Preambles Sample Clauses

Preambles. The Preambles are true and correct, and, with the defined terms set forth herein, are incorporated herein by this reference.
Preambles. The Preambles to this Amendment are fully incorporated herein by this reference thereto with the same force and effect as though restated herein.
Preambles. We have expended considerable time and effort in developing a business format franchise that provides Internet web site design, hosting, yellowpage listing, updating, maintenance, administration, e-mail marketing, consulting services, and web site promotions, as well as related services, to businesses, professionals and individuals. These businesses operate under the NETSPACE(R) name and under distinctive business formats, methods, procedures, designs, layouts, standards and specifications, all of which we may improve, further develop or otherwise modify from time to time. We use, promote and license certain trademarks, service marks and other commercial symbols in the operation of NETSPACE(R) businesses, including the NETSPACE(R) trademarks and service marks and associated logo (collectively, the "Marks"). We grant franchises to persons who meet our qualifications and are willing to undertake the investment and effort required to own and operate an NETSPACE(R) business offering the products and services we authorize and approve and utilizing our business formats, methods, procedures, signs, designs, layouts, equipment, standards and specifications and the Marks (the "System"), irrespective of the media we use to document the System. You have indicated to us by your actions and statements that you are desirous of a franchise to own and operate a NETSPACE(R) business. The Marks, together with the System and the franchise license granted herein are referred to collectively herein as the "BUSINESS."
Preambles. The recitals stated above are true and correct and incorporated herein.
Preambles. COMPANY has developed a system for the operation of a vehicle rental and leasing business under the name "PRICELE$$". COMPANY uses and licenses the trade and service xxxx "PRICELE$$" and related logo, and other marks which COMPANY has developed and may develop in the future (the "Marks"). FRANCHISEE has applied for a franchise to own and operate a PRICELE$$ business and such application has been approved by COMPANY in reliance upon all of the representations made therein. COMPANY expressly disclaims the making of, and FRANCHISEE acknowledges that he has not received or relied upon, any warranty or guaranty, express or implied, as to the revenues, profits or success of the business venture contemplated by this Agreement. FRANCHISEE acknowledges that he has read this Agreement and COMPANY's Franchise Offering Circular and that he has no knowledge of any representations by COMPANY, or its officers, directors, shareholders, employees or agents that are contrary to the statements made in COMPANY's Franchise Offering Circular or to the terms herein.
Preambles. The Parties hereto agree that the above “preambles” or “preamble clausesare incorporated herein by reference as if fully restated herein and form a part of the agreement among the Parties hereto.
Preambles. (1) The Conference is the sponsor, organizer and manager of a trade show and exposition of chemical and scientific equipment commonly referred to as Pittcon® 2022 to be held from March 5 – March 9, 2022 (Exposition Dates: Monday, March 7- Wednesday, March 9, 2022) at the Georgia World Congress Center (the "Event").
Preambles. Pretzelmaker Stores operate under distinctive business formats, systems, methods, procedures, designs, layouts and specifications, all of which we have the right to improve, further develop or modify in the future. We have expended a considerable amount of time and effort in developing and refining the recipes for and the methods of preparation of Pretzelmaker Products to obtain high product quality. We have the right to modify these recipes and methods of preparation, and these modifications may require you to prepare pretzels and other Pretzelmaker Products from scratch mixes and to purchase flour, prepared pretzel dough or other prepared food products from us or other approved suppliers. We or our Affiliates currently own and operate Pretzelmaker Retail Outlets, and we and/or our Affiliates may continue to own and operate Pretzelmaker Retail Outlets in the future. We or our Affiliates own the Marks. We have franchised and licensed and, in the future, have the right to continue to franchise and license others to operate Pretzelmaker Retail Outlets.