THE FINAL REPORT. The Final Report should be approximately l0-20 pages, and will reflect the cumulative findings of both LTO’s and STO’s. The report will be based upon opinions expressed during the debriefing and upon the data collected on the checklists, as well as by the Co-ordinator and long-term observers. The aim of the report is to arrive at a conclusion on the election process according to two standards: (1) the OSCE Commitments and (2) the legal framework governing the election process and its implementation. The conclusion must be based on verifiable data and be presented in a concise yet comprehensive manner, and include recommendations for improvements in the election process. While the observation mission’s cumulative findings will be reflected in this report, the report will ultimately be the responsibility of and written by the ODIHR Co-ordinator. It will be reviewed, edited, and finally approved by the ODIHR Warsaw before being submitted to the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, within ten days after the final results have been announced. The report should also be distributed to relevant organisations and national authorities concer- xxx with the elections, and to observers upon request. The report should include:
THE FINAL REPORT. 1. The Consulting Teacher’s final report shall make recommendations to the Joint Committee regarding the referred participant’s progress in the PAR Program. At a minimum, the recommendation shall consist of the referred participant’s name and one of the following:


  • Final Report The goal of this subtask is to prepare a comprehensive Final Report that describes the original purpose, approach, results, and conclusions of the work performed under this Agreement. The CAM will review the Final Report, which will be due at least two months before the Agreement end date. When creating the Final Report Outline and the Final Report, the Recipient must use the Style Manual provided by the CAM.

  • Final Reports Within ninety (90) days of receipt of the Required Documents, the Asset Representations Reviewer shall publish its findings to the Sponsor and the Indenture Trustee. The Asset Representations Reviewer shall provide the Sponsor and the Indenture Trustee with the following reports as a result of the Asset Representations Review (collectively, the “Final Reports”):

  • Initial Report An initial performance report no later than 30 days after FEMA has approved the first Public Assistance project.

  • Additional Reports Upon ADMINISTRATOR’s request, CONTRACTOR shall make such additional reports as required by ADMINISTRATOR concerning CONTRACTOR's activities as they affect the services hereunder. ADMINISTRATOR shall be specific as to the nature of information requested and allow up to thirty (30) calendar days for CONTRACTOR to respond.

  • Adverse Report 25.2.1 The Employer shall notify an Employee in writing of any expression of dissatisfaction concerning their work within ten (10) working days of the event of the complaint, with copies to the Union. This notice shall include particulars of the work performance which led to such dissatisfaction. If this procedure is not followed, such expression of dissatisfaction shall not become part of their record for use against them in regard to discharge, discipline, promotion, demotion, or any other related matters. This Article shall be applicable to any complaint or accusation which may be detrimental to an Employee’s advancement or standing with the Employer, whether or not it relates to their work. The Employee’s reply to such complaint, accusation or expression of dissatisfaction shall become part of their record.

  • Evaluation Report The Classroom/Workplace Observation and Evaluation Form (C2) shall be completed by the School Xxxx or approved Administrator subsequent to the classroom/workplace observation and shall include the following:

  • Project Monitoring Reporting and Evaluation The Recipient shall furnish to the Association each Project Report not later than forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar semester, covering the calendar semester.

  • Inspection of Reports The Depositary shall make available for inspection by holders of Receipts at the Corporate Office and at such other places as it may from time to time deem advisable during normal business hours any reports and communications received from the Company that are both received by the Depositary as the holder of deposited Preferred Stock and made generally available to the holders of the Preferred Stock. In addition, the Depositary shall transmit certain notices and reports to the holders of Receipts as provided in Section 5.05.

  • Engineering Report Lender shall have received a current Engineering Report with respect to the Property, which report shall be in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to Lender.

  • SUBMISSION OF REPORTS All applicable study reports shall be submitted in preliminary form for approval by the State before a final report is issued. The State's comments on the Engineer's preliminary report must be addressed in the final report.