Manage Sample Clauses

Manage carefully all growing crops and to harvest all crops in a timely fashion as weather permits. In the event Operator fails to do so, Owner reserves the right, personally or through designated agents, to enter upon the Real Estate and properly care for and harvest all growing crops, charging the cost of the care and harvest to the Operator. In the case of termination of this agreement, the Operator shall not perform any fall tillage nor incur any other expense for the Owner for the following year’s crop without prior written consent of the Owner. No hayland is to be mowed or grazed after without prior consent of the Owner.
Manage. The words “manage,” “management” and “managing” mean all our work-related activities to create, start, enter, obtain con- sent to, copy, image, retain, organize, provide, operate, conduct, ex- ecute, facilitate, secure, administer, maintain, support, service, assist with, change, add, update, collect on, terminate and protect any as- pect of our Credit Union’s business. The definition of “manage” in- cludes the management of all your information, documents, actions and transactions on our products and services. Electronic manage- ment (as defined in this Part 2) is one way we manage our business and the accounts, products and services you have with us. For fur- ther information, please see Provisions 2. and 11.
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