Mortgage Sample Clauses

Mortgage. Lessee does hereby agree to make reasonable modifications of this Lease requested by any Mortgagee of record from time to time, provided such modifications are not substantial and do not increase any of the Rents or obligations of Lessee under this Lease or substantially modify any of the business elements of this Lease.
Mortgage. The mortgage, deed of trust or other instrument securing a Mortgage Note, which creates a first or second lien on an unsubordinated estate in fee simple in real property securing the Mortgage Note.
Mortgage. 3.01 In order to secure the Obligations, the Owner has granted, conveyed and mortgaged and does by these presents grant, convey and mortgage unto the Trustee, its successors and assigns, the whole of the Rig TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the Trustee, its successors and assigns forever upon the terms herein set forth for the enforcement of the Obligations. Provided only and the condition of these presents is such that if all of the Obligations secured by this Mortgage have terminated or have been performed in full as and when the same shall become due and payable in accordance with the terms of the Subsidiary Guaranty and this Mortgage and shall observe and comply with the covenants, terms and conditions contained in the Subsidiary Guaranty and this Mortgage expressed or implied to be performed, observed or complied with by and on the part of the Owner and its successors and assigns, all without delay or fraud and according to the true intent and meaning thereof, then these presents and the rights hereunder shall cease, determine and be void otherwise to be and remain in full force and effect and, in such event, the Trustee agrees to execute and record at the expense of the Owner, all such documents as the Owner may reasonably require to discharge this Mortgage. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein it is not intended that any provision of this Mortgage shall waive the preferred status of this Mortgage and that if any provision or part thereof herein shall be construed as waiving the preferred status of this Mortgage then such provision shall to such extent be void and of no effect.
Mortgage. The original Mortgage with evidence of recording thereon or, if such original Mortgage has not been returned to Countrywide on or prior to the Closing Date by the public recording office where such Mortgage has been delivered for recordation, a copy of such Mortgage certified by Countrywide to be a true and complete copy of the original Mortgage sent for recordation.
Mortgage. Each applicable Borrower shall have executed and delivered to Lender the Mortgages and the Mortgages shall have been irrevocably delivered to an authorized title agent for the Title Insurer for recordation in the appropriate filing offices in the jurisdiction in which the applicable Individual Properties are located.
Mortgage. This Lease and Tenant's rights under this Lease are subject and subordinate to the liens of any mortgages or any lien resulting from any method of financing or refinancing, together with any renewals, extensions, modifications, consolidations and replacements of them (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Mortgage"), which now or at any subsequent time encumber the Retail Area, the Premises, or the Project or any interest of Landlord in the Retail Area, the Premises or the Project or Landlord's interest in this Lease and the estate created by this Lease (except to the extent that any such instrument expressly provides that this Lease is superior to it), provided each and every such mortgagee or security holder first agrees in writing, in form and content mutually and reasonably acceptable to Tenant and such mortgagee, ground lessor, or other person, that if Landlord defaults under the Mortgage, such mortgagee or security holder shall recognize this Lease and not disturb Tenant's possession of the Premises while Tenant in not in default of this Lease beyond any applicable cure period hereunder and agrees to such other matters as may be reasonably acceptable to Tenant and such Mortgagee or security holder. Landlord agrees to use all reasonable efforts to obtain a Non-Disturbance Agreement for Tenant from the existing lender of the Retail Area, in the form and content of that attached hereto as Exhibit J and made a part hereof (any modifications of which shall be reasonably approved by Tenant and said lender), simultaneously with Landlord's execution and delivery of this Lease to Tenant. In the event Landlord is unable to obtain a Non-Disturbance Agreement from each and every then existing mortgagee of Landlord's interest in the Project, on or before the execution of this Lease by both Landlord and Tenant, then either party hereto shall have the right to terminate this Lease upon ten (10) days prior written notice to the other at any time prior to obtaining such Non-Disturbance Agreement. Subject to the provisions of this paragraph, Tenant will execute, acknowledge and deliver to Landlord at any time and from time to time, upon demand by Landlord, such documents as may be reasonably requested by Landlord or any mortgagee, or any holder of a deed of trust or other instrument described in this paragraph, to confirm or effect any such subordination, in a form of agreement reasonably acceptable to Tenant and Landlord's mortgagee, ground lessor or other securit...
Mortgage immediately upon Delivery of a Ship, procure that the relevant Borrower shall execute, and procure the registration of, the Mortgage for such Ship under the laws and flag of the relevant Flag State.