Peer Assistance and Review Program Sample Clauses

Peer Assistance and Review Program. 1. MCEA and MCPS agree to jointly operate a Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Program. The PAR Program is a mechanism for maintaining systemwide quality control and ensuring that all MCPS teachers responsible for teaching students are functioning at or above the high MCPS standards of performance. It provides intensive assistance for any teacher who has not yet achieved that standard or who falls below acceptable standards. Assistance and review are provided to both experienced MCPS teachers in need of significant improvement and teachers in their first year of teaching.
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Peer Assistance and Review Program. The “Peer Assistance and Review Program” is incorporated into this Agreement by reference as Appendix E, and is subject to the grievance procedure, except for the first three paragraphs of “Program Description.”
Peer Assistance and Review Program. It is intended that this program will be funded by PAR money generated and will be no cost to the District’s General Fund. It is further intended that funds received by the PAR programs will be 100% spent on this program.
Peer Assistance and Review Program. The Madera Unified Teachers Association and Madera Unified School District desire to establish and maintain a program, as permitted by law, to provide assistance and support to teachers employed by the District who are in need of or desire peer support in subject matter knowledge or teaching methods. This program shall hereinafter be entitled the Peer Assistance and Review Program (PAR or the Program). Note: Psychologists are not included in the PAR Program. A psychologists who receives an ineffective rating in his/her final evaluation will enter into a Performance Improvement Plan.
Peer Assistance and Review Program. A Peer Assistance and Review Program (PAR) will support teacher development and evaluate teacher effectiveness. This section is not subject to Article 13, Section 1(H). Any modifications made to the current PAR system in order to align and support the current TDES system will be developed through the TDES Steering Committee and recommended to the CTU President and CEO for approval.
Peer Assistance and Review Program. PEER ASSISTANCE AND REVIEW PROGRAM The Association and the District strive to provide a high quality education to the students of the Xxxxxx Valley Unified School District. In order for all students to succeed in learning, all teachers should succeed in teaching. The Association and the District believe that all teachers should focus on continuous improvement in professional practice and that teachers having difficulties can benefit from the assistance and review of colleagues. Therefore the Association and the District hereby establish a teacher peer assistance and review program (PAR), making available the skills of exemplary teachers to guide professional development of teachers inside a culture of help. PAR shall use as its professional model the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP). Peer assistance and review will be provided to permanent teachers who are referred to the program because of an unsatisfactory evaluation, who volunteer for assistance, or new teachers who are not eligible for BTSA.
Peer Assistance and Review Program. A. Program Purpose
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Peer Assistance and Review Program. 12.11.1 Peer Assistance and Review Joint Committee (“Joint Committee”)
Peer Assistance and Review Program. A. The Peer Assistance and Review Program (hereafter referred to as PAR) is established in accordance with the California Education Code 44500, 44662, 44664.
Peer Assistance and Review Program. A. A Peer Assistance and Review Program (“PAR program” or “Program”) is hereby established as authorized by Article 4.5 of Chapter 3 of Part 25 of the Education Code, commencing at Section 44500.
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