Life Safety Sample Clauses

Life Safety. Tenant (or Contractor) shall employ the services of a fire and life-safety subcontractor reasonably satisfactory to Landlord for all fire and life-safety work at the Building.
Life Safety. Tenant, at its expense, shall connect the life safety systems serving the Ancillary Space to the life safety Building System in the applicable Ancillary Building.
Life Safety. Modify and add to existing emergency lighting (wall hung), exit signs, fire extinguishers and fire Alarm horn/strobe units as required by new layouts.
Life Safety. It is agreed that Tenant (or Contractor) shall employ the services of Landlord’s approved Building fire and life-safety subcontractor for all fire and life-safety work at the Building.
Life Safety. 3 EXTERIOR ................................................... 5 LOBBY/ENTRANCE/FRONT DESK .................................. 9
Life Safety. When an employee is serving as an FTO for another employee who is in the same classification, the FTO will receive additional compensation equal to five percent (5%) of regular base salary. The additional five percent (5%) will be for the period of time during which FTO duties are actually performed and shall be calculated to the nearest quarter hour.
Life Safety. A. The General Contractors shall not disconnect, tamper with, delete, obstruct, relocate, or expand any life safety equipment except as indicated on approved Final Plans.
Life Safety. Twenty four (24) hour notice must be submitted to the Property Management Office for approval for any work involving MEP, sprinkler, fire safety or security systems. The Contractor shall coordinate all fire alarm system and fire sprinkler system related work with the Property Management Office. None of the aforementioned work shall commence until appropriate measures have been taken, and approved, to assure that no false alarms will occur, that adequate Building protection shall be maintained and that all proper agencies have been notified of the shutdown parameters. Contractor shall be responsible for insuring restoration of such systems to normal operations immediately following completion of the work, including notification to the Property Management Office that the system is restored. During construction, the Contractor shall contact the Property Management Office to minimize the potential for false alarms.
Life Safety. 9. Verify all emergency lighting in the hotel. An emergency generator is present, but the hotel staff is not aware which areas of the hotel are protected by emergency lighting. Emergency lighting is needed in the follow areas and must be verified that it does exist:
Life Safety. Landlord shall provide capacity for the following: