Other Secured Parties Sample Clauses

Other Secured Parties. By its acceptance of the benefits hereof, each Secured Party (including each Lender) hereby (a) confirms that it has received a copy of the Loan Documents and such other documents and information as it has deemed appropriate to make its own decision to become an Secured Party and acknowledges that it is aware of the contents of, and consents to the terms of, the Collateral Documents, (b) appoints and authorizes the Collateral Agent to take such action as agent on its behalf and to exercise such powers and discretion under the Credit Agreement, the other Loan Documents or any other instrument or document furnished pursuant hereto or thereto as are delegated to the Collateral Agent by the terms hereof or thereof, together with such powers as are incidental thereto, (c) agrees that it will be bound by the provisions of the Collateral Documents, and Article VIII (other than Section 8.10) and Article IX of the Credit Agreement (with respect to each such Article, in the case of any Secured Party that is not a Lender, as if such Secured Party was a Lender party to the Credit Agreement) and will perform in accordance with its terms all such obligations which by the terms of such documents are required to be performed by it as an Secured Party (or in the case of Article VIII (other than Section 8.10) and Article IX of the Credit Agreement, as a Lender) and will take no actions contrary to such obligations, and (d) authorizes and instructs the Collateral Agent to enter into the Collateral Documents as Collateral Agent and on behalf of such Secured Party.
Other Secured Parties. Without limitation of any of the terms set forth in Section 8 of the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement, no Hedge Bank or Cash Management Bank (other than the Administrative Agent and the Lenders) who obtains the benefit of the provisions of subsection 6.5 of the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement or any Collateral by virtue of the provisions hereof or of the Guarantee and Collateral Agreement or any Security Document shall have any right to notice of any action or to consent to, direct or object to any action hereunder or under any other Loan Document or otherwise in respect of the Collateral (including the release or impairment of any Collateral) other than in its capacity as a Lender and, in such case, only to the extent expressly provided in the Loan Documents. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Section 10 to the contrary, the Administrative Agent shall only be required to verify the payment of, or that other satisfactory arrangement have been made with respect to, Obligations arising under Secured Hedge Agreements and Secured Cash Management Agreements to the extent the Administrative Agent has received written notice of such Obligations, together with such supporting documentation as the Administrative Agent may request, from the applicable Hedge Bank or Cash Management Bank, as the case may be. The Administrative Agent shall not be required to verify the payment of, or that other satisfactory arrangements have been made with respect to, Obligations arising under Secured Hedge Agreements and Secured Cash Management Agreements in the case of the Facility Termination Date (or such earlier date on which the Loans and all other amounts owing under this Agreement become due and payable pursuant to Section 9).
Other Secured Parties. The provisions of this Section 15 shall inure to the benefit of any Secured Party taking any action to effect compliance on behalf of Citizens with the provisions of this Agreement or of any other Secured Instrument as contemplated in Section 18.

Related to Other Secured Parties

  • Other Security To the extent that the Obligations are now or hereafter secured by property other than the Collateral or by the guarantee, endorsement or property of any other person, firm, corporation or other entity, then the Agent shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to pursue, relinquish, subordinate, modify or take any other action with respect thereto, without in any way modifying or affecting any of the Secured Parties’ rights and remedies hereunder.

  • No Other Security Interests Other than the security interest Granted to the Trustee for the benefit of the Noteholders hereunder, the Issuer has not pledged, assigned, sold, granted a security interest in, or otherwise conveyed any of the Trust Estate. The Issuer has not authorized the filing of and is not aware of any financing statements filed against the Issuer that include a description of collateral covering the Trust Estate other than any financing statement relating to the security interest Granted to the Trustee for the benefit of the Noteholders hereunder or that has been terminated. The Issuer is not aware of any judgment or tax lien filings against the Issuer.

  • Relation to Other Security Documents The provisions of this Agreement shall be read and construed with the other Loan Documents referred to below in the manner so indicated.

  • Secured Parties Each Secured Party that is not a party to the Credit Agreement who obtains the benefit of this Agreement shall be deemed to have acknowledged and accepted the appointment of the Administrative Agent pursuant to the terms of the Credit Agreement, and with respect to the actions and omissions of the Administrative Agent hereunder or otherwise relating hereto that do or may affect such Secured Party, the Administrative Agent and each of its Affiliates shall be entitled to all of the rights, benefits and immunities conferred under Article IX of the Credit Agreement.

  • Secured Party In performing its obligations under this Agreement, the Secured Party is subject to, and entitled to the benefits of, the terms of the Indenture that apply to the Indenture Trustee.

  • Other Securities The Trustees may, subject to the Fundamental Policies and the requirements of the 1940 Act, authorize and issue such other securities of the Trust as they determine to be necessary, desirable or appropriate, having such terms, rights, preferences, privileges, limitations and restrictions as the Trustees see fit, including preferred interests, debt securities or other senior securities. To the extent that the Trustees authorize and issue preferred shares of any class or series, they are hereby authorized and empowered to amend or supplement this Declaration as they deem necessary or appropriate, including to comply with the requirements of the 1940 Act or requirements imposed by the rating agencies or other Persons, all without the approval of Shareholders. Any such supplement or amendment shall be filed as is necessary. The Trustees are also authorized to take such actions and retain such persons as they see fit to offer and sell such securities.

  • No Other Securities Except for (a) the conversion privileges of the Subscription Shares, (b) certain rights provided in the Charter Documents of the Company as currently in effect, (c) certain rights provided in the Memorandum and Articles, the Shareholders Agreement and the Control Documents from and after the Closing, (d) the outstanding Equity Securities set forth in [Section 3.2(d)] of the Disclosure Schedule, and (e) options to purchase Ordinary Shares, restricted shares, RSUs or other Equity Securities pursuant to the Current ESOP, (1) there are no and at the Closing there shall be no other authorized or outstanding Equity Securities of any Group Company; (2) no Equity Securities of any Group Company are subject to any preemptive rights, rights of first refusal (except to the extent provided by applicable PRC Laws) or other rights to purchase or create any Lien over such Equity Securities or any other rights or encumbrances with respect to such Equity Securities, and (3) no Group Company is a party or subject to any Contract that affects or relates to the voting or giving of written consents with respect to, or the right to cause the redemption, or repurchase of, any Equity Security of such Group Company. Except as set forth in the Shareholders Agreement (from and after the Closing), the Company has not granted any registration rights or information rights to any other Person, nor is the Company obliged to list, any of the Equity Securities of any Group Companies on any securities exchange. Except as contemplated under the Transaction Documents, there are no voting or similar agreements which relate to the share capital or registered capital of any Group Company.

  • Collateral Agent The Administrative Agent shall also act as the “collateral agent” under the Loan Documents, and each of the Lenders (including in its capacities as a potential Hedge Bank and a potential Cash Management Bank) and the L/C Issuer hereby irrevocably appoints and authorizes the Administrative Agent to act as the agent of such Lender and the L/C Issuer for purposes of acquiring, holding and enforcing any and all Liens on Collateral granted by any of the Loan Parties to secure any of the Secured Obligations, together with such powers and discretion as are reasonably incidental thereto. In this connection, the Administrative Agent, as “collateral agent” and any co-agents, sub-agents and attorneys-in-fact appointed by the Administrative Agent pursuant to Section 9.05 for purposes of holding or enforcing any Lien on the Collateral (or any portion thereof) granted under the Collateral Documents, or for exercising any rights and remedies thereunder at the direction of the Administrative Agent), shall be entitled to the benefits of all provisions of this Article IX and Article XI (including Section 11.04(c), as though such co-agents, sub-agents and attorneys-in-fact were the “collateral agent” under the Loan Documents) as if set forth in full herein with respect thereto.

  • If Other Securities and Warrants Warrant Certificates will be issued with the Other Securities and each Warrant Certificate will evidence [●] Warrants for each [$[●] principal amount] [[●] shares] of Other Securities issued.]

  • Additional Secured Parties The benefit of the provisions of the Loan Documents directly relating to the Collateral or any Lien granted thereunder shall extend to and be available to any Secured Party that is not a Lender or Issuing Bank as long as, by accepting such benefits, such Secured Party agrees, as among the Administrative Agent and all other Secured Parties, that such Secured Party is bound by (and, if requested by the Administrative Agent, (except in the case of Secured Hedging Agreement counterparties) shall confirm such agreement in a writing in form and substance acceptable to the Administrative Agent) this Article IX, Section 10.09, Section 2.14(d) and Section 10.13 and the decisions and actions of the Administrative Agent and the Required Lenders (or, where expressly required by the terms of this Agreement, a greater proportion of the Lenders) to the same extent a Lender is bound; provided, however, that, notwithstanding the foregoing, (a) such Secured Party shall be bound by Section 9.08 only to the extent of liabilities, costs and expenses with respect to or otherwise relating to the Collateral held for the benefit of such Secured Party, in which case the obligations of such Secured Party thereunder shall not be limited by any concept of pro rata share or similar concept, (b) except as set forth specifically herein, each of the Administrative Agent, the Lenders and the Issuing Banks shall be entitled to act at its sole discretion, without regard to the interest of such Secured Party, regardless of whether any Obligation to such Secured Party thereafter remains outstanding, is deprived of the benefit of the Collateral, becomes unsecured or is otherwise affected or put in jeopardy thereby, and without any duty or liability to such Secured Party or any such Obligation and (c) except as set forth specifically herein, such Secured Party shall not have any right to be notified of, consent to, direct, require or be heard with respect to, any action taken or omitted in respect of the Collateral or under any Loan Document.