject to a Lien permitted by Section 6.02(ii) or (vi) which prohibits the granting of a Lien thereon to the Collateral Agent) and the fair market value of such acquired Real Property is in excess of $5.0 million as determined in good faith by the Borrower, the Borrower shall, and shall cause the Subsidiary Guarantors to take such actions and execute such documents as the Collateral Agent shall require to create a new Mortgage (including satisfaction of the conditions set forth in clause (c) of Section 5.16 (unless, with respect to any such Real Property, the Administrative Agent determines, in its reasonable discretion, that the fees and expenses of obtaining a Mortgage with respect to such Real Property and the other related deliveries required by this Section 5.11 would be disproportionate to the expected benefits to the Secured Parties of the security to be afforded thereby).
Restricted Subsidiary. The term
Restricted Subsidiary. Any Subsidiary of the Borrower which is not an --------------------- Unrestricted Subsidiary.
Restricted Subsidiary. 6 Sale and Lease-Back Transaction................................................................. 6