Distribution Company definition

Distribution Company means a distribution company as defined in Section 1 of Chapter 164 of the Massachusetts General Laws.3
Distribution Company or “Company” shall mean Massachusetts Electric Company or Nantucket Electric Company.
Distribution Company means a company engaging in the distribution of electricity or owning, operating, or controlling distribution facilities; provided, however, a Distribution Company shall not include any entity which owns or operates plant or equipment used to produce electricity, steam, and chilled water, or any affiliate engaged solely in the provision of such electricity, steam, and chilled water, where the electricity produced by such entity or its affiliate is primarily for the benefit of hospitals and non-profit educational institutions, and where such plant or equipment was in operation prior to January 1, 1986.

Examples of Distribution Company in a sentence

  • Distribution company Delivery to dairy manufacturerDairy manufacturer Processes and packaging Distribution company Transportation Figure 6: The case supply chain.

  • It is necessary for the bidders to apply within first 5 days from the date of LOI for temporary power connection considering 5 days required by Distribution company to provide the power connection as per this SOP, making thereby availability of power supply on 10th day of LOI.

  • The setup includes the physical flow, informational flow, the device and software setups and certifications and standards used by the members.4.1. The physical flow of the milk in the case supply chainDistribution company Delivery to retailer Distribution company TransportationDistribution company Distribution central, reloading trucksThe physical flow of the dairy supply chain is visualized in Figure 6 and described in detail in this following section.

More Definitions of Distribution Company

Distribution Company or “Company” shall mean The Narragansett Electric Company.
Distribution Company means an electric company organized under the laws of Massachusetts that provides Distribution Service in Massachusetts.
Distribution Company means a person or company distributing securities under a distribution contract; (“compagnie de placement”)
Distribution Company means a per-son or company distributing securities under a distribution contract;
Distribution Company means Eversource Electric Company or any successor thereto. “Distribution Company System” means the electric distribution system operated and
Distribution Company means a company under the jurisdiction of the Commission that distributes electricity or natural gas for consumption by end users.
Distribution Company means NStar Electric Company or any successor thereto.