Variation of this Agreement Sample Clauses

Variation of this Agreement. 9.1 The ‘Bank’ may, from time to time at its sole and absolute discretion and determination vary, change, alter, modify, and/or amend the terms and conditions of thisAgreement’, which variation, change, alteration, modification and/or amendment shall immediately become binding on the ‘Cardholder’. Such variation, alteration, modification, and/or amendment shall be notified to the ‘Cardholder’ by the ‘Bank’ either in writing or by publication or by such means as the ‘Bank’ may determine and a variation, alteration, modification, and/or amendment so notified shall be binding on the ‘Cardholder’.
Variation of this Agreement. 12.1 The Bank may vary the terms of this Agreement at any time in such manner as the Bank may select and such changes may be notified to the Cardmember by the Bank either in writing or by publication thereof or by any other means or manner as the Bank may select and such changes so notified will be binding on the Cardmember, effective from the date specified by the Bank.
Variation of this Agreement. The version of this agreement that applies to you and your insurance policy is the version we send you when you instructed us to set up the insurance policy and will continue to apply to you (as may be varied properly in accordance with its terms) until it is terminated or lapses in accordance with clause 7(m). We may vary the provisions of this agreement, subject to the notice described below and in a way that is proportionate to the circumstances giving rise to such amendment:
Variation of this Agreement. This Agreement may not be varied unless the variation is effected in writing executed by all of the Parties to this Agreement.
Variation of this Agreement. This agreement may be varied from time to time, but only with the agreement of each of the partners. Execution
Variation of this Agreement. The terms of this agreement may be reviewed at any time during its currency and changed by the agreement of all the parties. Any changes agreed to must be recorded in writing and attached as a schedule to this agreement. All such changes will form part of this agreement and will supersede any prior provisions affected by such changed terms and shall be ratified in the same manner as was this agreement.
Variation of this Agreement. 24.1. We may vary this agreement by giving you notice of any variation by any of the following or any combination of the following: a document in writing, by updating our website, by posting a message in the Online Trading Platform, by electronic mail or by telephone call with you or by fax to you. The notice of variation is effective even if you are unaware of the notice. The minimum period of notice will be the lesser of:
Variation of this Agreement. Without prejudice to Clause 8, any provision of this Agreement other than the Clauses may be deleted, varied, supplemented, restated or otherwise changed in any way at any time, in which case such change shall be binding against all Parties hereto.
Variation of this Agreement. This agreement may be varied by the consent of the parties where such variation is recorded in writing and signed by both parties.