Order Confirmation definition

Order Confirmation. All TIPS Member Agreement orders are approved daily by TIPS and sent to vendor. The Vendor should confirm receipt of orders to the TIPS Member (customer) within 3 business days. • Vendor custom website for TIPS: If Vendor is hosting a custom TIPS website, updated pricing when effective. TIPS shall be notified when prices change in accordance with the award.
Order Confirmation means the written confirmation by Supplier to sell or supply to Buyer the products and/or services described therein. “Purchase Order” shall mean the written or verbal order by Buyer to purchase from Supplier any products and/or services.
Order Confirmation means Our acceptance and confirmation of your Order as described in Clause 3;

Examples of Order Confirmation in a sentence

  • PRECIOSA reserves the right and privilege to invoice the price of the goods according to the prices in force at the time of dispatch of the goods, i.e. orders that were confirmed may be charged at new rates if prices change between the Order Confirmation and the invoice issuance date, unless otherwise agreed.

  • Authorization for not Providing Confirmation Slips: I / We authorize you not to provide me / us Order Confirmation / Modification / Cancellation Slips and Trade Confirmation Slips to avoid unnecessary paper work.

  • If specific personnel is necessary, this will be agreed upon and recorded in the Order Confirmation and/or the other agreements made via letter or email.

  • Characteristics of the sample (such as colour, condition and size) listed in catalogues, brochures, sample cards, etc., are only binding if they are expressly mentioned in the Order Confirmation.

  • The Order Confirmation will be presented to you as part of the online sign-up process or sent to you by email immediately after you place the order.

More Definitions of Order Confirmation

Order Confirmation means the document provided by OERLIKON METCO to BUYER as a response to BUYER’S purchase order documents either by e-mail, facsimile or as a hardcopy.
Order Confirmation has the meaning given to it in Clause 6.1.
Order Confirmation. : means the document issued by the Supplier formalizing the acceptance of the Order or, as the case may be, a counteroffer of the Supplier. In case of discrepancies between the Order and the Order Confirmation, the latter shall prevail
Order Confirmation means the Seller's written confirmation of the Order, incorporating these Conditions.
Order Confirmation means the generation of the Order Confirmation Email to each of the Institution, Jisc Collections and Publisher.
Order Confirmation means the email, online confirmation or any other method of confirmation from us that your order has been accepted (including the details of the Service and/or any Additional Service to be provided to you by us);
Order Confirmation means our acceptance and confirmation of your Order as described in clause 2; and