Housing Charges Sample Clauses

Housing Charges. Housing charges are billed by session and are subject to change without notice. Each session’s housing charges will be due according to established University fee deadlines. Failure to pay the required housing charges could result in immediate removal from University Housing, loss of future housing priority, and/or registration and transcript blocks.
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Housing Charges. The student agrees to pay room and dining plan fees (Salem campus only) and properly billed charges (e.g., for damage, cleaning, lost keys, etc.). Room and dining plan charges are to be paid each semester in advance unless a deferred payment plan is arranged with the business office. Failure to complete financial arrangements with the business office will result in the cancellation of the contract by the university.
Housing Charges a) Each member of the Co-op must pay housing charges. Housing charges are made up of:  The Membership Fee (once only)  Monthly Housing Charges less any Subsidy, if applicable. Basic Cable Television charge is included for Members paying full Housing Charges; Members receiving Housing Charge Assistance (Subsidy) must pay the full charges for Basic Cable Television to the Co-op.  Parking Charges, if any  The Member Deposit, and  Other charges that members must pay under any of the Co-op’s By-laws.
Housing Charges. 1. I will be charged for and will pay the Housing Rate for the Apartment type to which I am assigned starting on the Effective Date. Housing Rates are established by the University of Washington Board of Regents and can be viewed on HFS’ Housing and Dining Rates page.
Housing Charges. 4.1 The semester housing charges for the Premises for each semester of the academic year during the term of this Contract (“Semester Housing Charges”) are set forth in the table below: Boryla Unit Type 2018-2019 Semester Housing Charges (per Resident, per semester) 2 bedroom- Single Occupancy $5,250 2 bedroom- Double Occupancy $3,750 3 bedroom-Single Occupancy $5,000 3 bedroom-Double Occupancy $3,750 4 bedroom-Single Occupancy $4,750
Housing Charges. 4.1 The semester housing charges for the Premises for each semester of the academic year during the term of this Contract (“Semester Housing Charges”) are set forth in the table below: Tier Cost per month Fall Semester = 5 months Spring Semester = 5 months Summer Semester = 2 months Tier 1 Single $ 978 Tier 2 Single $ 1,030 Tier 3 Single $ 1,082 Tier 4 Single $ 1,184
Housing Charges. Payment for any Student Housing and Dining Services charges except rent (example: parking permits, lock change charges, etc.) is due within 24 hours of when they appear on your student account. You will receive an email notification of the charge when it is applied to your account. Account Questions: Please contact the Residential Accounts Office at Student Housing, (000) 000-0000 for account questions.
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Housing Charges. The Student shall be responsible for a non-refundable Agreement fee for both housing and meal plans, a housing deposit, room rental charges, meal plan charges, and a non-refundable student activity fee for the Residence Hall Association (Student Government Campus Residence – SGCR fee).
Housing Charges. A. If a student is withdrawing or taking a leave from the University, charges are calculated from the date the student officially checks out with their Housing staff member, not the date the student withdraws from the University. However, in no case will prorating of charges be based on a check out date earlier than the date the student officially withdraws from the University. (See paragraph 15 and 19E for check out responsibilities.) Dates for determining housing charges are based on the Academic Calendar. Students who withdraw and/or move out of a residential facility after the last day to withdraw from full semester classes, for any reason, will be charged 100% of the room costs for the semester. Students who are suspended or expelled from the University forfeit all refunds of housing room and board fees.
Housing Charges. Your student account will be assessed for contracted room and board by the end of May. Payment will be due in full by August 14. Expectation is that you will make payments bi-weekly with student employment earnings through BannerWeb or the Cashier’s Office in the Service Building. Please note that your spring student account balance must be resolved unless prior arrangements have been made with the Student Financial Services Office.
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