Program Rules Sample Clauses

Program Rules. In connection with the applicable Program Rule Attachment attached to the applicable Order Form, Customer agrees to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and Program rules (“Customer Compliance Obligations”). Provider may suspend or terminate the Order Form or any Program Rule Attachment in the event of any breach or suspected breach of such laws, regulations or rules by Customer.
Program Rules. THE ASSOCIATION, in consultation with NMS, has adopted ------------- and implemented Program Rules to govern the administration of the Program(s). THE ASSOCIATION may, in consultation with NMS, add to or modify current Program Rules from time to time, and shall notify NMS promptly of any changes in the Program Rules. Notwithstanding any consultation with NMS, the development, implementation and modification of the Program Rules shall be in the sole discretion of THE ASSOCIATION. If there are changes in the Program Rules that substantially affect the cost to NMS of performing its duties hereunder, the terms and payments for any resulting changes in cost shall be mutually agreed upon by THE ASSOCIATION and NMS.
Program Rules. THE ASSOCIATION shall be responsible for development ------------- and maintenance of Program Rules.
Program Rules. The OPEN Program allows for grants to qualified small businesses of up to $49,500. The award of the grant is based on such factors as need, eligibility, number of employees, loss due to full or partial shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, and availability of funds. See Economic Development Program Rules.
Program Rules. Parent/Guardian and Minor acknowledge that Minor is taking part in Program activities of Minor’s own free will and own initiative. Program activities may include laboratory bench research activities and/or clinical research activities. Parent/Guardian and Minor acknowledge that they have read the University’s rules stated herein or as otherwise advised at the time of Program, and as published on the University’s websites, xxxx://, , xxxx:// and and understand and agree that Minor shall abide by all University and Program rules and policies. Failure to comply with the applicable rules or any other rule established by the Program may result in Minor’s immediate removal from the Program. If Minor will be working with or near research animals, Parent/Guardian and Minor acknowledge that Minor must comply with all animal research policies and practices, specifically including the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee’s Policy 122. I understand and agree to notify the Mentor of the Program _________________ at ________ immediately of any injuries Minor sustains as a result of the Program and of any inappropriate behavior Minor experiences related to the Program. I also understand and agree that if any issues of sexual misconduct, harassment or assault occur, I will immediately report those to both the Mentor of the Program ________________________ at ________ and the University’s Sexual Misconduct Officer at 000-000-0000 or Initials: _____
Program Rules. Credit Card Loyalty Point Program rules will be adopted prior to the Implementation Date and will 1) not conflict with the provisions of this Agreement and 2) among other things will contain a statement to the effect that PrivilegeONE and the Dealers, as applicable, are responsible for the operation and administration of the Credit Card Loyalty Program, including PrivilegeONE Cardholder incentives and the redemption of Credit Card Loyalty Points.