Request for Proposal Sample Clauses

Request for Proposal. Once the project development stage and joint scope meeting have produced a County approved Detailed Scope of Work, the County will issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the Contractor. The RFP will include the Scope of Work approved by the County and other pertinent information with regards to scheduling, submittals, shop drawings and sketch requirements. The Contractor agrees to prepare and submit a JOC Task Order Proposal of Work.
Request for Proposal. At any time Carrier desires BecoCom to perform Work on any Project hereunder, Carrier shall deliver to BecoCom a notice (a "Request for Proposal") which includes the following:
Request for Proposal a. The RFP/RFQ process for the study will be advanced as expeditiously as possible, subject to project staffing and city contracting requirements.
Request for Proposal. Corgentech have requested that Avecia provide a proposal for the supply of 2x150mmol batch of each of NfkappaB SSI’s 6003 and 6004, and for Duplexing the SSI’s from this batch along with the remaining SSI from earlier 2004 GMP manufacture. The product is to be suitable for use in P-I or II.
Request for Proposal. The procurement technique of competitive proposals is normally conducted with more than one source submitting an offer, either a fixed-price or a cost-reimbursement type contract is awarded. This method of procurement is generally used when conditions are not appropriate for the use of sealed bids. If this method is used, the following requirements apply:
Request for Proposal. The Council seeks Proposals from private operators for the provision of the Services, which are further described in the RFP Documents.
Request for Proposal. The Owner requests the Geotechnical Engineer to submit to the Owner a proposal for geotechnical investigation and engineering services for the proposed Project at the property described below. The Geotechnical Engineer shall submit the proposal by attaching hereto (and identify in Article 10) the material required and returning five copies of this document to the Owner. The proposal shall include and be limited to the Scope of Work Schedule of Maximum Fees and Charges, and Special Provisions, defining any proposed deviations from the requirements of the current Agreement, including additions, deletions, exceptions and revisions. The Owner reserves the right to make changes to the Scope of Work and/or Special Provisions, if found beneficial for the Owner. In case of discrepancy between the Articles 1 through 9 and Article 10 of the current Agreement, provisions under the Articles 1 through 9 will govern. If the Owner accepts the Agreement as well as the Scope of Work and Special Provisions, all five copies of this document will be signed by the Owner, one will be returned to the Geotechnical Engineer. Upon execution and receipt by the Geotechnical Engineer, this document and all attachments listed in Articles 9 and 10 shall form the Agreement between the Owner and the Geotechnical Engineer. The Geotechnical Engineer shall hold the proposal open for acceptance by the Owner for a period of ( ) calendar days after the date of submittal to the Owner.