HILL Sample Clauses

HILL. The '504 Patent covers (with apparatus and method of use claims) the overall design of an MVAD system, while the '385 Patent covers an access port/valve assembly used with the energy conversion part of the MVAD system.
HILL. Rom, the Borrower and the Servicer shall assure that the Borrower, Performance Guarantor, Hill-Rom and each Originator (and each of their respective Affiliates) shall observe the applicable legal requirements for the recognition of the Borrower as a legal entity separate and apart from each of each Originator, Hill-Rom, Performance Guarantor, the Servicer and any of their respective Affiliates, and comply with (and cause to be true and correct) its organizational documents and assuring that each of the following is complied with:
HILL. Date: ------------------------------- HARVEST NATURAL RESOURCES, INC. Date: ------------------------------- Name: ------------------------------- Title: ------------------------------ EXHIBIT B SEPARATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN HARVEST NATURAL RESOURCES, INC. AND PETER J. HILL NO OF RESTRICTED VEST OPTION GRANT EXER. OPTIONS STOCK PER HOLDER Plan DATE* PRICE GRANTED GRANTED YRS ----------------- ---- ------- ------- ------- ---------- ---- HILL, PETER 1999 8/29/00 2.1250 175,000 3 HILL, PETER 2001 7/30/01 1.6600 325,000 3 HILL, PETER 2001 2/20/03 6.1000 50,000 3 HILL, PETER 2004 5/26/04 13.0100 54,575 13,500 3 HILL, PETER 2004 3/4/05 12.7950 100,000 10,000 3 ------- ------ HILL, PETER TOTAL 704,575 23,500 ======= ======
HILL. Rom agrees that it waives and shall not seek payment for any of the health care billings covered by this Agreement from any health care beneficiaries or their parents, sponsors, legally responsible individuals, or third party payors based upon the claims defined as Covered Conduct.
HILL. It is understood the rules govern- ing m i l l employees as issued by the Company, copy hereto attached Appendix shall become part of this agreement. Grievances arising out of the applica- tion or interpretation of this agreement shall, where appropriate, be taken f i r s t by the employ- ee, with or without an accompanying Union Official, to the employee's immediate supervisor. Failing satisfactory settlement of the grievance, the employee, with Union assistance, may take the matter to the appropriate superin- tendent. Failing satisfactory settlement of the grievance by the superintendent, the matter may be taken in writing, t o the Superintendent of Industrial Relations. Failing satisfactory settlement at this level within days, the matter may be referred to the M i l l Manager of the Company, or his des- ignated representative and to the President of the National Union or his designated represen- tative for settlement.
HILL. ALAN E. HEIDT EXHIBIT 1.4(b)(iv) AMENDED AND RESTATED AGREEMENT REGARDING RESERVE ADJUSTMENT This Amended and Restated Agreement Regarding Reserve Adjustment (this "Agreement") is entered into August 31, 2001 to be effective as of August 1, 2001, by and between GAINSCO, INC., a Texas corporation ("Seller"), and Herbert A. Hill ("Buyer").
HILL. This is an amended and restated Employment Agreement entered into between IntercontinentalExchange, Inc., a Delaware corporation, or “ICE”, and Scott A. Hill, or “Executive”, the terms and conditions of which are as follows:
HILL. Notwithstanding the foregoing, patient dental records shall be and remain the property of Dr. Hill and the contents thereof shall be solely the responsibility of Dr. Hill.
HILL. Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said Norris Garrett Bell (but so as not to incur NORRI S G. BELL. (SEAL) any personal liability) in the presence of— EDWD. SIMMS. Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said James Fraser JAME S FRASER by his duly (but so as rot to incur authorised Deputy any personal liability) in F. E . WICKHAM . (SEAL) the presence of— EDWD. SIMMS. Signed Sealed and Delivered by the said James Walker Davidson (but so as not J . W. DAVIDSON (SEAL) to incur any personal lia- bility) in the presence of—