Rights of Members Sample Clauses

Rights of Members. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, (a) each Member shall look solely to the assets of the Company for the return of its Capital Contribution, (b) no Member shall have the right or power to demand or receive property other than cash from the Company and (c) except as provided in this Agreement, no Member shall have priority over any other Member as to the return of its Capital Contributions, distributions or allocations.
Rights of Members. (a) In addition to other rights provided by this Agreement or by applicable law, and except as limited by Section 3.3(b), each Member shall have the right, for a purpose reasonably related to such Member's interest as a member in the Company, upon reasonable written demand and at such Member's own expense:
Rights of Members. No Owner shall have the right or power to: (i) withdraw or reduce its Capital Contribution, except as a result of the dissolution and termination of the Company or as otherwise provided in this Agreement or by law; (ii) bring an action for partition against the Company; or (iii) demand or receive property other than cash in return of its Capital Contribution. Except as provided in this Agreement, no Owner shall have priority over any other Owner either as to the return of Capital Contributions or as to allocations of the Net Income, Net Loss or Distributions of the Company. Other than upon the termination and dissolution of the Company as provided by this Agreement, there has been no time agreed upon when the contribution of each Owner is to be returned.
Rights of Members. Each of the Members shall have the right to: (a) have the Company books and records (including those required under the Act) kept at the principal United States office of the Company and at all reasonable times to inspect and copy any of them at the sole expense of such Member; (b) have on demand true and full information of all things affecting the Company and a formal account of Company affairs whenever circumstances render it just and reasonable; (c) have dissolution and winding up of the Company by decree of court as provided for in the Act; and (d) exercise all rights of a Member under the Act (except to the extent otherwise specifically provided herein). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Members shall not have the right to receive data pertaining to the properties of the Company if the Company is subject to a valid agreement prohibiting the distribution of such data or if the Board shall otherwise determine that such data is Confidential Information.
Rights of Members. Each Member shall look solely to the Company’s assets for all distributions with respect to the Company and such Member’s Capital Contribution (including return thereof), and such Member’s share of profits or losses thereon, and shall have no recourse therefor (upon dissolution or otherwise) against any other Member or the Managing Member.
Rights of Members. The Shares shall be personal property giving only the rights in this Agreement specifically set forth. The ownership of the Assets of every description is vested in the Company. The right to conduct and supervise the conduct of the business of the Company is vested exclusively in the Directors (subject to the right of the Board of Directors to delegate all or any part of authority to any person or group of persons, including, without limitation, the Investment Manager), and the Members shall have no interest therein other than the beneficial interest conferred by their Shares, and they shall have no right to call for any partition or division of any property, profits, rights or interests of the Company nor can they be called upon to share or assume any losses of the Company or suffer an assessment of any kind by virtue of their ownership of Shares. No Shares of any class or series shall entitle the holder to preference, preemptive, appraisal, conversion or exchange rights (except as otherwise specified in this Agreement or as specified by the Directors in the designation or redesignation of any such class or series).
Rights of Members. 2. Except as provided for in this agreement, no Member shall be obliged to use ICTs unless their use is required for the fulfillment of Responsibilities.