Intellectual Property Right Sample Clauses

Intellectual Property Right. 10.1 The Contractor shall fully indemnify USF against any and all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, damages, costs, charges and expenses arising from or incurred by reason of any infringement or alleged infringement of any intellectual property rights including copyright, patent rights, design rights and trade marks in Pakistan by use or possession of the Service, Software and Equipment supplied by the Contractor.
Intellectual Property Right. A.6.1 For Work and/or Services developed by Dyflexis, the Intellectual Property Rights lie with Dyflexis unless it has been agreed in writing with the Client that the rights will be transferred.
Intellectual Property Right. 5.1. Party B and its affiliated companies shall have all the rights of their own services and systems in this agreement. During the cooperation between the two parties, with Party B’s prior review and written approval, Party A may use Party B’s or its obligee’s trademark, sign, product or service name, logo and other intellectual property rights on relevant websites and promotional materials for purposes of this agreement. But Party A shall not claim any rights or any challenge, revocation, disagreement or objection to Party B’s or its obligee’s intellectual property rights. If Party A needs to use and display the trademark, sign, product or service name, logo and other intellectual property rights of Party B or its obligee beyond the operation of this agreement, the two parties shall negotiate and sign a relevant agreement. Except for the above circumstances, in this agreement Party B has not granted to Party A a license or transfer of any intellectual property rights explicitly or implicitly; if Party A requires the intellectual property licensing of Party B or its obligee, the license agreement and authorization documents need to be signed. If Party A uses the intellectual property rights of Party B or its obligee without authorization of Party B, or its use violates the guidelines of Party B or its obligee causing an adverse effect, Party B has the right to request Party A to undertake remedial measures within a specified period of time. If Party A fails to remedy before the deadline, Party B has the right to immediately terminate all agreements signed by the two sides and regard Party A’s breach of the agreement as grounds for terminating the agreement. In case of any loss to Party B or any of its obligee, Party A shall bear the corresponding liability for compensation to Party B or its obligee.
Intellectual Property Right. Party A has legal rights in respect of relevant services and software, and Party B will not obtain any intellectual property right in respect of the services hereunder due to this Agreement. All intellectual property rights arising in the course of accepting Party A’s services by Party B, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, patent applications, trademarks, trademark applications, software, knowhow, technological data and trade secrets, whether developed or created by Party A or Party B, shall be owned by Party A.
Intellectual Property Right. The Assets are not in the situation of infringing upon the intellectual property rights and legal rights of any third person.
Intellectual Property Right. 1. Party A authorizes Party B to use its trademark and company name for the purpose agreed hereupon. Party B shall ensure proper and reasonable use of Party A’s trademark and company name, shall not change, without authorization, or misrepresent the image of Party A and any part of it, and shall not use Party A’s trademark and company name for any purpose other than as expressly agreed under this Contract.
Intellectual Property Right. 3.1 The Transferor legally holds the title to the intellectual property right to the Transfer Assets, and has carries out reasonable and feasible measures to preserve such intellectual property right from infringing;
Intellectual Property Right. (a) C&F Agent acknowledges that HPCL owns and will retain all right, title and interest in and to any and all worldwide intellectual property and proprietary rights embodied in the PRODUCT, including, but not limited to, all copyrights, patent rights, trade secret rights and trademarks, inventions, etc. C&F Agent further acknowledges that it will have no rights with respect to any of the foregoing other than the rights expressly set forth in this Agreement.
Intellectual Property Right. GCC.13.1. All intellectual property rights in the software, all tools, processes, software, utilities and methodology including any vendor proprietary products or components thereof any development carried out by vendor thereto in the course of providing services hereun der, including customization, enhancement, interface development etc. shall remain the exclusive property of vendor and WBSEDCL shall not acquire any right title or interest of any nature therein except to the extent provided herein. Vendor shall however grant in favor of WBSEDCL the right and non -exclusive, non- transferable, perpetual and irrevocable license to use the software for the purposes agreed hereunder
Intellectual Property Right. Johnsenskillz reserves all of its intellectual property rights in the website and the Ser- vices provided. Trademarks and logos used in connection with the Services are the trademarks of their respective owners. SHESKILLZGLOBAL and the correspondend logo as displayed on the website are registered trademarks of Johnsenskillz. Any development of SHESKILLZGLOBAL and/or the Services are exclusive work re- sults of Johnsenskillz, even if you may have provided material input or idea for devel- opment, or otherwise participated in such development. All intellectual property and other rights related to such developments are in the exclusive ownership of Xxxxxxx- skillz.