Evaluation and Recommendation Sample Clauses

Evaluation and Recommendation. A4.6.3.1 Evidence of competence, respect for student rights, respect for colleagues and the ethics of the teaching profession, sensitivity to the issues of diversity, currency, and realization of professional growth shall be obtained from a careful analysis of administrative evaluations, peer evaluations and student evaluations over a period of time, and from a critical reading of materials submitted by the candidate. Recommendations regarding tenure shall be based upon this evidence alone.
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Evaluation and Recommendation. The Committee will endeavour to evaluate the applicants based on the criteria established at the start of the hiring process in accordance with Article 17.06. Based on these evaluations, the Committee will recommend the most appropriate applicant to the Employer.
Evaluation and Recommendation. 6.60 The Consultants shall be responsible for evaluating the performance of the Pilot Plant. Within 16 months from the commencement of the Contract, the Consultants shall submit a Pilot Plant Evaluation Report. The Report shall take reference of all available results of the testing and commissioning for different woody waste feedstock and different Pilot Plant operation modes, provide summary of the results, assess the Pilot Plant performance and recycled products characteristics with respect to different waste characteristics and operation modes, evaluate the recycling technologies of the Pilot Plant, and assess the beneficial uses of the recycled products. The performance evaluation shall cover technical, environmental, financial and other pertinent aspects. The Evaluation Report shall also analyse and propose the optimal operation mode of the Pilot Plant for different types of woody waste. In addition, the Evaluation Report shall also evaluate and recommend the way forward regarding use and operation, including the approach and requirements for the procurement of future operation and maintenance services of the Pilot Plant after completion of the testing and commissioning period under this Assignment.
Evaluation and Recommendation. The Employer will endeavor to evaluate the applicants based on the criteria established at the start of the hiring process in accordance with Article 16.06. Based on these evaluations, the Employer will select the most appropriate applicant.

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  • Conclusions and Recommendations The literature review (see Appendix C) indicates a range of buffer width recommendations for protecting the shade function. Based on the XXXXX curve reported in this section of the report, approximately 1 SPTH (estimated at 61 meters or 200 ft) will provide nearly 100 percent effectiveness of the buffer to protect the intertidal from desiccation, elevated temperatures, and other shade-related functions. Of course, in nonforested community types (e.g., prairie and grasslands) the shade function from overstory trees may be unattainable. To maximize the buffer’s effectiveness to provide the shade function, the following actions are recommended: • Avoid disturbance to native vegetation in riparian areas, especially nearer the water’s edge. • Retain, restore, and enhance mature trees and a multi-layered canopy and understory of native vegetation at sites that support these types of plant communities. • Ensure that riparian areas can be maintained in mature, native vegetation through time. • Prevent modifications to banks and bluffs (e.g., armoring) that could disrupt natural processes (such as soil creep, development of backshore and overhanging vegetation, recruitment of wood and other organic matter to riparian area including beaches and banks.) • Prohibit cutting and topping of trees and avoid “limbing” (selective branch cutting to enhance views) of trees for view corridors and other purposes within buffers.

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