Metering System Sample Clauses

Metering System. 6.1.1 The Distribution Franchisee shall install and operate the Check Metering system in accordance with this Article 6 and confirming to Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operations of Meters) Regulations, 2006. In addition to the existing Main Meters at each of the Input Points, the Distribution Franchisee shall also provide a check meter at each of them subject to facility extended/allowed in case of grid metering.
Metering System gas meters and other metering devices, as well as the systems connecting those devices, described in Appendix No. 1, used to measure the quantity of the Gas sold at the Delivery Point, owned by the Seller and the Purchaser;
Metering System. 11. Distribution Company shall install dedicated metering and recording equipment along with back-up system capable of continuous recordings of the energy delivered by the Distribution Company at the point where interconnection facilities of the O&M Operator are connected, at the cost and expense of the O&M Operator, after testing the same jointly with O&M Operator.
Metering System. The Main Meter and the Check Meter and all associated equipment.
Metering System. (a) Net Delivered Energy shall be metered by the Metering System and Back-Up Metering System in all of the following time intervals. Metering information shall accompany Seller’s monthly invoices in a format mutually agreed by Seller and Purchaser prior to the Commercial Operations Date.
Metering System. Seller shall ensure the Metering System is designed, located, constructed, installed, owned, operated, tested, calibrated and maintained in accordance with the Large Generator Interconnection Agreement and Prudent Operating Practices in order to measure and record the amount of Delivered Energy. The meters shall be revenue meters of a mutually acceptable accuracy range and type and measure Delivered Energy in kilowatt hours. Seller shall be responsible for the cost of all metering that will be installed, owned, operated and maintained by Seller for the purpose of determining the amount of Delivered Energy. None of Buyer, Xxxxx's Affiliates or the employees, subcontractors or contractors of any of them shall make adjustments to the Metering System without the written consent of Seller, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Buyer, may, at its own cost, install additional meters or other such facilities, equipment or devices on Buyer's side of the Delivery Point as Buyer deems necessary or appropriate to monitor the measurements of the Metering System; provided, however, that in all cases Seller will be entitled to base its invoiced amounts for Buyer’s Product solely by reference to the Metering System.
Metering System. 4.1 Both KPTCL and ….ESCOM / Open Access Customer under this Agreement shall install and maintain a proper Metering System, in accordance with the norms provided in the Central Electricity Authority (Installation and Operation of Meters) Regulations, 2006, as amended from time to time, by the CEA, under Section 79(e) of the Act, for measurement of energy, both at the sending and receiving ends, in regard to the quantum of energy transferred by KPTCL and the quantum of energy received by … ESCOM / Open Access Customer.
Metering System i) The metering system of DTRs should be treated at par with the metering system of commercial and industry consumers.
Metering System. The Metering System shall be used to determine the amount of Electricity Delivered in each Hour during each Month. In the event that the Metering System is not in service as a result of maintenance repairs or testing, then, if Goro Nickel has installed a Backup Metering System, such system shall be used to determine the amount of Electricity Delivered in each Hour during each Month.