DOORS AND FRAMES. 8.1 All external doors to be anodized aluminium framed doors with 6.38 mm safety glass insert panels. Colour as per architect`s door schedules.  All external doors to have a 30mm weather strip.  All external doors are to be of Aluminium with suitable safety glass panels (laminated glass) – Vinyl strip to be installed as per developer`s approval.  Weather mechanism to be fitted to external doors.
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DOORS AND FRAMES. 22.6.1 All external doors to anodized aluminum framed doors with 6.38 mm safety glass. Insert Panels. Color as per architect`s door schedules.
DOORS AND FRAMES. 8.1 Internal doors to be hollow core, steel frames with white enamel paint.
DOORS AND FRAMES. 3'-0" x 7-0'x 1-3/4", solid core, birch, B-3 stain prefinished with anodized aluminum frames or prefinished black (Timely) steel frames.
DOORS AND FRAMES. All frames will be made of Xxx Xxxx. All doors will be flush doors with one Tour Bolt and one handle.
DOORS AND FRAMES. Exterior service door(s) and frame(s) shall be hollow metal.
DOORS AND FRAMES a. Single doors shall be 8 foot 10 inches high (in carpeted spaces), 3 foot 0 inches wide, stain grade solid core wood veneer doors supplied with sixteen (16) gauge welded hollow metal frames. All frames and doors shall be prepared to accept Building standard hardware.
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DOORS AND FRAMES. A. Interior Office Doors Shall be 1-3/4" x 7'0" x 3'0" solid core wood door with dark oak or natural finish, both sides and shall be provided at a ratio of one (1) door per thirty (30) lineal feet of Building Standard Partition. Doors shall be prepared to receive Building Standard hardware, with 1/4" undercut for carpet.
DOORS AND FRAMES a. Corridor entrance door shall be single swing, 3'0" x 7'0" x 1-3/4" thick, solid core oak doors with hardwood frames. One (1) glass panel door inset is included.
DOORS AND FRAMES. A. Each Tenant shall have one Building Standard Tenant entrance, as described below. Said entrance shall consist of a red oak framed entrance - 5 x 8, with a 3 x 8 c 1-3/4 solid core red oak door, sidelight (window), and oak signage panel.
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