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Quality of welded assemblies. All welders must have a valid welder certification according to ISO 9606 (formerly: DIN EN 287). They may only weld materials for which they are approved. The TII Group has the right to inspect the relevant documents. Sheets and flame-cut blanks must meet the following standard specifications and requirements: Standards, requirements Area Subject EN 10204 • Inspection certificate 3.1 “Material test certificates” • Sheets • Cuts DIN EN 10029 • Thickness tolerances according to tab. 1, class B • Flatness according to tab. 4: • Steel group L, tolerance class N • Steel group H, tolerance class N “Hot-rolled steel plates 3 mm thick or above – Limit deviations, shape tolerances, allowable weight deviations” • Sheets • Cuts DIN EN 10163 – 2 • Surface cleanliness according to tab. 4 class B, subassembly 2 • Rust and scale-free surface “Delivery requirements for the surface condition of hot-rolled steel products (sheet, wide flat steel and profiles)” • Sheets • Cuts ISO 9013 (replacement for DIN 2310 Part 3) • Flame-cut blanks ISO 9013-331 “Welding and related processes – Quality classification and dimensional tolerances for autogenic flame-cut surfaces” • Cuts EN 287-1 certified welders Welder certification • Welding work DIN EN ISO 5817 assessment group B Visual inspection • Execution quality of the welding job DIN EN ISO 13920 AE General tolerances for welded structures, degree of accuracy • Untolerated dimensions with welded structures DIN EN ISO 9692 Weld preparation • Weld preparation for fully connected cross-sections of butt welds and fillet welds and a collection of proven sizes and shapes When performing welding work on the TII Group, all principles included in DIN EN ISO 729-2/3 must be considered to ensure the quality of welding of metallic materials. As other applicable standards in EN 729-3, item 2, “References to standards”, are applicable, insofar as they are relevant. This means: Equipment of the company in terms of personnel and technology which ensures work that is professional and state-of-the-art: Correct selection of the welding process suitable for the application with the parameters: • Heat treatment: Preheating, heat treatment, if appropriate; • Weld preparation (opening angle, joint shapes, metallic bare edges). If no details are given for welding seams, DIN 8551 applies. • Suitable equipment and correct operating data (welding equipment, tools, devices, drying ovens, power source, welding wire diameter, polarity, amperage, gas pressure, s...

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  • Quality of Work No Advance or any portion thereof shall be made with respect to defective work or to any contractor that has performed work that is defective and that has not been cured, as confirmed by the report of the Construction Consultant, but Lender may disburse all or part of any Advance before the sum shall become due if Lender believes it advisable to do so, and all such Advances or parts thereof shall be deemed to have been made pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Quality Specifications SANMINA-SCI shall comply with the quality specifications set forth in its Quality Manual, incorporated by reference herein, a copy of which is available from SANMINA-SCI upon request.

  • Technical Specifications 1. A procuring entity shall not prepare, adopt or apply any technical specification or prescribe any conformity assessment procedure with the purpose or the effect of creating unnecessary obstacles to international trade.

  • Quality of Materials and Workmanship Unless otherwise specified, all materials shall be new, and both workmanship and materials shall be of good quality. The Contractor shall, if required, furnish satisfactory evidence as to the kind and quality of materials and work. The burden of proof is on the Contractor.

  • Technical Feasibility of String While ICANN has encouraged and will continue to encourage universal acceptance of all top-­‐level domain strings across the Internet, certain top-­‐level domain strings may encounter difficulty in acceptance by ISPs and webhosters and/or validation by web applications. Registry Operator shall be responsible for ensuring to its satisfaction the technical feasibility of the TLD string prior to entering into this Agreement.

  • Technical Requirements for SCPs/Databases BellSouth shall provide physical access to SCPs through the SS7 network and protocols with TCAP as the application layer protocol.

  • General specifications 6.1.1. The vehicle, its engine and its sound reduction system shall be so designed, constructed and assembled as to enable the vehicle, in normal use, despite the vibration to which it may be subjected, to comply with the provisions of this Regulation.

  • Equipment Specifications All equipment must meet the contract specifications and all federal and State safety codes and regulations in effect at the date of manufacture. All equipment must be Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) equipment unless otherwise stated in the contract. Items Offered as New. All products, materials, supplies, replacement parts, and equipment offered and furnished must be new, of current manufacturer production, and must have been formally announced by the manufacturer as being commercially available, unless otherwise stated in this Contract.

  • PUBLIC WORKS AND BUILDING SERVICES CONTRACTS Work being done under a resulting Authorized User Agreement may be subject to the prevailing wage rate provisions of the New York State Labor Law. Such work will be identified by the Authorized User within the RFQ. See “Prevailing Wage Rates – Public Works and Building Services Contracts’ in Appendix B, Clause 10, OGS General Specifications. Any federal or State determination of a violation of any public works law or regulation, or labor law or regulation, or any OSHA violation deemed "serious or willful" may be grounds for a determination of vendor non-responsibility and rejection of proposal. The Prevailing Wage Case Number for this Contract is PRC# 2014011745. The Prevailing Wage Rates for various occupations and General Provisions of Laws Covering Workers on Article 8 Public Work Contract can be accessed at the following NYS Department of Labor website: xxxxx://xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx.xx.xxx/wpp/xxxxXxxxXxxxxxx.xx?method=showIt  Insert PRC# 2014011745 in the box provided and click Submit.  Click Wage Schedule located underneath the main header of this page. The PDF file may be searched to obtain the Prevailing Wage Rate for a specific occupation. SHORT TERM EXTENSION In the event a replacement Contract has not been issued, any Contract let and awarded hereunder by the State, may be extended unilaterally by the State for an additional period of up to 3 months upon notice to the Contractor with the same terms and conditions as the original Contract including, but not limited to, prices and delivery requirements. With the concurrence of the Contractor, the extension may be for a period of up to 6 months in lieu of 3 months. However, this extension terminates should the replacement Contract be issued in the interim. PROCUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS Authorized Users should refer to the documents attached as Appendix G – Processes and Forms Templates for specific instructions on the usage of this Contract. OGS reserves the right to unilaterally make revisions, changes, additions and/or updates to the documents attached as Appendix G - Processes and Forms Templates without processing a formal amendment and/or modification. SPECIFICATIONS During the term of the Contract, the Authorized User may request Product specifications for particular items that have been included by the Contractor in its Pricing Pages. These specifications will be provided by the Contractor at no cost.

  • Manufacturing Intrexon shall have the option and, in the event it so elects, shall use Diligent Efforts, to perform any manufacturing activities in connection with the Aquaculture Program that relate to the Intrexon Materials, including through the use of a suitable Third Party contract manufacturer. To the extent that Intrexon so elects, Intrexon may request that AquaBounty and Intrexon establish and execute a separate manufacturing and supply agreement, which agreement will establish and govern the production, quality assurance, and regulatory activities associated with manufacture of Intrexon Materials. Except as provided in Section 4.1, any manufacturing undertaken by Intrexon pursuant to the preceding sentence shall be performed in exchange for cash payments equal to Intrexon’s Fully Loaded Cost in connection with such manufacturing, on terms to be negotiated by the Parties in good faith. In the event that Intrexon does not manufacture Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products, then Intrexon shall provide to AquaBounty or a contract manufacturer selected by AquaBounty and approved by Intrexon (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld) all Information Controlled by Intrexon that is (a) related to the manufacturing of such Intrexon Materials or bulk qualities of other components of AquaBounty Products for use in the Field and (b) reasonably necessary to enable AquaBounty or such contract manufacturer (as appropriate) for the sole purpose of manufacturing such Intrexon Materials or bulk quantities of other components of AquaBounty Products. The costs and expenses incurred by Intrexon in carrying out such transfer shall be borne by Intrexon. Any manufacturing Information transferred hereunder to AquaBounty or its contract manufacturer shall not be further transferred to any Third Party, including any Product Sublicensee, or any AquaBounty Affiliate without the prior written consent of Intrexon; provided, however, that Intrexon shall not unreasonably withhold such consent if necessary to permit AquaBounty to switch manufacturers.