Safety Certification Sample Clauses

Safety Certification. The Contractor shall submit copies of all the required Federal, state, county, city and industry Safety Certifications for work performed under this contract per Section F. These certifications shall be kept up to date by the Contractor. The Contractor shall submit new versions of certifications as the old certifications expire. No work, that requires a certification, shall start without a valid and approved certification.
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Safety Certification. Landlord shall provide to Tenant, Annual written inspections, submitted within thirty (30) days of completion, certifying the fire alarm, fire extinguishers, emergency exit lighting, and fire sprinkler system (as applicable) are in proper working condition.
Safety Certification. All MATERIAL purchased under this Agreement shall be designed to be in compliance with the applicable Underwriters Laboratories (UL)and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) rules and regulations. It is agreed that Supplier shall be responsible for filing the required documents to obtain compliance with said Underwriters Laboratories Standards and Canadian Standards. Supplier shall be responsible for making the MATERIAL available for testing.
Safety Certification. [and Commercial Service Certificate] prior to COD
Safety Certification. (a) The Vendor certifies the scooters and other permitted devices are safe to operate within the City of Seattle under all conditions that include but are not limited to:
Safety Certification. 4 14.7 Port of Corpus Christi Rail Lines 4 14.7.1 Design Criteria 4 14.7.2 Flagging 5 15 AESTHETICS AND LANDSCAPING 1 15.1 General Requirements 1 15.2 Administrative Requirements 1
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Safety Certification. [and Commercial Service Certificate]prior to COD Railways shall, not later than [30 (thirty)] days after the issuance of the Completion Certificate, procure that the [Chief] Electrical Inspector in the Railways in charge of electrical safety (as the case may be) shall review the results of the Tests submitted by the Railway Electrical Engineer to determine and certify that the Solar Rooftop Power System is safe for entering into commercial service; provided that the relevant authority may inspect the Solar Rooftop Power System and/or require the SPD to conduct or cause to be conducted such additional tests as may be prudent and necessary in accordance with Applicable Laws and Good Industry Practice. For the avoidance of doubt, it is expressly agreed that the SPD shall not be liable to pay any charges to Railways towards such certification by the Chief Electrical Engineer/EIG of Railway Safety.
Safety Certification. The Contractor shall note that the Commissioner for Railway Safety (CRS) and or zonal railways may inspect the Works from time to time if required for the purpose of determining whether the Contractor complies, in terms of operational and infrastructural safety. Notwithstanding other provisions of the Agreement, the Contractor shall ensure that the Works comply with the requirements of CRS/zonal railways in terms of being constructed to the drawings, and shall assist the representatives of CRS/zonal railways in carrying out their inspection duties and also comply with their instructions regarding rectifying any defects and making good any deficiencies.
Safety Certification. 13.1 Company warrants to Lucent and will warrant to Lucent Customers and Lucent Customer Service Areas that Products furnished to them will comply with the applicable Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Canadian Standards Association (CSA), and other international standards and regulations. Upon request of Lucent from time to time during the term of this Agreement, and at no charge to Lucent, Company will provide Lucent a certification in writing by an authorized officer of Company, that each Product is in compliance with such standards and regulations as are applicable. Company shall be responsible for bringing Products into compliance and maintaining compliance with said UL, CSA, and international standards and regulations. Company agrees to indemnify and save Lucent, its Affiliates, Lucent Customers, Lucent Customer Service Areas, and each of their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, successors and assigns (all hereinafter referred to in this clause as "Lucent") harmless from any losses, damages, liabilities, fines, penalties, claims, suits or demands (including the costs, expenses, and reasonable attorney's fees incurred on account thereof) that may be made because of Company's non-compliance with such applicable UL, CSA and international standards and regulations. Company agrees to defend Lucent, at Lucent's request, against any such liability, fine, penalty, claim, suit or demand. * Confidential materials submitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Asterisk denotes omissions. Lucent - Company Proprietary and Confidential Use Pursuant to Applicable Instructions 8 -8-
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