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Recognition of professional qualifications. (1) An appropriate authority may by regulations make such provision as the authority considers appropriate—
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Recognition of professional qualifications. 12.(1) A Minister may by regulations make such provision as the Minister considers appropriate-
Recognition of professional qualifications. 1. If access to or pursuit of a regulated profession in the host jurisdiction is contingent upon possession of specific professional qualifications, the relevant authority of the host jurisdiction shall permit access to, and pursuit of the profession to a professional who applies for recognition and who has comparable professional qualifications, unless a condition according to Article 2.4 (Conditions for Recognition) is met or a condition referred to in Article 2.6 (Other Conditions) is not met.
Recognition of professional qualifications. In this area, the professions of interest to the Ministry of Culture are restorers and archaeologists. The Ministry of Culture is governed by Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and Act No 74/2019 regulating certain relations in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union, which also covers the recognition of professional qualifications. Applicants from the UK will be subject to Act No 74/2019 on the regulation of certain relations in connection with the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union. Their applications will be assessed according to the specific situation that has arisen. After the UK leaves the EU, UK nationals may pursue heritage conservation professions (the restoration of cultural monuments or archaeological research) in accordance with the relevant provisions of the above-mentioned State Heritage Conservation Act. Bilateral cultural relations between the Czech Republic and the UK Bilateral cultural relations with the United Kingdom are contractually built around the Cultural Agreement between the Government of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on Cooperation in Education, Science and Culture (London, 3 April 1990), the Agreement on the Establishment and Operation of Cultural Centres (168/1992), and the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in the Field of Culture between the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the British Council (London, 16 February 2004). These agreements are automatically renewed and will remain in force. *** Possible questions and enquiries Export, import and return of cultural goods – Trade in goods (Title I) Most of the questions that legal and natural persons ask us can be summed up as “What do I need to export a specific item to a certain country?” With imports and exports, this always depends on the category of the cultural goods. According to EU legislation, export licences for third countries cannot be issued without a “control document”, which under Czech law is an export permit or certificate (Act No 20/1987 on state heritage conservation, Act No 122/2000 on the protection of museum collections, Act No 499/2004 on archiving and the records service, Act No 71/1994 on the sale and export of cultural artefacts).
Recognition of professional qualifications. TABLE OF CONTENTS A. General system, recognition of professional experience and automatic recognition
Recognition of professional qualifications. 1. If access to or pursuit of a regulated profession (4) in the jurisdiction of the other Party is contingent on possession of specific professional qualifications, that Party shall encourage, as appropriate, its relevant bodies to establish and operate systems for recognition of professional qualifications obtained in the other Party's jurisdiction.
Recognition of professional qualifications. The Chapter on Recognition of Professional Qualifications establishes a framework to facilitate a transparent and consistent regime for recognition by the Parties. This Chapter applies where the profession is regulated both in the home and host jurisdictions and equally where the profession is only regulated in the host jurisdiction. If access to or pursuit of a regulated profession in the host jurisdiction is contingent upon possession of specific professional qualifications, the relevant authority shall recognise the qualifications of a professional who applies for recognition in the host jurisdiction and possesses comparable qualifications for the same profession in the home jurisdiction. A relevant authority may only refuse to recognise qualifications for the same profession or require a professional to take an aptitude test where certain conditions are met. Furthermore, the Chapter lays down a procedure for the handling of applications for recognition of professional qualifications.
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Related to Recognition of professional qualifications

  • Professional Qualifications It shall be a condition of continued professional employment that employees must apply for enrolment in their appropriate professional licensing body by the thirtieth day of continuous service.

  • Personnel Qualifications Contractor shall assign properly qualified and experienced personnel to the program contemplated under this Agreement, and Contractor shall use reasonable efforts to retain such personnel on Customer’s program for the duration of such program.

  • General Qualifications General qualifications commonly required of all candidates for, appointees to, and employees in the classified service such as integrity, honesty, sobriety, dependability, industry, thoroughness, accuracy, good judgment, initiative, resourcefulness, courtesy, ability to work cooperatively with others, good health, and freedom from disabling defects, shall be deemed to be a part of the personal characteristics of the minimum qualifications of each class specification and need not be specifically set forth therein. The Commission may prescribe alternative or additional qualifications for individual classes and such qualifications also shall be deemed to be a part of the specifications for such classes.

  • Contractor Qualifications Contractor warrants that Contractor has the necessary licenses, experience and technical skills to provide services under this Contract.

  • PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS AND ASSIGNMENTS (In 2011, the Florida Legislature passed statutory changes eliminating the granting of new Professional Service Contracts and prohibiting the School Board from following the requirements outlined in Sections 14.1, 14.1-1, 14.1-2, and 14.1-3 of the contract below. These provisions are therefore placed in abeyance until all legal challenges have been resolved. All other Sections beginning with 14.2 remain in full force and effect.)

  • IRO Qualifications The IRO shall:

  • PERFORMANCE AND RESPONSIBILITY QUALIFICATIONS The Commissioner reserves the right to investigate or inspect at any time whether or not the Product, services, qualifications or facilities offered by the Bidder/Contractor meet the requirements set forth in the Bid Specifications/Contract or as set forth during Contract negotiations. Contractor shall at all times during the Contract term remain responsible and responsive. A Bidder/Contractor must be prepared, if requested by the Commissioner, to present evidence of legal authority to do business in New York State, integrity, experience, ability, prior performance, organizational and financial capacity as well as where applicable, a statement as to supply, plant, machinery and capacity of the manufacturer or source for the production, distribution and servicing of the Product offered/Bid. If the Commissioner determines that the conditions and terms of the Bid Documents, Bid Specifications or Contract are not complied with, or that items, services or Product proposed to be furnished do not meet the specified requirements, or that the legal authority, integrity experience, ability, prior performance, organization and financial capacity or facilities are not satisfactory, the Commissioner may reject such Bid or terminate the Contract.

  • Vendor Qualifications Minimum Qualifications Based on the Contractor’s submission, OGS has determined that Contractor met the minimum qualifications for the lot(s) as identified in Appendix G, Contractor and OGS Information. If Contractor is awarded Lot 1 as a New York State Certified Minority- or Women- Owned Business Enterprise or as a New York State Small Business, Contractor agrees that it must retain at least one of such statuses to retain its Lot 1 award. Should a Contractor no longer retain at least one of such statuses, OGS shall suspend its Lot 1 award and the Contractor shall not be able to respond to Authorized User’s requests. If the Contractor fails to regain at least one of the statuses within 90 calendar days and provide OGS with documentation of such status, then its Lot 1 award shall be terminated. Any transaction awarded prior to Contractor’s loss of such statuses may continue until completion, unless otherwise terminated in accordance with this Contract. Lot 1– For projects up to $200,000 total Eligibility for this Lot is limited to the following:  Contractor is a New York State Certified Minority- or Women-Owned Business Enterprise; or  Contractor meets the definition of a New York State Small Business which is as follows: o A business which is resident in New York State, independently owned and operated, not dominant in its field and employs one hundred or less persons (see State Finance Law section 160(8)).

  • Required Qualifications Not Applicable

  • Certification Regarding Business with Certain Countries and Organizations Pursuant to Subchapter F, Chapter 2252, Texas Government Code, PROVIDER certifies it is not engaged in business with Iran, Sudan, or a foreign terrorist organization. PROVIDER acknowledges this Purchase Order may be terminated if this certification is or becomes inaccurate.

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