Request for Proposal Sample Clauses

Request for Proposal. Once the project development stage and joint scope meeting have produced a County approved Detailed Scope of Work, the County will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Contractor. The RFP will include the Scope of Work approved by the County and other pertinent information with regards to scheduling, submittals, shop drawings and sketch requirements. The Contractor agrees to prepare and submit a JOC Task Order Proposal of Work.
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Request for Proposal. A written request to the Contractor to prepare a Proposal for the Detailed Scope of Work referenced therein.
Request for Proposal. Request for Proposal (hereinafter referred to as “RFP”) means a solicitation requesting submittal of a proposal in response to the required scope of services.
Request for Proposal. Section 1.0: INTRODUCTION/OVERVIEW: Specifies the information regarding the requirements of the solicitation process.
Request for Proposal. Request for Proposal (RFP) 9648 Residential Solid Waste Collection Services dated September 12, 2022 is incorporated herein by this reference. In the event a conflict exists between contract documents the order of precedence shall be 1) This Agreement including all exhibits; 2) RFP; and 3) Contractor’s Proposal.
Request for Proposal. The term “Request for Proposal” also referred to as the “RFP” herein, means the request for proposal issued by the City for PROJECT and includes all documents, exhibits, attachments, and addenda thereto.
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Request for Proposal. In the event, following the Closing, Buyer solicits third party developers through a formal request for proposal or qualifications, for the redevelopment of the Property, Buyer shall provide Seller an opportunity to participate in such process on terms no less favorable than the other participants.
Request for Proposal. Xxxxxx’s Vineyard Housing Needs Assessment Study 13 The Martha’s Vineyard Housing Needs Assessment Study will ascertain the current 14 housing needs for affordable and community rental housing, and for homeownership 15 opportunities from two perspectives: within each town and for the Island as a whole. 16 (Please see attached document.) 18 Article 3. Term: 19 This Agreement shall take effect on July 1, 2012, for a one (1) year term that may be 20 extended for up to one (1) additional year commencing July 1 of the successive year, by 21 mutual agreement of the parties, acting through their Boards of Selectmen, but shall in no 22 event remain effective beyond June 30, 2014. The Parties shall give each notice of 23 whether or not they wish to extend the initial one-year term at least ninety (90) days prior 24 to the date of the expiration of the agreement, unless the Parties mutually agree in writing 25 upon another date.
Request for Proposal. The term "Request for Proposal" shall mean those documents prepared and furnished by University for the purpose of obtaining proposals from Design Builders to design and build the Project, including without limitation, the General Conditions and General Requirements attached as Exhibit A.
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