Total Contract Value definition

Total Contract Value means contract value plus statutory dues like GST etc. and any other amount payable under contract.
Total Contract Value means total value of the Material(s) and services to be supplied as specified in the Purchase Order, exclusive of reimbursable taxes and duties.
Total Contract Value means the value specified in the Letter of Intent (LoI), subject to such addition thereto or deduction there from as may be made under the provisions hereinafter contained;

Examples of Total Contract Value in a sentence

  • EBO % of Total Contract Value: 29% SUMMARY SUMMARY Upcoming bid requests can be viewed at under the “bid package updates” tab.

More Definitions of Total Contract Value

Total Contract Value means maximum value payable to the Delivery Partner which is agreed between the Purchaser and the Delivery Partner for the project.
Total Contract Value means the total cost of the requirement, including whole-life costing.
Total Contract Value means as to any Performance Period, the contribution to revenue from the contracts signed by the Company or business unit once they are fully implemented.
Total Contract Value means the full dollar value of a fully executed contract.
Total Contract Value means the total committed Membership Fees during the member’s commitment term up to any contractual early termination options, as set forth in the applicable membership details form or the fee schedule in the membership agreement, net of any discounts, less any net contract value remaining on the membership agreement(s) then-inexistence, if any, and shall not include any amounts related to custom configurations, design, or any additional services. Total Contract Value shall not include any annual fee escalation amounts unless such amounts are reflected in the applicable fee schedule.