Mortgage Loan Sample Clauses

Mortgage Loan. The appraisal was conducted by an appraiser who had no interest, direct or indirect, in the Mortgaged Property or in any loan made on the security thereof; and whose compensation is not affected by the approval or disapproval of the Mortgage Loan, and the appraisal and the appraiser both satisfy the applicable requirements of Title XI of the Financial Institution Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act of 1989 and the regulations promulgated thereunder, all as in effect on the date the Mortgage Loan was originated;
Mortgage Loan. For purposes of this definition, the Parent Power(R) Guaranty Agreement For Real Estate shall not include the rights of the mortgagee under the Equity Access(R) Agreement referred to therein and under the Equity Access(R) Mortgage, which rights have been retained by the Additional Collateral Servicer.
Mortgage Loan. The Seller shall promptly reimburse the Master Servicer and the Trustee for any expenses reasonably incurred by the Master Servicer or the Trustee in respect of enforcing the remedies for the breach. With respect to any Substitute Mortgage Loan or Loans, the Seller shall deliver to the Trustee for the benefit of the Certificateholders the Mortgage Note, the Mortgage, the related assignment of the Mortgage, and such other documents and agreements as are required by Section 2.01, with the Mortgage Note endorsed and the Mortgage assigned as required by Section 2.01. No substitution is permitted to be made in any calendar month after the Determination Date for such month. Scheduled Payments due with respect to Substitute Mortgage Loans in the month of substitution shall not be part of the Trust Fund and will be retained by the Seller on the next succeeding Distribution Date. For the month of substitution, distributions to Certificateholders will include the monthly payment due on any Deleted Mortgage Loan for such month and thereafter the Seller shall be entitled to retain all amounts received in respect of such Deleted Mortgage Loan. The Master Servicer shall amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule for the benefit of the Certificateholders to reflect the removal of the Deleted Mortgage Loan and the substitution of the Substitute Mortgage Loans and the Master Servicer shall deliver the amended Mortgage Loan Schedule to the Trustee. Upon the substitution, the Substitute Mortgage Loans shall be subject to this Agreement in all respects, and the Seller shall be deemed to have made with respect to the Substitute Mortgage Loans, as of the date of substitution, the representations and warranties made pursuant to Section 2.03(b) with respect to the Mortgage Loan. Upon any substitution and the deposit to the Certificate Account of the amount required to be deposited therein in connection with the substitution as described in the following paragraph, the Trustee shall release the Mortgage File held for the benefit of the Certificateholders relating to the Deleted Mortgage Loan to the Seller and shall execute and deliver at the Seller's direction such instruments of transfer or assignment prepared by the Seller, in each case without recourse, as shall be necessary to vest title in the Seller, or its designee, the Trustee's interest in any Deleted Mortgage Loan substituted for pursuant to this Section 2.03. For any month in which the Seller substitutes one or more Substitute Mo...
Mortgage Loan. Except with the written permission of the Master Servicer, no modification, recast, extension, or capitalization of delinquent payments of a Mortgage Loan shall be permitted. Where applicable, the Servicer must satisfy all requirements under the applicable PMI Policy and/or any applicable LPMI Policy regarding the relief granted with respect to a delinquent Mortgage Loan, including, without limitation, securing the prior written consent of the respective Qualified Insurer regarding any change in any term of such Mortgage Loan, the release of the related Mortgagor from any liability related to such Mortgage Loan, or the release of any portion of, or interest in, the Mortgaged Property from the lien of the related Mortgage. In the event of any modification permitted hereunder which permits the deferral of interest or principal payments on any Mortgage Loan, the Servicer shall, on the Business Day immediately preceding the Remittance Date in any month in which any such principal or interest payment has been deferred, deposit in the Custodial Account from its own funds, in accordance with Section 5.03, the difference between (a) such month's principal and one month's interest at the Mortgage Loan Remittance Rate on the unpaid principal balance of such Mortgage Loan and (b) the amount paid by the Mortgagor. The Servicer shall be entitled to reimbursement for such advances to the same extent as for all other advances made pursuant to Section 5.03. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Servicer shall continue, and is hereby authorized and empowered, to execute and deliver on behalf of itself and the Owner, all instruments of satisfaction or cancellation, or of partial or full release, discharge and all other comparable instruments, with respect to the Mortgage Loans and with respect to the Mortgaged Properties. If reasonably required by the Servicer, the Owner shall furnish the Servicer with any powers of attorney and other documents necessary or appropriate to enable the Servicer to carry out its servicing and administrative duties under this Agreement. Promptly after the execution of any assumption, modification, consolidation or extension of any Mortgage Loan, but in no event later than the Reporting Date in the month following the date of execution of such instrument, the Servicer shall forward to the Master Servicer copies of any documents evidencing such assumption, modification, consolidation or extension. In servicing and administering the...
Mortgage Loan. If the Enforcing Servicer determines that a Material Defect exists, the Enforcing Servicer shall enforce the obligations of the related Mortgage Loan Seller with respect to such Material Defect in accordance with Section 2.03(a).
Mortgage Loan. The Mortgage Loan shall be assumed by the Acquirer on the Closing Date, all fees and costs in connection with such assumption shall be borne by the Acquirer, and all required consents and approvals in connection with the Mortgage Loan shall have been obtained prior to the Closing Date.
Mortgage Loan. (i) A loan secured by a Mortgage on a one- to four-unit residential dwelling, (ii) a residential cooperative share loan, (iii) a Participation Interest, or (iv) a loan secured by a lien on a manufactured housing unit, any of which has been identified in the Mortgage Loan Schedule for the related Trust. Any reference to “Mortgage Loans” or “residential mortgage loans” will be deemed to include any loan or interest described in (i) through (iv) above as the context requires in order to effectuate the purposes of the Trust Documents.
Mortgage Loan. For purposes of this definition, the ParentPower(R) Guaranty Agreement For Real Estate shall not include the rights of the mortgagee under the Equity Access(R) Security Instrument referred to therein, which rights have been retained by MLCC.
Mortgage Loan. The Mortgage Loan has been fully funded and remains outstanding in its original principal balance as of the Closing Date. To Borrower’s and Leasehold Pledgor’s knowledge, no default, breach, violation or event of default has occurred under any Mortgage Loan Document which remains uncured or unwaived and no circumstance, event or condition has occurred or exists which, with the giving of notice and/or the expiration of the applicable period would constitute an Event of Default under the Mortgage Loan Documents. Each and every representation and warranty of Owner and/or Operating Lessee made to Mortgage Lender contained in any one or more of the Mortgage Loan Documents is true, correct, complete and accurate in all material respects as of the date hereof and are hereby incorporated into this Agreement and deemed made hereunder as and when made thereunder and shall remain incorporated without regard to any waiver, amendment or other modification thereof by the Mortgage Lender or to whether the related Mortgage Loan Document has been repaid, defeased or otherwise terminated, unless otherwise consented to in writing by Lender. A true, correct and complete copy of the Mortgage Loan Agreement is attached hereto as Exhibit B.