Road Sample Clauses

Road. The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) is a State Corporation established under the Kenya Roads Act, 2007, with the responsibility for the management, development, rehabilitation and maintenance of national roads. The Authority invites bids from eligible construction companies registered with the National Constuction Authority (NCA) in Category NCA 6, 7 or 8 for the ROUTINE MAINTENANCE AND SPOT IMPROVEMENT CONTRACT FOR JUNC MAIKONA - MARSABIT (B75) ROAD to be funded through Fuel Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF). SCOPE OF WORK The scope of works shall be as described in the tender document. QUALIFICATION FOR TENDERING
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Road. (i) Any section of road where there is insufficient width of formation for two vehicles to pass or speed (as compared to Class "A" road) is considerably reduced by grade, curves or conditions of surface, e.g. corrugations and rutting. (ii) Any section of road where the road surface is likely to cause excessive tyre wear. Class "D" Road
Road. The roads to be reinstate as asphalt or bituminous roads. Types of roads are Type I, Type II, Type III, whose specification is described below. Type I shall be applicable for heavy traffic roads (5 MSA1), Type II for medium traffic roads (3 MSA1) and Type III for low traffic roads (1 MSA1). The base earth strata shall achieve 7% CBR value, before application of road reinstatement activity. Type of road restoration work shall be decided by the Employer’s Representative. Granular Sub Base (GSB) Construction of Granular Sub base (GSB) shall be done by providing close graded material and spreading in uniform layers with motor grader on prepared surface, mixing by mix in place method with rotavator at OMC and compacting with vibratory roller to achieve the desired density, complete as per clause 401 of MoSRT&H including testing of materials at the site and in the laboratory. Water Bound Macadam Road This work shall consist of providing clean and crushed aggregates, laying & compacting of WBM sub-base / base course by rolling and bonding together with screening, binding material where necessary and watering, including preparation and compaction of sub-base & spreading of crushed aggregate to proper grade and camber including application of screenings for interlocking, sprinkling of water & rolling with power roller as per instructions of the Employer’s Representative, shall be as specified below.
Road. Athletes must stay on the right hand side of the road at all times, unless instructed differently by the marshals and traffic officers.
Road and described in para 2 below for a sum of Rupees . . . . . .
Road. The shortest most practical route must be used for all journeys. Deviations from the route to pick up or drop off authorised passengers may be claimed. In addition to the appropriate rate of mileage, garaging, parking fees and tolls will be reimbursed. Receipts should be obtained wherever possible. Driving and parking fines and penalties will not be reimbursed. Mileage Rates Mileage may only be claimed for travel in connection with BT business specific to the Contract. [***] Exceptionally, and only with prior line manager authorisation, higher rate mileage may be claimed for short journeys of less than 30 miles return. In these instances the following mileage rates will apply: [***] Hire Cars Hire cars should be used only in connection with BT business specific to the Contract. Vehicles are not to be used for private purposes. However incidental private use is allowed e.g. to obtain a meal whilst working away from home. The business mileage fuel costs and hire charges incurred will be reimbursed. Generally only vehicles up to 1.4 litres capacity should normally be hired. Vehicles with a greater capacity may only be hired where a justified business need is identified e.g. there are three or more passengers or significant luggage or equipment is to be carried or a particularly long motorway journey is involved. Taxis Taxis should only be used exceptionally, where due to the time of travel, nature of journey, personal safety considerations or the carriage of heavy luggage, public transport does not provide a reasonable option. To avoid surcharges and waiting time, taxis should not normally be pre-booked. Receipts should be obtained in all instances.
Road. Lessee shall grade, fill, compact and improve the standardized base materials appropriate for roadways, all roadways accessing premises used by lessee.
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Road. The Employer shall pay no bonus for early completion of the Works to the Contractor. The sum stated in the Appendix to Bid as liquidated damages shall be increased by a sum equivalent to any additional amount payable by the Employer to the Contractor under clause 70.1 in respect of an increase in costs in such a period that would not have been incurred by the Contractor if the works had been completed by the due date for completion prescribed by Clause 43.” Add The Employer may, without prejudice to any other method of recovery, deduct the amount of such damages from any monies due or to become due to the Contractor, and after the limit of deduction prescribed in the Appendix to tender is reached, the Contract shall be considered due for Termination.
Road. A minimum five-foot sidewalk must be constructed along both sides of each interior street. All sidewalks within rights- of-way must be dedicated to and maintained by the Town.
Road and the Purchaser has agreed to purchase the said property more particularly described in the schedule hereunder and delineated in the plan attached hereto and coloured red thereon for a total sale consideration of a sum of Rs ............. (Rupees .................................. only). NOW THIS INDENTURE OF SALE WITNESSETH AS UNDER That in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the said sum of Rs . ................... (Rupees ............................. only) paid by the Purchaser herein unto the Vendor before execution of these presents (the receipt of which sum the Vendor doth hereby acknowledge as the full consideration) the Vendor doth hereby grant, convey, and assign by way of absolute sale unto the Purchaser all those pieces and parcel of land admeasuring .................. bearing plot No.................... popularly known as .. situated at .................................. along with the building constructed thereon bearing municipal No . .................. more particularly described in the Schedule herein and delineated in the plan attached hereto and coloured ......................... thereon together with building fixtures, etc. with all the estate, right, title and interest of the Vendor herein together with all other rights, easements, advantages, privileges and appurtenances whatsoever in the said piece and parcel of land to have and to hold the same unto the Purchaser herein absolutely for ever and absolutely free from all encumbrances, claims, demands, attachments and charges of all claim but subject however to the payment of all Government assessment and other taxes payable to the Government or any other local Authorities in respect of the said land and property more particularly described in the Schedule hereunder and delineated in the plan attached hereto and coloured................... thereon together with all ways, waters, watercourses thereto, whatever in the said piece or parcel of land more particularly described in the Schedule hereunder and hereby conveyed, the Vendor covenant and confirm that all rents, rates, taxes, assessment dues, duties on the said property have been paid by them upto and including the date of these presents and further covenant that should any rates, taxes, dues and duties be found payable upto date, the same shall and will be paid by him; and AND WHEREAS the Vendor doth hereby covenant with the said purchaser that he, the Vendor have good right, title, interest and full power to g...
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