Corporate Governance Matters Sample Clauses

Corporate Governance Matters. (a) The Company, and to the Company's knowledge, each of its officers are in compliance in all material respects with (i) the applicable provisions of the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act of 2002 and the related rules and regulations promulgated under such act or the Exchange Act (in each case, as currently in effect, the "XXXXXXXX-XXXXX ACT"), (ii) the applicable qualification requirements and corporate governance rules and regulations promulgated by the National Association of Securities Dealers and (iii) any similar applicable Israeli securities laws, rules and regulations. The Company has delivered to Parent the final form of written information required to be disclosed prior to the date hereof by the Company and certain of its officers to the Company Board or any committee thereof pursuant to the certification requirements of Rule 13a-14 under the Exchange Act. Since the date such provisions became applicable to the Company and its Subsidiaries, all auditing services and non-audit services provided to the Company and each Subsidiary have been approved by the audit committee of the Company Board in compliance with Section 10A(h) or Section 10A(i) of the Exchange Act and any similar applicable Israeli securities laws, and no registered public accounting firm or, to the Company's knowledge, any associate thereof that performs any audit of the Company or any Subsidiary has provided to the Company or any of its affiliates any service prohibited by paragraphs (1) through (9) of Section 10A(g) of the Exchange Act. Except as permitted by the Exchange Act, including Sections 13(k)(2) and (3) thereof, since the enactment of the Xxxxxxxx-Xxxxx Act, neither the Company nor any Subsidiary has, directly or indirectly, made, entered into, arranged, renewed, modified (in any material way) or forgiven any personal loans to any executive officer or director of the Company prohibited by Section 402 thereunder.
Corporate Governance Matters. At the Closing, the Company shall deliver to Parent evidence reasonably satisfactory to Parent of the resignation of the directors of the Company and of any Subsidiary as agreed between Parent and the Company, effective at the Effective Time.
Corporate Governance Matters. Unless otherwise agreed to by Parent and the Company prior to the Closing, Parent shall cause the Parent Board, at the First Merger Effective Time, to consist of the ten members identified on Schedule 1.14 in each case to hold office from and after the First Merger Effective Time until the earliest to occur of the appointment or election of his or her respective successor, resignation or proper removal in accordance with applicable Legal Requirements. Parent shall cause each of the Company Designated Directors to be included in the slate of nominees recommended by the Parent Board to Parent’s stockholders for election as directors at the next annual meeting of Parent stockholders to occur following the First Merger Effective Time and shall use no less rigorous efforts to solicit proxies in favor of the Company Designated Directors than the manner in which Parent supports all other nominees proposed by the Parent Board. Each of the Company Designated Directors shall receive compensation from Parent for his or her service as a director that is consistent with the compensation of other non-employee members of the Parent Board. If, following the Closing, (i) the Parent Board determines in good faith that including a Company Designated Director in the slate of nominees for election as a director at the next annual meeting in accordance with the provisions above would be a breach of its fiduciary duties under applicable Legal Requirement, or (ii) any Company Designated Director resigns or is unable to serve for any other reason prior to the first anniversary following the next annual meeting (in each case, a “Removed Designee”), then, in each case, the remaining Company Designated Directors shall select a replacement for such Removed Designee that is reasonably satisfactory to the Parent Board, consistent with the standards and processes followed by the Parent Board in connection with the appointment of directors in accordance with past practice, including with respect to independence requirements.
Corporate Governance Matters. (a) As of the Closing, (i) Parent shall use all reasonable efforts to cause (A) the Articles of Amendment and Restatement of Parent attached hereto as Annex I to become effective, (B) the Articles of Incorporation of LaSalle Advisors Capital Management, Inc. ("LACM") to be amended to change its name to "LaSalle Investment Management, Inc." and (C) the number of shares of Parent Common Stock reserved for issuance under Parent's 1997 Stock Award and Incentive Plan, as amended, to be increased to 4,160,000; and (ii) Parent shall cause the Amended and Restated Bylaws of Parent to be amended and restated to read in their entirety as set forth in Annex K hereto (the "Amended Parent Bylaws").
Corporate Governance Matters. (a) On or prior to the Closing Date, Green Plains shall take all necessary actions so that, from and after the Closing Date, the board of directors of Green Plains will be comprised of not more than nine directors, unless an increase in the number of directors is authorized by a majority of the Green Plains board of directors then serving in office. Prior to the Closing Date, Green Plains shall take all necessary action (including soliciting and obtaining resignations of directors currently in office) to cause the Persons identified on Section 6.9(a) of the VBV Disclosure Schedule to be elected, contingent on the occurrence of the Merger, to the Green Plains board of directors.
Corporate Governance Matters. Immediately prior to the Effective Time, PhyCor shall take all necessary action to cause the Board of Directors of PhyCor to elect two new members who shall be designated by MedPartners. The two members of the Board designated by MedPartners shall be elected to serve until the stockholders' meetings at which directors are to be elected in the years 1999 and 2000, respectively. The Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee, which will constitute the only committees of the Board at the Effective Time, shall contain at least one member that is a MedPartners designated director. 6.9
Corporate Governance Matters. Amend or waive any provisions of its Certificate of Incorporation or Bylaws, or change the number of directors on Borrower’s Board of Directors, other than as contemplated by the Purchase Agreement.
Corporate Governance Matters. (a) Management of Combined Company: Until his successor shall be duly ------------------------------ appointed and qualified, Xxxxxxx Xxxx will be Chief Executive Officer of the Combined Company following the Merger. Until his successor shall be duly appointed and qualified, Xxxx Xxxxxx will become the Chairman of the Board of the Combined Company following the Merger. Following the Merger, the Chief Financial Officer of the Combined Company will be appointed and approved by the Board of the Combined Company in accordance with the terms hereof.