Downgrade Sample Clauses

Downgrade. A downgrade occurs when an ASF Member voluntarily accepts a position in lower salary range. The ASF Member shall have his/her salary reduced to the maximum of the new range, or if his/her salary is within the new range, to the step which is nearest to but not greater than his/her current salary.
Downgrade. Moves to a lower job classification may occur as the result of an employee’s personal choice (voluntary downgrade); for documented inadequate job performance (deficiency downgrade); or when through no fault of the employee the university determines that the individual position should be reclassified downward (involuntary, no-fault downgrade). An employee who is given notice of layoff but who, before removal from the payroll, is the successful applicant for a lower-rated position, will be compensated in accordance with Section VI.A. - Voluntary, below. An employee who is laid off and then rehired will be compensated in accordance with the Policy on Employment Protection, Section 60.4.3, of the University Policy Library. If an employee moves into a position covered by a bargaining unit as a result of a downward reclassification or as a result of being a successful candidate, the rules for that unit apply. Salary adjustments resulting from these downward moves are calculated as follows:
Downgrade. If a Rating Agency Trigger Event occurs, then, within 30 days after the occurrence of such Rating Agency Trigger Event (unless, within such 30 days SRFP shall obtain written acknowledgment from each Rating Agency then providing a rating for the Certificates that the then-current ratings of the Certificates will not be downgraded, withdrawn or put on watch for downgrade notwithstanding the Rating Agency Trigger Event), SRFP shall, at its own expense and subject to the Rating Agency Condition, either (i) cause another entity that meets or exceeds the Approved Rating Thresholds to replace SRFP as party to this Agreement on terms substantially similar to this Agreement, (ii) obtain a guaranty of, or a contingent agreement of, another person with the Approved Rating Thresholds, to honor SRFP’s obligations under this Agreement or (iii) post collateral according to the terms of an ISDA 1994 New York Law Credit Support Annex.
Downgrade. No downgrade, qualification or withdrawal of the long-term unsecured debt rating of any Swap Counterparty below “AA-” by S&P, “Aa3” by Xxxxx’x or, if rated by Fitch, “AA-” by Fitch or of its short-term unsecured debt rating below “A-1+” by S&P, “P-1” by Xxxxx’x or, if rated by Fitch, “F1+” by Fitch shall have occurred and be continuing.
Downgrade. Promptly after receipt of notice of any downgrade of any Indebtedness of Quest Diagnostics by Xxxxx'x or S&P, Quest Diagnostics shall furnish to the Administrative Agent a notice of such downgrade setting forth the Indebtedness affected and the nature of such change in rating.
Downgrade. Instead of installing the software, you may install and use an earlier version. This agreement applies to your use of the earlier version. If the earlier version includes different components, any terms for those components in the agreement that comes with the earlier version apply to your use of them. DSA Global Solutions is not obligated to supply earlier versions to you. At any time, you may replace an earlier version with this version of the software.
Downgrade. A move from a higher labor grade to a lower labor grade.