Provider Manual Sample Clauses

Provider Manual. The Provider Manual supplements and is made a part of and incorporated into this Agreement, and Providers shall comply with the Provider Manual. Health Plan may amend the Provider Manual from time to time upon notice to Provider by posting to Health Plan’s provider website, email or other means of notice permitted by this Agreement, provided that in the case of material revisions to the Provider Manual, Health Plan shall provide notice in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement regarding written notice. Changes to the Provider Manual shall become effective 15 days after such posting or notice, or such other time period required for Health Plan to comply with Laws, Program Requirements or accreditation standards. Providers shall have and maintain systems necessary for access to Health Plan’s provider website, and check for revisions to the Provider Manual from time to time.
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Provider Manual. Avesis shall make available to Provider the Avesis Provider Manual ("Provider Manual") for use during the term of this Agreement. Participating Provider agrees to comply with the contents of the Provider Manual as well as the policies and procedures set forth in the Provider Manual, as it may be revised by Avesis from time to time. The Provider Manual shall be kept confidential and shall not be copied or disclosed to third parties except as required for the conduct of the Participating Provider’s business as it relates to this Agreement. Participating Provider shall be given at least thirty (30) calendar days written notice of revisions to the Provider Manual. The Provider Manual is incorporated herein by reference and the terms of this Agreement shall control the interpretation of the Provider Manual.
Provider Manual. The contractor shall issue a Provider Manual and Bulletins or other means of provider communication to the providers of medical/dental services. The manual and bulletins shall serve as a source of information to providers regarding Medicaid covered services, policies and procedures, statutes, regulations, telephone access and special requirements to ensure all contract requirements are being met. Alternative to provider manuals shall be prior approved by DMAHS. The contractor shall provide all of its providers with, at a minimum, the following information:
Provider Manual. – The written document made available on the Avesis website or provided to the Provider by Avesis that describes the administrative policies and procedures established by Avesis for the provision of Covered Benefits to Members. The Provider Manual may be amended from time to time and the terms of which are hereby expressly incorporated by reference into, and as a part of, this Agreement.
Provider Manual. Provider shall comply and render Covered Services in accordance with the contents, instructions and procedures set forth in Health Plan’s Provider Manual, which may be amended from time to time. Health Plan’s Provider Manual is incorporated in this Agreement by this reference.
Provider Manual is the PacifiCare Provider Policies and Procedures Manual and related written materials which shall be provided to Medical Group by PacifiCare prior to or concurrent with the execution of this Agreement. The Provider Manual is incorporated into this Agreement, and may be updated from time to time by PacifiCare as provided in this Agreement.
Provider Manual refers to the manuals developed by Blue Shield which set forth the operational rules and procedures applicable to the Group and Group Providers. The Provider Manual will include the HMO Provider Manual, the HMO Benefit Guidelines and the Blue Shield Medical Policy Manual.
Provider Manual. Blue Shield shall develop a Provider Manual, and Group and Group Providers shall comply with its provisions. Blue Shield may, in its discretion, periodically modify the Provider Manual by written notice to Group. The Provider Manual, as so amended, is incorporated herein by reference. To the extent of any conflict between this Agreement and the Provider Manual, the terms of this Agreement shall govern. Blue Shield will provide Group with 60 days’ advance notice of any proposed changes in the Provider Manual. In the event Group reasonably concludes that a change in the Provider Manual is material and would have an adverse financial impact on the Group, then Group and Blue Shield shall confer in good faith regarding the change. If Group and Blue Shield are unable to reach agreement regarding the change, then Group may elect to terminate this Agreement pursuant to Section 12.2 hereof, and the Provider Manual change to which Group objected shall not be effective as to Group during the termination notice period.
Provider Manual. The CHC-MCO must keep its Network Providers informed and up-to-date with the latest policy and procedures changes as they affect the MA Program and must develop and maintain a Provider Manual. The CHC-MCO must distribute the Provider Manual in a manner that makes them easily accessible to all Network Providers. The CHC-MCO may specifically delegate this responsibility to large Providers in its Provider Agreement. The Provider Manual must be updated annually. The Department may grant an exception to this annual requirement upon written request from the CHC-MCO provided there are nomajor changes to the manual. The CHC-MCO must submit its Provider Manual to the Department for review and prior approval. The CHC-MCO must include the information in its Provider manual as specified in Exhibit W, Provider Manuals.