General Condition definition

General Condition means these General Terms and Conditions of Contract.
General Condition means these General Condition of Contract.
General Condition a general condition set under section 45 of the Communications Xxx 0000;

Examples of General Condition in a sentence

  • In accordance with General Condition B.1, the Department must be notified at least 180 days before the annual average flow is expected to exceed this level.

  • Rates will be in accordance with General Condition and Requirement 3.4 Damaged Timber.3.6 - Payment Unit Cutting Schedule 3.6.2 - One active unit (12/08)Each Payment Unit must be completed to the satisfaction of the Unit Manager or his/her representative before the next unit may be opened.4 - Transportation 4.1 - Construction 4.1.12 - No new roads (6/10)No new roads will be permitted in any Payment Unit.

  • General Condition of contract and regulation and instructions to tenderers and standard form of contract of Engineering Department latest embodying corrections up-to-date.

  • Rates will be in accordance with General Condition and Requirement 3.4 Damaged Timber.4 - Transportation4.1 - Construction 4.1.3 - Slash and earthen piles (8/04)Piles or windrows of earth along roads and landings that have been widened or constructed shall be leveled.

  • The Buyer shall be the person who made the highest Bid before the conclusion of the Sale pursuant to General Condition 7.15 above subject to approval and acceptance by the Company, the Auctioneers and the Seller or such other Bidder as the Auctioneer and/ or the Company may declare to be the Buyer without being required to give a reason.

More Definitions of General Condition

General Condition means these General Condition of Contract/GCC.
General Condition and "General Conditions" means those conditions set out in Part II of this General Consent.
General Condition means the Condition set out in Part B of Schedule 1;
General Condition. We committed to implementing all items mentioned in the general conditions within the bid document number ( ), and the subcategories of these items.
General Condition. GC" or some similar designation followed by a number shall be deemed to be a reference to the article, general condition, clause or paragraph of this Agreement plus all clauses, paragraphs and sub-paragraphs containing that number as a prefix.
General Condition means these General Conditions of contract.