Student Housing definition

Student Housing means the use of a building, or portion of a building, for the domestic purposes of students attending an educational facility.
Student Housing means a structure specifically designed for long-term stay by students of an educational facility for sleeping accommodations and permitted in accordance with this Chapter 53. Structures shall be located in an “EC” District or an area outside an “EC” District that is not contiguous but that has been approved by legislative action of the City Council. This includes the following types of student housing: any dormitory, fraternity/sorority house or apartment.
Student Housing means CU Boulder’s undergraduate Residence Halls and undergraduate Apartment Style Halls.

Examples of Student Housing in a sentence

  • The receipt by the University of any payment, with knowledge of the breach of any term or condition hereof, shall not constitute a waiver of such breach, and no waiver by the University of any term or condition hereof shall be effective unless expressed in writing and signed by the Director of Student Housing or Designee.

  • Acceptance of this Agreement is the Tenant’s acknowledgment that the Tenant has read, understood, and agreed to the Terms and Conditions, including, without limitation, the Terms and Conditions relating to payment of late fees, termination, BYU Student Housing Policy, and the CES Honor Code.

  • Xxxxxx agrees to conduct himself or herself in accordance with the CES Honor Code, BYU Student Housing Policy, and to abide by the published Housing Guidelines at, which guidelines are incorporated herein by reference.

  • Exceptions to this requirement must be requested in advance in writing and approved by the Senior Director of Student Housing or designee.

More Definitions of Student Housing

Student Housing means housing at Geneva Tower.
Student Housing means Inland American Communities Group, Inc.
Student Housing means a residential unit owned by a participating nonprofit entity, and located on real property owned by that entity, for use by an individual enrolled at a public college, public university, or participating private college.
Student Housing means any structure or any portion of any structure which is occupied, or intended or designed primarily to house students (at any grade level) while in school. If these structures contain 30 units or more, and those units are held out to the public for transient occupancy during student break and/or vacation periods, the transient occupancy of less than one month shall be subject to SDTMD assessment.
Student Housing means the property (including common property and areas) at which the Accommodation is located.
Student Housing means a building where 100 percent of the residential uses are affiliated with and operated by an accredited post-secondary educational institution. This housing shall providing lodging or both meals and lodging, by prearrangement for
Student Housing means all facilities offered and employed by Licensor for Student housing including, but not limited to, the bedrooms within the Facility.