College Sample Clauses

College has the sole right to control and direct the instructional activities of all instructors, including those who are SCHOOL DISTRICT employees.
College university credentials that are confidential shall be handled as directed by the college/university after employment is approved by the SPS Board.
College and SCHOOL DISTRICT shall ensure operational protocols consistent with the collection of participating student data and the timely submission of the data.
College and SCHOOL DISTRICT shall report the annual total number of unduplicated high school student headcount by school site enrolled in each CCAP Agreement are aggregated by gender and ethnicity and reconciled on or before June 30 and shall be reported annually in compliance with all applicable state and federal privacy laws. The MPCCD shall annually report the student data to the office of the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges. Sec. 2 (t) (1)(A)
College. After reviewing the complaint and supporting evidence attached thereto and after meeting with the grievant for the purpose of resolving the grievance on , 20 , I make the fallowing decision:
College. Bellevue College, sometimes referenced in applicable law or regulation as Community College District VIII.
College. Arts and Sciences SCHOOL: N/A DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts OPTIONS/TRACKS: n/a CONTACT: Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Assistant Xxxx, Academic Advising & General Studies 00000 XX 0 Xxxxxx Xxxxx, XX 00000 305-899-3055 PROGRAM OF STUDY TO BE TAKEN AT THE STATE/COMMUNITY COLLEGE (Lower Level Course Requirements): Composition – 6 credits (required) ENC 1101 Composition I ENC 1102 Composition II Speech – 3 credits (required) SPC 2600 Public Speaking Behavioral Science – 3 credits PSY 2012 Intro to Psychology SYG 2000 Intro to Sociology CCJ 1010 Criminology Social Science – 3 credits POS 2041 American Federal Govt Behavioral OR Social Science – 3 credits Disciplines: Geography, History, Political Science, Criminology, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology Science or Mathematics – 3 credits Humanities– 3 credits SPN1120 Elementary Spanish I FRE 1120 Elementary French I Fine Arts – 3 credits ARH 1000 Art Appreciation THE 2000 Intro to Drama PGY 2401 Intro to Photography Humanities or Fine Arts – 3 credits Disciplines: Literature, Foreign Language, Humanities, Art, Dance, Music, Photography, Theatre Philosophy – 3 credits PHI 2010 Intro to Philosophy Theology -- 3 credits REL prefix Xxxxx University 2015-2016 Science– 3 credits Disciplines: Biology, Chemistry, Physics Mathematics – 3 credits MAC 1105 College Algebra or higher Philosophy or Theology – 3 credits Religion, Philosophy Computer Science – 3 credits required CGS 1060 – Microcomputer Apps. GENERAL ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS TO THE INDEPENDENT INSTITUTION: Complete a Xxxxx University Undergraduate Application and submit an application fee. The application can be found at Submit official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions previously attended. The minimum cumulative GPA requirement for transfer applicants is 2.00 unless otherwise specified within the individual degree programs. All transfers with 60+ credits must choose a major. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS TO THE MAJOR/PROGRAM OF STUDY: No additional admissions requirements for the General Studies major. PROGRAM OF STUDY AT THE INDEPENDENT INSTITUTION (Upper Level Course Requirements): –
College. College shall mean Whatcom Community College.