Brakes Sample Clauses

Brakes. Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hydraulic lines and fittings, power booster and brake callipers. Excludes linings, pads, drums and discs.
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Brakes a. Full air service to all wheels. S-cam design front and rear. Front linings – Meritor R403, Q-plus. Rear linings – Meritor MA212, Q-plus. Slack adjusters shall be Rockwell, self-adjusting. No asbestos materials.
Brakes. Master cylinder, hydraulic front disc brake calipers, hydraulic rear disc brake calipers, power brake booster, and wheel cylinders.
Brakes. Trailers with a GVWR of 3,000 lbs or more require brakes on all wheels as well as breakaway brakes.
Brakes. Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake calipers (excluding seizure and electric motors), servo, brake pumps, brake limiter valve, ABS computer / pumps. Steering Power Hydraulic/electric power steering rack, hydraulic/electric motor pump, steering box, steering idler, steering column (excluding leaks, electric locks and ECU), pressure pipes. Cooling System Water pump, head gasket, thermostat, heater matrix, electric fan motor, viscous fan coupling, radiator Air Conditioning Air conditioning pump. Propshaft Propshaft, universal joints and bearings. Fuel System (petrol / diesel) Mechanical / electrical fuel pump, air flow meter, EGR valve, idle control valve. Front / Rear Suspension Shock absorbers, coil springs, upper and lower wishbones, ball joints, swivel joints, XxXxxxxxx struts, suspension arms, antiroll bar, self-levelling units and reservoir pump and regulator valves, displacer, hydropneumatics system (excluding leaks and bushes). Wheel Bearings Front and rear wheel bearings. Clutch Centre plate only covered for oil contamination, pressure plate, thrust bearing, clutch fork, master cylinder, slave cylinder. Electrics Starter / solenoid, alternator, ignition coil, distributor, ECU (engine only), front and rear windscreen wiper motors, heater fan motor, indicator relay, electric window motor, sun roof motor, centralised locking solenoids, cruise control actuator and control unit only.
Brakes. All devices shall be equipped with front and rear brakes.
Brakes. Riding with improperly adjusted brakes, worn brake pads, or wheels on which the rim wear xxxx is visible is dangerous and can result in serious injury or death. Applying brakes too hard, too suddenly, or too excessively can lock up a wheel, which could cause you to lose control and fall, or pitch the operator’s body over the handlebars, which may result in serious injury or death. Correctly adjusted brakes allow the full braking power to be applied within available brake lever travel. If improperly adjusted, brake lever travel may be insufficient to apply full braking power, and can result in loss of control, serious injury or death.
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Brakes. Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake calipers (excluding seizure and electric motors), servo, brake pumps, brake limiter valve, ABS computer/pumps. Steering Power steering rack, power steering pump, steering box, steering idler, steering column, (excluding leaks, electric locks, E.C.U.). Pressure pipes.
Brakes. Master cylinder, vacuum assist booster, wheel cylinders, disc calipers, hydraulic valves, lines and fittings, anti-lock braking system, seals, gaskets, and belts and hoses.
Brakes. Master cylinder; power assist booster; vacuum assist booster pump; wheel cylinders; combination (proportioning) valves; disc calipers; self-adjusters; actuators.
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