Rules and Policies Sample Clauses

Rules and Policies. In addition to the terms and conditions contained herein, players acknowledge and agree that players shall be bound by and comply with all rules, regulations and policies established by SGM. SGM reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to amend, modify or cancel any of its rules, regulations and policies and/or adopt additional rules, regulations or policies. Any violation of the rules, regulations and policies by a member may result in the termination of the players contact, in SGM’s sole and absolute discretion.
Rules and Policies. 199. It is the intent of SFMTA management during the course of this contract to update the rules and policies. The current rules and policies will be reviewed and updated and rewritten as appropriate, and shall not modify or violate any terms of this MOU. The proposals will be given to the Transport Workers Union Local 250-A and meet and confer sessions shall be held as to all rules that significantly affect terms and conditions of employment.
Rules and Policies. The Site will provide the University, at least two weeks in advance of the practicum, all-relevant rules, regulations and policies of the Site that may impact the student field experience. The Site, when necessary, shall have the responsibility of updating this information.
Rules and Policies. A. Employees shall comply with rules and policies adopted by the Board or the Superintendent and perform all professional duties assigned by their immediate administrative supervisor, subject to the provisions of Section 7.08D.
Rules and Policies. Participant agrees to read and comply with the written rules and policies adopted by the District and relating to the Amenities, and further agrees to act in a safe manner when participating in the Activities. Participant further agrees to immediately inform a representative of the District, and to stop participating in the Activities, if Participant observes any unsafe condition or broken equipment, or if Participant experiences any pain, discomfort or other symptoms that Participant may suffer during or after participating in the Activities. Participant understands that Participant may stop or delay participation in the Activities if Participant so desires and that Participant may also be requested to stop and rest by a District representative who observes any symptoms of distress or abnormal response, and Participant agrees to comply with such directions.
Rules and Policies. Riverside Golf Course rules may be modified at the discretion of Management with approval from the Parks and Recreation Director and City Manager. Failure to act in accordance with the rules set forth may result in suspension or termination of annual pass benefits. Riverside Golf Course Staff is responsible for monitoring and enforcing these rules on a daily basis, with the Head Golf Professional providing direction on any actions taken. Conduct Annual Pass holders shall act in a manner that is not disruptive, combative, or abusive to other players or Riverside Golf Course staff. Harassment, sexual or otherwise, of staff is not permitted and includes, but is not limited to unwelcome advances, verbal or physical conduct of an offensive nature, offensive comments, jokes, innuendoes, and other inappropriate statements. Dress Code Proper golf attire is required at all times. Men’s shirts must have sleeves, tank tops or cut off sleeves are prohibited, collared shirts are recommended. Proper shoes such as soft spiked shoes or tennis/running shoes are required and all hats should be worn with the bill facing forward. Cut off shorts, hard spiked shoes, boots, heels, swimwear, and any other apparel or footwear considered to be unfit for the golf course by the Head Golf Professional will result in the request for the player to find an alternative solution prior to play. Driving Range All golfers must sign in with the golf shop on each trip to the practice area. Range balls are located at the golf shop and are intended for the range and short game practice areas only. Only range balls rented from Riverside Golf Course are allowed to be used and no range balls should be removed for any reason. Range balls that have already been rented and hit, should only be collected by staff. Guests should not attempt to retrieve range balls, as it is dangerous and could lead to injury. Leave ropes and dividers in their place at all times as they are in designated spots based on daily rotation. Please return empty range bags to the golf shop when finished. When hitting drivers and fairway xxxxx, please aim towards the back left of the driving range, using the green as the target. Keep your divot pattern tight by placing your golf ball on the back edge of the previous shot’s divot and create a straight line of divots moving back. The Head Golf Professional reserves the right to close the driving range as needed for maintenance. Golf Instruction Lessons and programs are only allowed t...
Rules and Policies. In addition to this Agreement, all written rules and policies of the Corporation adopted by the Board from time to time apply to the Executive except to the extent that they are inconsistent with the express provisions of this Agreement, in which case such provisions will prevail.
Rules and Policies. The Contractor will be informed of the rules and policies of the State agencies and provide workers who are familiar with and can comply with them. The State may require the Contractor to have a background investigation initiated or completed prior to placement of temporary worker(s). This investigation shall include but is not limited to:
Rules and Policies. Upon acceptance as an Annual or One-Day member of NLAA and Athletics Canada (AC), I agree to abide by the by-laws, rules and policies of NLAA and AC.