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UK National means a person who is a British citizen (including persons from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), a British subject under Part IV of the British Nationality Act 1981 having the right of abode in the UK or a British Dependent Territories citizen acquiring his/her citizenship from connection with Gibraltar.
UK National means an individual who is—
UK National means someone who is, as referred to in the British Nationality Act1981 —

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  • Emergency telephone +44 1495 350234Monday - Thursday: 0830 - 1700Friday: 0830 - 1530National emergency telephone Product information has been submitted to the UK National Poisons Information Servicenumber (NPIS) and is accessible to medical health professionals.

  • The agreement of the UK National Authorities is required before special tests can be undertaken and additional fees will be charged.

  • The navigation accuracy achieved by NAT HLA aircraft is periodically measured and additionally all identified instances of significant deviation from cleared track are subject to thorough investigation by the NAT Central Monitoring Agency (CMA), currently operated on behalf of ICAO by the UK National Air Traffic Services Limited.

  • Systematic reviews of nine UK National Screening Committee criteria.

  • If you have any related issues which we have not specifically addressed, please use this space to report them: Please enter here: The issues regarding water supply are overstated, the current situation for firefighting water is that the water undertakers are signed up to the Water UK National Guidance Document on Water for Firefighting, despite this they are unable to guarantee the supply for firefighting to the flow requirements of this document.

  • Emergency telephone 020 8974 1515 (office hours 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) Emergency Action: In the event of a medical enquiry involving this product, please contact your doctor or local hospital accident and emergency department, who may seek advice from the UK National Poisons Information Service, where our full product details are held.

  • The Secretary-General of the Council, the Member of the European Commission responsible for security matters, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and the UK National Security Authority, Cabinet Office, shall oversee the implementation of this Agreement.

  • Email the UK National Agency team managing this Key Action at with a PDF copy of your application, any annexes and the above screenshot(s) attached within two hours of the application deadline: i.e. by 1pm UK time.

  • ReferencesOn October 19, 2022, we searched PubMed and the databases of the Cochrane Library, the U.K. National Health Services Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

  • Lottery• UK National Lottery Prize Draws including Scratchcards• UK National Football Pools• Euro Millions Lottery• Irish National Lottery• UK Premium Bond Prize Draws.

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UK National means someone who, in the terms of the British Nationality Act 1981 (of Parliament), is—

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  • JPMorgan Chase Bank means JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. and its successors.

  • EEA national means a national of one of the following countries:

  • Authorized Signatory means such senior personnel of a Person as may be duly authorized and designated in writing by such Person to execute documents, agreements and instruments on behalf of such Person.

  • Wells Fargo Bank Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., or its successor in interexx.

  • Mizuho means Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

  • Authorized Signature means the signature of an individual authorized to receive funds on behalf of an applicant and responsible for the execution of the applicant’s project.

  • Michigan national guard means that term as defined in section 105 of the Michigan military act, 1967 PA 150, MCL 32.505.

  • Managing Director means the Managing Director of the Food Corporation of India.

  • Xxxxx Fargo Bank means Xxxxx Fargo Bank, National Association.

  • Citicorp has the meaning specified in the preamble to this Agreement.

  • United Kingdom national means an individual who is—

  • foreign national means the following:

  • Deutsche Bank means Deutsche Bank AG and its affiliated companies, as the context requires.

  • Mobile Banking means the banking services accessible from the Device you have registered with us for Mobile Banking.

  • Authorized Signer is any individual listed in Borrower’s Borrowing Resolution who is authorized to execute the Loan Documents, including making (and executing if applicable) any Credit Extension request, on behalf of Borrower.

  • Toddler means a child at least one year of age but less than 2 years of age.

  • Cottage Sector Means a single dwelling that does not have a common facility for a multiple number of tenants.

  • Roentgen means the special unit of exposure. One roentgen (R) equals 2.58 × 10-4 coulombs/kilogram of air (see “Exposure” and 38.4(4)).

  • Swale means a shallow depression in the ground sloping to a place for disposal for the purpose of providing a method of drainage of surface water.

  • Maritime agency services means activities consisting in representing, within a given geographic area, as an agent the business interests of one or more shipping lines or shipping companies, for the following purposes:

  • Vice President when used with respect to the Company or the Trustee, means any vice president, whether or not designated by a number or a word or words added before or after the title "vice president".

  • L/C Bank means the Original L/C Bank and any other Lender which has been appointed as an L/C Bank in accordance with Clause 5.11 (Appointment and Change of L/C Bank) and which has not resigned in accordance with paragraph (c) of Clause 5.11 (Appointment and Change of L/C Bank).

  • FIFA means the Federation Internationale de Football Association.

  • Business Trust Act means Chapter 38 of Title 12 of the Delaware Code, 12 Del. Code Section 3801 et seq., as it may be amended from time to time, or any successor legislation.