PARKING PERMITS. A. Must be obtained on the day of move in.
PARKING PERMITS. Parking permit tags must be displayed on the rear view mirror of vehicle at all times! If Licensee’s parking permit is lost or stolen, a replacement parking permit must be requested and displayed. Failure to prominently display the permit tag on the rear view mirror at all times while vehicle is parked in the designated parking space on the Premises may result in inadvertent towing. In the event a vehicle is towed because of Licensee’s failure to properly and prominently display the permit tag, Licensee shall bear all responsibility, including all financial responsibility, for such towing, storage, and retrieval of the towed vehicle.
PARKING PERMITS. The City Manager shall issue parking permits under rules he or she may establish, for allocation by the Department Head, to be used solely in the course of employment and the performance of the employees required field duties. The parking permits will allow employees to park in the field or in authorized off-street parking areas enabling the employee to perform his or her work related duties using his or her personal vehicle. These parking permits are intended to prevent the issuance of parking citations to employees while working in the field.
PARKING PERMITS. 27.1 Should the University contemplate an increase in parking fees, or to begin charging for parking in areas where bargaining unit members currently park at no cost, the Union will be notified of such proposed increase and provided an opportunity to provide input prior to the effective date of the change. At such times the University and the Union may also discuss proposals for changes in parking such as remote parking and transportation problems at the University.
PARKING PERMITS. 2 During the period of this agreement, each unit employee may obtain one (1) 3 complimentary parking permit as issued by the District for staff parking each semester. 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
PARKING PERMITS. Parking permit must be displayed in full view of the vehicle. Any vehicle without a permit, risks being towed away at the owner’s expense. “Permit Parking only” space is limited. During peak season, May thru September. Do not give your parking permit(s) or Gate Keys to others; doing so will require us to cancel your access privileges.
PARKING PERMITS. The County will issue parking permits for certain employee parking lots. These parking lots are available to County employees, or other eligible employees, on a first come, first served basis. The County does not guarantee the availability of parking to all employees at all times. The use of the parking permit is restricted to County or other eligible employees only. If anyone other than the eligible employee is using the parking permit, parking privileges will be suspended. There is a $10 refundable security deposit for the parking cards. Lost or stolen cards are also subject to a replacement fee.
PARKING PERMITS. (i) There will be parking provided for Tenant and other users of the Project in a parking garage adjacent to the Building, in parking areas underneath the Building, and in certain surface parking lots on the Project (collectively, the "Building Parking Facilities"). Landlord shall offer and make available to Tenant as of the Rental Commencement Date, and Tenant shall accept and pay for, a total of sixty-eight (68) access cards or parking permits ("Parking Permits") for the "Tenant Parking" area of the Building Parking Facilities (which will be located in whole or in part in the separate free-standing parking deck) as follows: Six (6) of such Parking Permits provided to Tenant shall entitle each holder thereof to park in an assigned, numbered parking space in the parking deck located on the Land (and of such 6 Parking Permits, 2 shall be for the executive parking area for the Building, as designated by Landlord). The initial fee for such Parking Permits shall be One Hundred Twenty-Five and No/100 Dollars ($125.00) per Parking Permit per month, and such fee shall be subject to increase, as provided below. The remainder of such Parking Permits provided to Tenant (initially 62) shall entitle each holder thereof to park in an unassigned parking space in the "Tenant Parking" area in the parking deck, and the initial fee for such Parking Permits shall be Ninety Five and No/100 Dollars ($95.00) per Parking Permit per month, and such fee shall be subject to increase, as provided below.