Membership Criteria Sample Clauses

Membership Criteria. Membership in the Consortium shall be open to any company interested in obtaining Authorisation of the Substances and/or in supporting the development of the Dossier, including any Aerospace Company, any existing or potential upstream supplier to an Aerospace Company, or any other company that is involved, directly or indirectly through their Affiliates, in the manufacturing and/or import and/or Uses of the Substance(s), as such or in mixture(s), or that designs or uses articles containing or made with the Substance(s). Membership shall also be open to Only Representatives of foreign legal or natural persons meeting the Membership criteria.
Membership Criteria. The Committee Members shall be individuals who are employees of the Company or one or more of its Subsidiaries and who own shares of Common Stock (the “Membership Criteria”).
Membership Criteria. To be eligible to be a Member, a person must:
Membership Criteria. Sun Bay reserves the right to refuse membership to any individual. Notwithstanding, the Club’s criteria for membership is as follows: • Age 60 or older (younger members may be considered on a case by cases basis) • Able to use bathroom by self • Able to feed self • Ambulatory; able to leave premises by self in emergency situationsFree of any infectious/contagious disease • Not combative, abusive, or harmful to self or others. • Does not exhibit inappropriate behavior towards others • The Family/Caregiver Pre-Admission Screening Assessment form is completed prior to admission and confirms that the member does not wander. • The Physician’s Report shall confirm whether the member has a restricted health condition as defined in Title 22, Section 82092.
Membership Criteria. 1) The Applicant for Membership of the Company must be an Organisation whose Constitution promotes the building and operating of miniature railway equipment, road vehicles, water craft, plant and general engineering models. Company Members must have and maintain a membership of at least ten (10) natural persons.
Membership Criteria. All platform members have been and will be selected on the following criteria: A shared commitment to developing and investing in young classical artists, evidenced in the platform by offering them the best possible conditions. A shared ambition to proactively shape a high quality future for European classical music life through building dialogue between artists, presenting organisations and audiences. A shared commitment to presenting emerging artists as part of each venue’s own curated programming, deeply focused on long-term audience engagement.
Membership Criteria. 6.1 To apply for a Private Banking membership with HLB, a Customer must have a total combined Liquid Assets of Ringgit Malaysia Three Million (RM3,000,000.00) only or such other amount as may be stipulated by HLB from time to time (“Minimum Amount”).
Membership Criteria. (a) The ongoing charter school board of directors shall have at least five nonrelated members and include: (1) at least one licensed teacher who is employed as a teacher at the school or provides instruction under contract between the charter school and a cooperative; (2) at least one parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the charter school who is not an employee of the charter school; and (3) at least one interested community member who resides in Minnesota, is not employed by the charter school, and does not have a child enrolled in the school. The board structure may include a majority of teachers under this paragraph or parents or community members, or it may have no clear majority. The chief financial officer and the chief administrator may only serve as ex- officio nonvoting board members. No charter school employees shall serve on the board other than teachers under clause (1). Contractors providing facilities, goods, or services to a charter school shall not serve on the board of directors of the charter school.
Membership Criteria. 10.1 Members shall be the Voting Members.
Membership Criteria. 4.1.1. The Federation shall be composed of organisations, which are accepted as member organisations in accordance with these Statutes by the General Assembly at the Annual Meeting.