Disciplinary File Sample Clauses

Disciplinary File. Records of oral or written reprimand which involve attendance or technical performance, may be removed from an employee’s personnel file after one year, upon the employee’s request, provided in the judgement of the City, the employee has taken corrective action and has received no other disciplinary actions. Approval to remove such reprimands from the file shall not be unreasonably withheld. Other disciplinary action such as behavioral conduct (either on or off duty) may be removed after three years of no disciplinary action. Such removal will require majority approval from two out of the three approving parties: Human Resource Director, Fire Chief, and PFFA President.
Disciplinary File. An Employee/Owner Operator will receive a copy of any written reprimand or disciplinary suspension placed in his/her file with a copy to the Union. Such written reprimand or disciplinary suspension shall become a permanent part of the Employee/Owner Operator’s personal work history. However, any incident causing such written reprimand or disciplinary suspension which has not recurred within a period of twelve (12) consecutive months will be removed from that Employee/Owner Operator's file(s).
Disciplinary File a) Every employee can have access to his disciplinary file. On this occasion, he can be accompanied by a person representing the Union.

Related to Disciplinary File

  • Disciplinary Information There are no legal or disciplinary events to disclose in response to this item.

  • Disciplinary Procedures Section 1 All disciplinary actions shall be handled in a fair manner and shall be consistent with the infractions for which disciplinary action is being taken.

  • Disciplinary Records Any disciplinary record shall be removed from an Employee’s file after two (2) years from the date of the offence, provided that there have been no similar warnings in that period, in which event the time for the application of this section shall be counted from the date of the succeeding warning. It is understood that disciplinary records include any written records of verbal warnings, written warnings and letters of suspension.

  • Grievance Files Written grievances and responses will be maintained separately from the employee’s personnel file.

  • Separate Grievance File All documents, communications and records dealing with the processing of a grievance shall be filed in a separate grievance file and shall not be kept in the personnel file of any of the participants.

  • Disciplinary Procedure a. Discipline shall be imposed only for just cause. Where the College President, or designee, seeks to impose discipline, notice of such discipline shall be made in writing and served upon the employee in person or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, to the employee’s address of record. The conduct for which discipline is being imposed and the penalty proposed shall be specified in the notice. The notice served on the employee shall contain a detailed description of the alleged acts and conduct including reference to dates, times and places.

  • DISCIPLINARY AND GRIEVANCE PROCEDURES For statutory purposes, there is no formal disciplinary procedure in relation to the Employee's employment. The Employee shall be expected to maintain the highest standards of integrity and behavior. If the Employee has any grievance in relation to his employment or is not satisfied with any disciplinary procedure taken in relation to him, he may apply in writing within 14 days of that decision to the Board, whose decision shall be final. The foregoing shall not be construed, however, to limit the Employee's remedies at law or otherwise.

  • Disciplinary Process (a) Prior to disciplining an Employee, the Employer will notify the Unit 1 Chairperson, with a copy to the President of Unifor Local 5555, of the nature of the alleged offence.

  • Disciplinary Matters 2.6.1 Prior to the imposition of any disciplinary penalty, the Company shall hold a Disciplinary Interview, which shall replace Step 1 of the grievance process.

  • Disciplinary Grievances 1. An employee with a grievance involving a suspension, fine, demotion, or discharge shall file his/her grievance at the Agency Step level within twenty (20) days of notification of such action.