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The Liquidating Trustee 
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  • Liquidating Trustee Upon the dissolution of the Company, such party as is designated by a Majority in Interest will act as liquidating trustee of the Company (the “Liquidating Trustee”) and proceed to wind up the business and affairs of the Company in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and applicable law. The Liquidating Trustee will use its reasonable best efforts to sell all Company assets (except cash) in the exercise of its best judgment under the circumstances then presented, that it deems in the best interest of the Members. The Liquidating Trustee will attempt to convert all assets of the Company to cash so long as it can do so consistently with prudent business practice. The Members and their respective designees will have the right to purchase any Company property to be sold on liquidation, provided that the terms on which such sale is made are no less favorable than would otherwise be available from third parties. The gains and losses from the sale of the Company assets, together with all other revenue, income, gain, deduction, expense, loss and credit during the period, will be allocated in accordance with Article 5. A reasonable amount of time shall be allowed for the period of winding up in light of prevailing market conditions and so as to avoid undue loss in connection with any sale of Company assets. This Agreement shall remain in full force and effect during the period of winding up. In addition, upon request of the Board and if the Liquidating Trustee determines that it would be imprudent to dispose of any non-cash assets of the Company, such assets may be distributed in kind to the Members in lieu of cash, proportionately to their right to receive cash distributions hereunder.

  • The Liquidator The “Liquidator” shall mean a Person appointed by the Governors to oversee the liquidation of the Company. Upon the consent of a majority in interest of the Members, the Liquidator may be the Governors. The Company is authorized to pay a reasonable fee to the Liquidator for its services performed pursuant to this Article X and to reimburse the Liquidator for its reasonable costs and expenses incurred in performing those services. The Company shall indemnify, save harmless, and pay all judgments and claims against such Liquidator and any officers, Governors, agents and employees of the Liquidator relating to any liability or damage incurred by reason of any act performed or omitted to be performed by the Liquidator, or any officers, Governors, agents or employees of the Liquidator in connection with the liquidation of the Company, including reasonable attorneys’ fees incurred in connection with the defense of any action based on any such act or omission, which attorneys’ fees may be paid as incurred, except to the extent such liability or damage is caused by fraud, intentional misconduct, or a knowing violation of the laws which was material to the cause of action.

  • Independent Trustee A Trustee who is an "Independent Trustee," as that term is defined in the Delaware Act, shall be deemed to be independent and disinterested for all purposes when making any determinations or taking any action as a Trustee.

  • Managing Member Unless otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, the Managing Member or any of its Affiliates who hold any Interests shall not be entitled to vote in its capacity as holder of such Interests on matters submitted to the Members for approval, and no such Interests shall be deemed Outstanding for purposes of any such vote.

  • The Trust Fund Xxxxxx Mae, acting in its capacity as Trustee for the Lower Tier REMIC, does hereby transfer, assign, set over and otherwise convey to Xxxxxx Xxx, acting in its capacity as Trustee for the Trust Fund established hereby, all of Xxxxxx Mae’s right, title and interest in and to the Lower Tier Regular Classes, including all payments of principal and interest thereon received after the month of the Issue Date.

  • Liquidating Distributions Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Article VII or in Section 8.3 of the Master Agreement, upon the sale of the Property or the dissolution and liquidation of the Series in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and of Section 8.3 of the Master Agreement, the proceeds of liquidation of the Series or the sale of the Property will be distributed within ninety (90) days of the date of sale of the Property or the dissolution and liquidation in the following order and priority:

  • Character of Liquidating Distributions All payments made in liquidation of the interest of a Unit Holder in the Company shall be made in exchange for the interest of such Unit Holder in Property pursuant to Section 736(b)(1) of the Code, including the interest of such Unit Holder in Company goodwill.

  • No Legal Title to Owner Trust Estate in Certificateholders The Certificateholders shall not have legal title to any part of the Owner Trust Estate. The Certificateholders shall be entitled to receive distributions with respect to their undivided ownership interest therein only in accordance with Articles V and IX. No transfer, by operation of law or otherwise, of any right, title or interest of the Certificateholders to and in their ownership interest in the Owner Trust Estate shall operate to terminate this Agreement or the trusts hereunder or entitle any transferee to an accounting or to the transfer to it of legal title to any part of the Owner Trust Estate.

  • Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser The Delaware Trust Assets Purchaser shall be the Servicer engaged to perform and discharge the Serviced Duties in respect of each Appointment of Xxxxx Trust Company that continues to be treated as a Restricted Appointment.

  • Duties of Owner Trustee (a) The Owner Trustee undertakes to perform such duties, and only such duties, as are specifically set forth in this Agreement and the other Basic Documents, including the administration of the Trust in the interest of the Certificateholders, subject to the Basic Documents and in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. No implied covenants or obligations shall be read into this Agreement.

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