Definition of PRC Law

PRC Law means the then valid laws, administrative regulations, administrative rules, local regulations, judicial interpretations and other binding regulatory documents of the People's Republic of China.

Examples of PRC Law in a sentence

Transferred Assets shall mean the Company Assets which the WFOE has the right to require the Company to transfer to it or its designated entity or individual in accordance with Article 3 hereof when the WFOE exercises its Asset Purchase Option, the quantity of which may be all or part of the Company Assets and the details of which shall be determined by the WFOE at its sole discretion in accordance with the then-effective PRC Law and based on its commercial consideration.
Business Permits shall mean any approvals, permits, filings, registrations, etc which the Company is required to have for legally and validly operating all its businesses, including without limitation, Business License of Corporate Legal Person, Operation Permit of Value-added Telecommunication Service and such other relevant permits and licenses as required by the then-effective PRC Law.
In the latter case, the Company shall have the right to exercise its Call Option at multiple times in line with the gradual deregulation of PRC Law on the permitted Shareholding Limit, with a view to ultimately acquiring all the Option Equity.
Pursuant to such Equity Transfer Option and Asset Purchase Option, at the WFOEs request, the Shareholders or the Company shall, to the extent permitted by the PRC Law, transfer the Option Equity (as defined below) or the Company Assets (as defined below) to the WFOE and/or any other entity or individual designated by the WFOE pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement.
Party C (hereafter collectively the "Transferor") hereby irrevocably grants to Party A an option to purchase or cause any person designated by Party A ("Designated Persons") to purchase, to the extent permitted under PRC Law, according to the steps determined by Party A, at the price specified in Section 1.3 of this Agreement, at any time from the Transferor a portion or all of the equity interests held by Transferor in Party B (the "Option").