Duty to Cooperate Sample Clauses

Duty to Cooperate. If the Parties disagree on any aspect of the proposed Motion for Preliminary Approval and/or the supporting declarations and documents, Class Counsel and Defense Counsel will expeditiously work together on behalf of the Parties by meeting in person or by telephone, and in good faith, to resolve the disagreement. If the Court does not grant Preliminary Approval or conditions Preliminary Approval on any material change to this Agreement, Class Counsel and Defense Counsel will expeditiously work together on behalf of the Parties by meeting in person or by telephone, and in good faith, to modify the Agreement and otherwise satisfy the Court’s concerns.
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Duty to Cooperate. If the Court does not grant Final Approval or conditions Final Approval on any material change to the Settlement (including, but not limited to, the scope of release to be granted by Class Members), the Parties will expeditiously work together in good faith to address the Court’s concerns by revising the Agreement as necessary to obtain Final Approval. The Court’s decision to award less than the amounts requested for the Class Representative Service Payment, Class Counsel Fees Payment, Class Counsel Litigation Expenses Payment and/or Administrator Expenses Payment shall not constitute a material modification to the Agreement within the meaning of this paragraph.
Duty to Cooperate. Upon the terms and subject to the conditions and other agreements set forth herein, each party agrees to use its commercially reasonable efforts to take, or cause to be taken, all actions, and to do, or cause to be done, and to assist and cooperate with the other party in doing, all things necessary or advisable to perform the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.
Duty to Cooperate. 4.1.1 Owner shall, throughout the performance of the Work, cooperate with Design-Builder and perform its responsibilities, obligations and services in a timely manner to facilitate Design-Builder’s timely and efficient performance of the Work and so as not to delay or interfere with Design-Builder’s performance of its obligations under the Contract Documents.
Duty to Cooperate. You have a duty to cooperate with us, and any law enforcement or government agent or agency with regard to any claim of fraud, forgery, unauthorized access or any other adverse claim(s).
Duty to Cooperate. All parties agree to do all things reasonably necessary to timely and in good faith fulfill the terms of this Agreement. Buyer and Seller shall execute and deliver such certifications, affidavits, and statements required by law or reasonably requested by the closing attorney, mortgage lender and/or the title insurance company to meet their respective requirements.
Duty to Cooperate. The insured shall make all medical reports and records available to the insurer and, when requested by the insurer, shall sign all necessary authorization forms for the insurer to obtain medical reports and records. Failure to cooperate with the insurer or failure to authorize the release of all medical records requested by the insurer may cause a claim to be denied.
Duty to Cooperate. Seller and Purchaser agree that such documents as may be legally necessary and required by closing firm to carry out the terms of this contract shall be executed and delivered by such parties at the time the sale is consummated.
Duty to Cooperate. Owner and Design-Builder commit at all times to cooperate fully with each other, and proceed on the basis of trust and good faith.
Duty to Cooperate. Executive agrees to fully cooperate with Company in connection with any legal or business matter relating to the services provided by Executive under this Agreement.