Other Holidays Sample Clauses

Other Holidays. Any day proclaimed as a holiday by the federal, provincial, or municipal governments shall be deemed a designated holiday.
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Other Holidays. Holidays apart from public holidays (stórhátíðardagar) are: Maundy Thursday Easter Monday Ascension Day First day of summer 1 May Whitsun Monday Boxing Day First Monday in August
Other Holidays. In lieu of additional compensation with regard to the other holidays recognized in Section 23.01, commencing with the 2011 payroll year, and continuing thereafter, on the first day of the payroll year each employee shall be credited with a holiday time bank consisting of the number of hours of two (2) regular work days. The employee’s “regular work day” shall be determined based on the employee’s assignment as of the first day of the payroll year. Requests for holiday time off shall be considered by supervisors on the same basis as vacation requests. Holiday time does not carry over from year to year and, therefore; holiday time banks will revert to zero as of 11:59 p.m. on the last day of each payroll year. Accrued but unused holiday time off at the time of an employee’s separation from service shall be forfeited and, therefore, no compensation shall be payable for such accrued time.
Other Holidays. The Employee shall be entitled to paid holidays in accordance with the policy and practice of the Company’s subsidiary in .
Other Holidays. All unit members shall receive, as paid Holidays, all days declared by the President, Governor of this state, or Board of this District to be days of public feast, mourning, thanksgiving or holiday.
Other Holidays. Christmas Eve Day will be designated by the College as a holiday.
Other Holidays. In addition, any day proclaimed by the President of the United States, the Governor of the State of California, and recognized by the City Council as a public holiday, day of mourning or day of thanksgiving shall be provided as a holiday. This shall be administered in compliance with Resolution 0210 (Section 3.10.02).
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Other Holidays. Party B is entitled to wedding holidays, bereavement days, personal days, family visit days and sick days provided in Party A's Employee Handbook.
Other Holidays a. For each other holiday, one (1) weekday shall be designated an Office Holiday. Normally, this would be
Other Holidays. Holidays in addition to major public holidays: Maundy Thursday. Easter Monday. Ascension Day. First Day of Summer. 1st May.
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