Group Sample Clauses

Group together the Company, any holding company of the Company and any subsidiary and subsidiary undertakings of the Company and of such holding company within the meanings of sections 258, 736 and 736A of the Companies Act 1985 and any associated company;
Group shall have the same meaning as set forth in Rule 13d-5 promulgated by the SEC under the Exchange Act.
Group. Notwithstanding anything else to the contrary contained herein, Group shall have the sole responsibility and authority for all aspects of the practice of the profession of dentistry and delivery of dental services to Group Patients and Beneficiaries by Group and its Providers. Providers shall use and occupy at the practice sites set forth on Exhibit 3.4 hereto ("Practice Sites") the facilities provided by Manager hereunder exclusively for the practice of dentistry ("Practice Site Facilities"). Group and Manager expressly acknowledge that the Practice or Practices conducted at these Practice Site Facilities shall be conducted solely by dentists and dental hygienists associated with Group as Employee Providers or Subcontract Providers. Group shall consult with Manager or the Joint Operations Committee, to the extent reasonable, on all matters pertaining to or affecting the Practice and not otherwise inconsistent with the applicable laws governing the practice of dentistry.
Group. The term Group has the meaning provided in Section 13(d)(3) or 14(d)(2) of the Exchange Act. Persons will not be considered to be a Group solely because they purchase or own stock of the same corporation at the same time, or as a result of the same public offering. Persons will be considered to be a Group if they are owners of an entity that enters into a merger, consolidation, purchase or acquisition of stock, or similar business transaction with the Company. If a Person, including, but not limited to an entity, owns stock in both the Company and another entity that enter into a merger, consolidation, purchase or acquisition of stock, or similar transaction, that Person is considered to be a Group with other shareholders only with respect to the ownership in the Company before the transaction giving rise to the change and not with respect to the ownership interest in the other entity.
Group shall have the same meaning as the term "group" in Section 13(d)(3) of the Exchange Act.
Group. Group” shall be as used in Rule 13d-1 promulgated under the Act.