Disabled Child definition

Disabled Child means Your unmarried adult Child who is, on and after the date on which insurance would end because of the Child’s age, continuously incapable of self-sustaining employment because of mental or physical handicap; and chiefly dependent upon You for support and maintenance, or institutionalized because of mental or physical handicap. You must provide proof of Your Disabled Child’s status within 31 days after the date on which insurance would otherwise end because of the Child’s age. Thereafter, We may require further proof of Your Disabled Child’s status, but not more often than annually. Costs associated with such proof will be Your responsibility.
Disabled Child means a child suffering from a physical or mental handicap which necessitates special care for the child;
Disabled Child means a child who is unable, by reasons of physical or mental disability, to attend a normal educational institution and requires special teaching or training to prepare him or her for full integration into society or, while attending a normal educational institution, requires special teaching or training to assist him or her in overcoming the disability;

Examples of Disabled Child in a sentence

  • If you elect Option 2 or Option 5 and designate your disabled child, you must submit a completed Form 143 (Verification of Retiree’s Disabled Child for Selection of Option 2/5 Beneficiary) with this application.

  • In order to be excluded, the participant must be assigned to one of two CARES activities, Caring for Disabled Child (CD) or Caring for Other Family Member (CF).

  • Coverage will terminate the end of the month in which the dependent grandchild turns age 26.4. Disabled Child.

  • The incompatibility with the Disabled Child Allowance is not simulated.

  • Populations Who Have the Option to Enroll Age Categories* SSI 0-19 Disabled Child Living at Home 0-19 DHS-Xxxxxx Care Children 0-19 DHS-Xxxxxx Care Children (Adoption Assistance) 0-19 Indians 0-65 *The hyphen denotes “up to” the age listed.

More Definitions of Disabled Child

Disabled Child means for purposes of Medicaid Recovery a child of any age who is blind, or permanently and totally disabled according to standards set by the Social Security Administration. "Estate" means all real and personal property and other assets included in the member's estate as defined in Title 58 of theOklahoma Statutes.
Disabled Child means a child who has a disability for the purposes of the
Disabled Child means any individual who is the child of a member by birth or adoption and who is totally disabled as a result of a physical or mental illness or injury, including retardation, at the time the member dies or who becomes so disabled before reaching 18 years of age. The term includes a child the board determines is unable to pursue any gainful employment.
Disabled Child means a Dependent child who is physically or mentally disabled and incapable of self- sustaining employment and is dependent upon the Employee/Retiree for support and maintenance, and further, provided that the condition existed prior to such Disabled child reaching the age of 26. Proof of physical or mental disability shall be required prior to 60 days of such child’s 26th birthday and the District’s Benefit Department may require additional proof from time to time.
Disabled Child means a child, as described in Government Code section 22775 and section 599.500, subdivision (n) or (o), who at the time of attaining age 26, is incapable of self-support because of a physical or mental disability which existed continuously from a date prior to attainment of age 26 and who is enrolled pursuant to section 599.501, subdivisions (d) and (e), until termination of such incapacity.