Landlord May Make Sample Clauses

Landlord May Make. The Landlord from time to time may establish, modify and enforce reasonable rules and regulations regarding the use and occupancy of the Common Areas and Facilities of the Building and of the premises set aside by the Landlord for leasing to tenants of the Building. All rules and regulations and modifications whether made under this paragraph 19.1 or paragraph 7.2 become a part of this Lease and the Tenant will comply with the rules and regulations and modifications, provided that such rules and regulations and policies shall not (i) discriminate against the Tenant, (ii) materially or unreasonably interfere with or restrict the Tenant’s conduct of its business or the Tenant’s use or enjoyment of the Premises, or (iii) derogate from any of the Tenant’s rights under this Lease. Notice of the rules and regulations and modifications will be given to the Tenant by the Landlord. A set of the most recent rules and regulations are annexed to this Lease as Rules and Regulations Schedule 3. Part 20
Landlord May Make. The Landlord from time to time may establish, modify, and enforce reasonable rules and regulations regarding the use and occupancy of the Common Areas and Facilities of the Building and of the premises set aside by the Landlord for leasing to tenants of the Building. A set of the most recent rules and regulations are annexed to this Lease as Schedule 2.

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  • Landlord Repairs Except as otherwise provided in this Lease, Landlord agrees to make such repairs to the roof, floor slabs, exterior walls, Building systems (including all structural elements and systems, and electrical, mechanical, fire sprinkler, common area plumbing and HVAC), Building equipment servicing the Premises and the Building Common Areas, as may be necessary to keep them in working order, except that Landlord shall in no event be responsible to Tenant for the condition of exterior windows, interior light bulbs, interior lighted signage and interior glass in and about the Premises or for the doors leading to and inside the Premises, or for “balancing” the HVAC system within the Premises or for any condition in the Premises or the Building caused by any act or neglect of Tenant, its employees, invitees or contractors. Landlord shall further not be responsible for any repairs required due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant or its employees, invitees or contractors. Without any limitation, Landlord shall not be responsible for making any improvements or repairs to the Building or the Premises other than expressly stated in this Section 5.1, unless expressly provided otherwise in this Lease. Initials: Landlord ; Initials Tenant:

  • LANDLORD The covenants and obligations contained in this Lease on the part of Landlord are binding on Landlord, its successors, and assigns only during their respective period of ownership of an interest in the Building. In the event of any transfer or transfers of such title to the Building, Landlord (and, in the case of any subsequent transfers or conveyances, the then grantor) shall be concurrently freed and relieved from and after the date of such transfer or conveyance, without any further instrument or agreement, of all liability with respect to the performance of any covenants or obligations on the part of Landlord contained in this Lease thereafter to be performed.

  • Landlord’s Repairs Landlord, as an Operating Expense, shall maintain all of the structural, exterior, parking and other Common Areas of the Project, including HVAC, plumbing, fire sprinklers, elevators and all other building systems serving the Premises and other portions of the Project (“Building Systems”), in good repair, reasonable wear and tear and uninsured losses and damages caused by Tenant, or by any of Tenant’s agents, servants, employees, invitees and contractors (collectively, “Tenant Parties”) excluded. Losses and damages caused by Tenant or any Tenant Party shall be repaired by Landlord, to the extent not covered by insurance, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense. Landlord reserves the right to stop Building Systems services when necessary (i) by reason of accident or emergency, or (ii) for planned repairs, alterations or improvements, which are, in the judgment of Landlord, desirable or necessary to be made, until said repairs, alterations or improvements shall have been completed. Landlord shall have no responsibility or liability for failure to supply Building Systems services during any such period of interruption; provided, however, that Landlord shall, except in case of emergency, make a commercially reasonable effort to give Tenant 24 hours advance notice of any planned stoppage of Building Systems services for routine maintenance, repairs, alterations or improvements. Tenant shall promptly give Landlord written notice of any repair required by Landlord pursuant to this Section, after which Landlord shall make a commercially reasonable effort to effect such repair. Landlord shall not be liable for any failure to make any repairs or to perform any maintenance unless such failure shall persist for an unreasonable time after Tenant’s written notice of the need for such repairs or maintenance. Tenant waives its rights under any state or local law to terminate this Lease or to make such repairs at Landlord’s expense and agrees that the parties’ respective rights with respect to such matters shall be solely as set forth herein. Repairs required as the result of fire, earthquake, flood, vandalism, war, or similar cause of damage or destruction shall be controlled by Section 18.

  • Landlord Services Any services provided by, or on behalf of, Landlord will not prevent any amounts received or accrued from qualifying as "Rents from real property" (within the meaning of Section 856(d)(2) or Section 512(b)(3) of the Code).

  • Tenant By entry hereunder, Tenant accepts the Premises as being in good and sanitary order, condition and repair. Tenant, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, shall keep, maintain and preserve the Premises in first class condition and repair, and shall, when and if needed, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, make all repairs to the Premises and every part thereof, including, without limitation, Tenant’s trade fixtures, installations, equipment and other personal property items within the Premises. All such repairs, maintenance and replacements by Tenant shall be performed in a good and workmanlike manner. Tenant shall, upon the expiration or sooner termination of the Term hereof, surrender the Premises to Landlord in the same condition as when received, usual and ordinary wear and tear excepted. Landlord shall have no obligation to alter, remodel, improve, repair, decorate or paint the Premises or any part thereof. Tenant acknowledges, agrees and affirms that Landlord has made no representations to Tenant respecting the condition of the Premises or the Project. Without limiting the foregoing, Tenant shall, at Tenant’s sole expense, be responsible for repairing any area damaged by Tenant, Tenant’s agents, employees, invitees and visitors. All repairs and replacements by Tenant shall be made and performed: (a) at Tenant’s cost and expense and at such time and in such manner as Landlord may reasonably designate, (b) by contractors or mechanics approved by Landlord, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, (c) so that same shall be at least equal in quality, value and utility to the original work or installation, (d) in a manner and using equipment and materials that will not interfere with or impair the operations, use or occupation of the Building or any of the mechanical, electrical, plumbing or other systems in the Building or the Project, and (e) in accordance with the Rules and Regulations attached hereto as EXHIBIT D and all Applicable Laws. In the event Tenant fails, in the reasonable judgment of Landlord, to maintain the Premises in accordance with the obligations under the Lease, Landlord shall have the right, but not the obligation, to enter the Premises and perform such maintenance, repairs or refurbishing at Tenant’s sole cost and expense (including a sum for overhead to Landlord equal to ten percent (10%) of the cost of the maintenance, repairs or refurbishing). Tenant shall maintain written records of maintenance and repairs, as required by any Applicable Law, and shall use certified technicians to perform such maintenance and repairs, as so required. Tenant shall promptly deliver to Landlord full and complete copies of all service or maintenance contracts entered into by Tenant for the Premises.

  • Leased Premises Lessor hereby leases to Lessee, and Lessee leases and takes from Lessor, the Leased Premises subject to the conditions of this Lease.

  • Tenant’s Repairs Subject to Section 13 hereof, Tenant, at its expense, shall repair, replace and maintain in good condition all portions of the Premises, including, without limitation, entries, doors, ceilings, interior windows, interior walls, and the interior side of demising walls. Such repair and replacement may include capital expenditures and repairs whose benefit may extend beyond the Term. Should Tenant fail to make any such repair or replacement or fail to maintain the Premises, Landlord shall give Tenant notice of such failure. If Tenant fails to commence cure of such failure within 10 days of Landlord’s notice, and thereafter diligently prosecute such cure to completion, Landlord may perform such work and shall be reimbursed by Tenant within 10 days after demand therefor; provided, however, that if such failure by Tenant creates or could create an emergency, Landlord may immediately commence cure of such failure and shall thereafter be entitled to recover the costs of such cure from Tenant. Subject to Sections 17 and 18, Tenant shall bear the full uninsured cost of any repair or replacement to any part of the Project that results from damage caused by Tenant or any Tenant Party and any repair that benefits only the Premises.

  • Demised Premises Owner hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant hereby hires from Owner those portions of the tenth (10th) and eleventh (11th) floors indicated by outlining and diagonal markings on the floor plans initialled by the parties and annexed hereto as Exhibit "1" and Exhibit "2", respectively, in the building known as 55 Broad Street, in the Borough of Manhattan, City of New York (said building is referred to as the "Building", and the Building together with the plot of land upon which it stands is referred to as the "Real Property"), at the annual rental rate or rates set forth in Section 1.03, and upon and subject to all of the terms, covenants and conditions contained in this Lease. The premises leased to Tenant, together with all appurtenances, fixtures, improvements, additions and other property attached thereto or installed therein at the commencement of, or at any time during, the term of this Lease, other than Tenant's Personal Property (as defined in Article 4), are referred to, collectively, as the "Demised Premises".

  • TENANT PARKING Tenant shall have the right, without the payment of any parking charge or fee (other than as a reimbursement of operating expenses to the extent allowed pursuant to the terms of Article 4 of this Lease, above), commencing on the Lease Commencement Date, to use the amount of unreserved parking spaces set forth in Section 10 of the Summary, on a monthly basis throughout the Lease Term, which parking spaces shall pertain to the on-site and/or off-site, as the case may be, parking facility (or facilities) which serve the Project. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenant shall be responsible for the full amount of any taxes imposed by any governmental authority in connection with the renting of such parking spaces by Tenant or the use of the parking facility by Tenant. Tenant’s continued right to use the parking spaces is conditioned upon Tenant abiding by all rules and regulations which are prescribed from time to time for the orderly operation and use of the parking facility where the parking spaces are located (including any sticker or other identification system established by Landlord and the prohibition of vehicle repair and maintenance activities in the parking facilities), and shall reasonably cooperate in seeing that Tenant’s employees and visitors also comply with such rules and regulations. Tenant’s use of the Project parking facility shall be at Tenant’s sole risk and Tenant acknowledges and agrees that Landlord shall have no liability whatsoever for damage to the vehicles of Tenant, its employees and/or visitors, or for other personal injury or property damage or theft relating to or connected with the parking rights granted herein or any of Tenant’s, its employees’ and/or visitors’ use of the parking facilities.

  • Subleased Premises Sublandlord hereby subleases to Subtenant, on the terms and conditions set forth in this Sublease, the Subleased Premises. Sublandlord shall deliver the Subleased Premises to Subtenant on the Sublease Commencement Date with all building systems serving the Premises in good working condition, broom clean, but otherwise in such "AS IS, WHERE IS" condition as exists as of the date of this Sublease, free of all occupants other than Subtenant. Subtenant acknowledges that Sublandlord has made no other representations or warranties concerning the Subleased Premises or the Building or their fitness for Subtenant's purposes, except as expressly set forth in this Sublease. The taking of possession of the Subleased Premises shall be deemed Subtenant's acknowledgement that the same have been delivered in a good and tenantable condition. Sublandlord agrees that Subtenant shall have access to the Sublease Premises prior to the Sublease Commencement Date, beginning at 5 p.m. on January 29, 2002 to and including March 31, 2002, to make Subtenant Improvements, including telephone and cable work. Sublandlord represents that all improvements, additions, alterations and other work done by it to the Sublease Premises was done with the Master Landlord's consent and with all necessary permits and approvals.