Power Equipment Sample Clauses

Power Equipment. Each unit of mobile or stationary power equipment other than portable power saws, trail bikes, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and similar type vehicles operating must be equipped with a minimum of one (1) chemical fire extinguisher rated by the Underwriters Laboratory as not less than 4-BC and a minimum capacity of 2.5 lbs.
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Power Equipment. In order for Client to operate properly with the power device, device options can be configured in Client:  Auto Configure:Any time the IP address of the power device is changed, the Client will lose communication with the power device. If this option is checked, the Client will scan the network and automatically acquire the new IP address of the power device.  Prevent Early Off:When the Client detects that the PDU outlet which is powering the Client computer, is going to be shut off, the Client will prepare to shut down the hosted computer. If the necessary shutdown time of the Client computer is more than the delay off time of the outlet, the Client will stop the computer shutdown and signal the PDU to cancel to outlet turn off.
Power Equipment. There shall be no limitation, maximum or minimum, on the number of Iron Worker Employees comprising a work crew utilizing power equipment for the performance of any type of work in the craft.
Power Equipment. 1. Perform timely inspections to ensure that power equipments at all sites (cable stations and telehouses) are working at optimum levels to prevent loss of power or disruption of service.
Power Equipment. 12 11.4(a) Party Responsible........................................ 12 11.4(b) Scope.................................................... 12 11.5
Power Equipment. 11.4(a) Party Responsible-- The Party responsible for the installation of the Power Equipment at each location is specified for each Route Segment constructed after the Restatement Date in the Route Segment Exhibits. 11.4(b) Scope-- The Party responsible for installation of the Power Equipment on a Route Segment shall provide all supervision, labor and tools required to install the Power Equipment and shall, in consultation with the other Party, install the Power Equipment on such Route Segment in a prudent manner in accordance with the Specifications and the detailed design and engineering pursuant to Section 10 at a total cost consistent with the budget for such Route Segment. 11.5
Power Equipment. 15.3(a) Party Responsible-- The Party responsible for the maintenance and repair of the Power Equipment at each location is specified for each Route Segment in the Route Segment Exhibits.
Power Equipment. The operation of any and all power equipment necessary to install electrical wiring and apparatus shall be performed by qualified workmen under the terms of this agreement. Installation, erection, maintenance and repair work, including the moving, lifting and placing of electrical motors, generators, material, equipment and equipment on the job site, or in the shop, shall be performed by workmen covered under the terms of this agreement. This shall be understood that any and all power equipment necessary to move, handle, and install said electrical equipment shall be operated by workmen who are covered under the terms of this agreement.
Power Equipment. E1. Rig Diesel Engines (must be included) - Manufacturer Mercedes MTU - Type - Output (HP) at RPM 326@1800rpm - Fuel consumption (average operating) 60 litres per hr Lihir Gold Limited Contract No LGL-MO-0107 Provision of Geothermal Coring Services Part IV : Specification – Appendix B Constructional Plant Supplied by Contractor

Related to Power Equipment

  • Customer Equipment Customer represents and warrants that it owns or has the legal right and authority, and will continue to own or maintain the legal right and authority during the term of this Agreement, to place and use the Customer Equipment as contemplated by this Agreement. Customer further represents and warrants that its placement, arrangement, and use of the Customer Equipment in the Internet Data Centers complies with the Customer Equipment Manufacturer's environmental and other specifications.

  • Other Equipment Seller shall install, own and maintain the infrastructure associated with the Revenue Metering Package, including but not limited to all enclosures (meter cabinets, meter pedestals, meter sockets, pull boxes, and junction boxes, along with their grounding/bonding connections), CT/PT mounting structures, conduits and ductlines, enclosure support structures, ground buses, pads, test switches, terminal blocks, isolation relays, telephone surge suppressors, and analog phone lines (one per meter), subject to Company's review and approval.

  • Computer Equipment No computers and/or personal electronic devices, such as tablets and laptop computers, or any component thereof, may be purchased with funds provided under this Contract, regardless of purchase price, without prior written approval of ADMINISTRATOR. Any such purchase shall be in accordance with specifications provided by ADMINISTRATOR, be subject to the same inventory control conditions specified above in Subparagraphs 18.1.1 to 18.1.4, and, at the sole discretion of ADMINISTRATOR, become the property of COUNTY upon termination of this Contract.

  • Metering Equipment 13.01. Utility will furnish, install, own and maintain metering equipment capable of measuring the flow of kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy. The Customer's service associated with the CRG will be metered at a single metering point. The metering equipment will measure energy delivered by Utility to Customer and also measure energy delivered by Customer to Utility. Customer agrees to provide safe and reasonable access to the premises for installation of this equipment and its future maintenance or removal.

  • Equipment and Software To use the Mobile Remote Deposit Services, you must obtain and maintain at your expense, compatible equipment and software that we may specify from time to time.

  • Your Equipment All equipment and facilities provided by you for use with your Services is “Customer Equipment.” You are solely responsible for installing, maintaining, configuring, repairing, replacing, upgrading and using your Customer Equipment. Astound has no responsibility whatsoever with respect to your Customer Equipment. If your Customer Equipment impairs the Services, you will remain liable for payment of the applicable Fees for your Services. If, at your request, Xxxxxxx should attempt to resolve difficulties caused by your Customer Equipment, such efforts will be performed at Astound’s discretion and at Astound’s then- current standard hourly rates for such work. Any Customer Equipment you use in connection with the Services must meet Astound’s then-current minimum technical and other requirements.

  • Electrical Equipment Residents must use only CSA, UL-approved or Canadian-certified electrical equipment; the rated wattage of light fixtures must never be exceeded; and only replacement bulbs supplied by Waterloo maintenance staff may be used. Do not leave any unattended electrical equipment turned on (i.e. hair straighteners, lights etc.)

  • Contractor’s Equipment The Contractor shall be responsible for all Contractor’s Equipment. The Contractor’s Equipment shall be deemed to be exclusively intended for the execution of the Works.

  • Plant and Equipment The plants, structures and ------------------- equipment of the Company are structurally sound with no known defects and are in good operating condition and repair and are adequate for the uses to which they are being put. None of such plants, structures or equipment are in need of maintenance or repairs except for ordinary, routine maintenance and repairs which are not material in nature or cost. The Company has not received notification that it is in violation of any applicable building, zoning, anti- pollution, health or other law, ordinance or regulation in respect of its plants or structures or their operations.

  • New Equipment In the event of the introduction of new equipment for use in the Editorial departments covered by this Agreement or replacing equipment currently being used by bargaining unit employees, the Employer will give the Union thirty (30) days' notice. Present employees will be given up to three (3) months' training in order to become proficient on the new equipment.