Preambles Sample Clauses

Preambles. The Preambles are true and correct, and, with the defined terms set forth herein, are incorporated herein by this reference.
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Preambles. The Preambles to this Amendment are fully incorporated herein by this reference thereto with the same force and effect as though restated herein.
Preambles. The Contractor is refered to the Model Preambles (2008), Carpentry and Joinery The Contractor is referred to all of the Architect's drawings for the following buildings; B163, B164, B165, B166 & B167 The Contractor is referred to the Scope of Works Document The following "Supplementary Preambles" are incorporated in this bill to satisfy the requirements of the project and shall take precedence over the provisions of the said Model Preambles
Preambles. The preambles to this Agreement are fully incorporated herein by this reference thereto with the same force and effect as though restated herein.
Preambles. The descriptions given in the various items below are not necessarily full and complete and reference must be made to the "Model Preambles To All Trades 2008", "Supplementary Preambles" and "Supplementary Specifications" to this contract for the full requirements of each scheduled item SUPPLEMENTARY PREAMBLES Fixing Items described as 'nailed' shall be deemed to be fixed with hardened steel nails or pins, or to be shot-pinned, to brickwork or concrete. Items described as 'plugged' shall be deemed to include screwing to fibre, plastic or metal plugs at not exceeding 500mm centres, and where described as 'bolted', the bolts have been given elsewhere. Joinery Descriptions of frames shall be deemed to include frames, transomes, rails, etc. Descriptions of hardwood joinery shall be deemed to include sinking and pelleting heads and nuts of bolts ROOFS, ETC Carried Forward R Section No. 5 Bill No. 4 Carpentry & Joinery Amount Brought Forward R Plate nailed timber roof truss construction The following is applicable in respect of roof trusses: Trusses are at maximum 1,10m centres Roof covering is galvanised "IBR" roof sheeting with "Globalcoat" finish on one side on 50 x 75mm purlins at 1,1m maximum centres. Ceilings are generally 6,4mm gypsum plasterboard on 38 x 38mm brandering. All timber to be sawn softwood in accordance with V4 or M4 as defined in SABS 563 or SABS 1245. Metal connector plates shall have a minimum yield strength of 228 MPa and a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 330 Mpa with hot-dip galvanised finish. All joints to be close fitted butt joints. Trusses shall be designed by a registered supplier of prefabricated trusses who shall issue an Engineers Certificate upon completion of the installation. The dimensions in the descriptions of the trusses are nominal and actual measurements are to be obtained on site before design or fabricaton commences. Tenderers must study the roof plan and sections as attached to the back of these bills of quantities (refer drawing No.'s CLASS-4 - 001 to 002) and must obtain prices from a qualified and registered roof truss supplier as no claims in this regard will be entertained. Sawn softwood 1 38 x 114mm Wall plates m 105 2 Design, manufacture and deliver to site, plate nailed roof truss construction to one classroom block, approximate size 10000 x 7200mm overall on plan consisting of ten
Preambles. The recitals stated above are true and correct and incorporated herein.
Preambles. We have expended considerable time and effort in developing a business format franchise that provides Internet web site design, hosting, yellowpage listing, updating, maintenance, administration, e-mail marketing, consulting services, and web site promotions, as well as related services, to businesses, professionals and individuals. These businesses operate under the NETSPACE(R) name and under distinctive business formats, methods, procedures, designs, layouts, standards and specifications, all of which we may improve, further develop or otherwise modify from time to time. We use, promote and license certain trademarks, service marks and other commercial symbols in the operation of NETSPACE(R) businesses, including the NETSPACE(R) trademarks and service marks and associated logo (collectively, the "Marks"). We grant franchises to persons who meet our qualifications and are willing to undertake the investment and effort required to own and operate an NETSPACE(R) business offering the products and services we authorize and approve and utilizing our business formats, methods, procedures, signs, designs, layouts, equipment, standards and specifications and the Marks (the "System"), irrespective of the media we use to document the System. You have indicated to us by your actions and statements that you are desirous of a franchise to own and operate a NETSPACE(R) business. The Marks, together with the System and the franchise license granted herein are referred to collectively herein as the "BUSINESS."
Preambles. The preambles to this Agreement are a part of the agreement of the parties as set forth in this Agreement and shall be binding upon the parties in accordance with their terms.