Restocking Charge Sample Clauses

Restocking Charge. Customer may at my time subsequent to Delivery return Purchases to Supplier for credit. For any Purchases returned that are not useable by Supplier's other customers within sixty (60) days, the Parties agree they will use good faith efforts to reach an agreement as to an appropriate amount due Supplier. However, in no event shall the amount due Supplier from Customer exceed ten percent (10%) of the unit price of the Purchases returned.
Restocking Charge. If Lessee elects to return (or is required by ----------------- Lessor to return) the Equipment covered on any Equipment Schedule made under the Lease, Lessee agrees to pay Lessor as a Restocking charge an amount equal to 15% of the Cost of such Equipment. Any applicable Restocking charge shall be due and payable either (I) ninety (90) days the date Lessee notifies Lessor of its intention to return the Equipment or (II) thirty (30) days after Lessor notifies Lessee to return the Equipment.
Restocking Charge. All sales are final. However, in the rare event a return for credit, refund or exchange is authorized, a restocking fee of up to 25% will be assessed for all returned products.
Restocking Charge. For any unit of Product returned to Tollgrade by UTStarcom (other than units returned as a result of warranty claims), Tollgrade will, to the extent UTStarcom has already paid the Purchase Price for such Product, refund to UTStarcom [*] of the Purchase Price for such unit. To the extent UTStarcom has not yet paid the Purchase Price for such returned Product at the time of return, Tollgrade will credit to UTStarcom the [*] fee. The [*] remainder of the Purchase Price is a restocking charge which will not be refunded or credited to UTStarcom, but will be retained by Tollgrade.
Restocking Charge. We reserve the right to impose a restocking charge equal to 25% of the invoice price for goods shipped to you and returned to us for any reason other than as provided in paragraph 2.
Restocking Charge. Seller, in its sole discretion, may accept returns of Products. For accepted returns, a restocking charge of twenty percent (20%) of the applicable Product price will be charged if returned for reasons other than an identified defect of Product.
Restocking Charge. All items returned will be subject to a 15% restocking charge unless damaged in shipment, unsuitable for sale, or sent in error. California Preliminary Notice Information We ask that all necessary information be given at the time the order is placed. Delivery
Restocking Charge. Restocking charges for returned spare parts shall be in accordance with the Liebherr Parts Policy then in effect.
Restocking Charge. Twenty (20) percent restocking charge will apply on return of material purchased. Merchandise shipped C.O.D./Freight Prepaid, which is returned as “Refusedby the customer, will be subject to a twenty (20) percent restocking charge. Special orders are not refundable.

Related to Restocking Charge

  • Shipping Charges Unless otherwise stated in the Bid Specifications, all deliveries shall be deemed to be freight on board (F.O.B.) destination tailgate delivery at the dock of the Authorized User. Unless otherwise agreed, items purchased at a price F.O.B. Shipping point plus transportation charges shall not relieve the Contractor from responsibility for safe and proper delivery notwithstanding the Authorized User’s payment of transportation charges. Contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that the Xxxx of Lading states “charges prepaid” for all shipments.

  • Parking Charges Any parking charges or other costs levied, assessed or imposed by, or at the direction of, or resulting from statutes or regulations, or interpretations thereof, promulgated by any governmental authority or insurer in connection with the use or occupancy of the Building or the Project.

  • ORDER PROCESSING CHARGE H-GAC will apply an Order Processing Charge for each sale done through the H-GAC contract, with the exception of orders for motor vehicles. Any pricing submitted must include this charge amount per the most current H-GAC schedule. For motor vehicle orders, the Processing Charge is paid by the Customer.

  • Recurring Charges You or a supplementary cardmember may authorize a merchant to xxxx your account at regular intervals for goods or services (called recurring charges). Here are some important things that you need to know about recurring charges and your account.

  • Non-Recurring Charges IV. Entrance Facilities 2-Wire Voice Grade Channel Termination 4-Wire Voice Grade Channel Termination DS-1 to Voice Grade Multiplexing DS-1 Channel Termination DS-3 to DS-1 Multiplexing DS-3 Channel Termination $11.02/Month $17.63/Month $63.20/Month $125.32/Month $216.05/Month $918.37/Month All: $6.70/Service Order plus installation charges for each initial and additional facility purchased at the time of order: $296.00/Initial & $171.44/Additional $382.37/Initial & $221.67/Additional $366.56/Initial & $366.56/Additional $422.32/Initial & $205.89/Additional $366.56/Initial & $366.56/Additional $422.32/Initial & $205.89/Additional STS-1 OC-3 OC-12 $585.56/Month $771.47/Month $2,286.50/Month All: $52.62 Service Order charge $175.68/Installation charge per facility $6.62/Manual Surcharge Expedite: $78.45 Service Order $252.06/Installation Charge/Facility $9.87/Manual Surcharge

  • SALES AND ORDER PROCESSING CHARGE Contractor shall sell its products to END USERS based on the pricing and terms of this Agreement. H-GAC will invoice Contractor for the applicable order processing charge when H-GAC receives notification of an END USER order. Contractor shall remit to H-GAC the full amount of the applicable order processing charge, after delivery of any product or service and subsequent END USER acceptance. Payment of the Order Processing Charge shall be remitted from Contractor to H-GAC, within thirty (30) calendar days or ten (10) business days after receipt of an END USER’s payment, whichever comes first, notwithstanding Contractor’s receipt of invoice. For sales made by Contractor based on this Agreement, including sales to entities without Interlocal Agreements, Contractor shall pay the applicable order processing charges to H-GAC. Further, Contractor agrees to encourage entities who are not members of H-GAC’s Cooperative Purchasing Program to execute an H-GAC Interlocal Agreement. H-GAC reserves the right to take appropriate actions including, but not limited to, Agreement termination if Contractor fails to promptly remit the appropriate order processing charge to H-GAC. In no event shall H-GAC have any liability to Contractor for any goods or services an END USER procures from Contractor. At all times, Contractor shall remain liable to pay to H-GAC any order processing charges on any portion of the Agreement actually performed, and for which compensation was received by Contractor.

  • Trunk Nonrecurring charges Installation nonrecurring charges may be assessed by the provider for each LIS trunk ordered. Qwest rates are specified in Exhibit A.

  • Floating Charge The Current Issuer, by way of first floating charge for the payment or discharge of the Current Issuer Secured Obligations, subject to Clause 4 (Release of Current Issuer Charged Property), hereby charges in favour of the Note Trustee the whole of its undertaking and all its property, assets and rights, whatsoever and wheresoever, both present and future, including without limitation its uncalled capital, other than any property or assets for the time being the subject of a fixed charge or effectively assigned pursuant to any of the foregoing provisions of this Clause 3 (Current Issuer Security).

  • Nonrecurring Charges NEN shall be responsible for the payment of all nonrecurring charges (NRCs) applicable to resold Services (e.g., installation, changes, ordering charges) as listed in Appendix C. In addition, NRCs for Field Service work (Installation/Repair requiring on site visits will be charged from the appropriate tariff. No discount applies to nonrecurring charges.

  • No Outstanding Charges There are no defaults in complying with the terms of the Mortgage, and all taxes, governmental assessments, insurance premiums, water, sewer and municipal charges, leasehold payments or ground rents which previously became due and owing have been paid, or an escrow of funds has been established in an amount sufficient to pay for every such item which remains unpaid and which has been assessed but is not yet due and payable. The Seller has not advanced funds, or induced, solicited or knowingly received any advance of funds by a party other than the Mortgagor, directly or indirectly, for the payment of any amount required under the Mortgage Loan, except for interest accruing from the date of the Mortgage Note or date of disbursement of the Mortgage Loan proceeds, whichever is earlier, to the day which precedes by one month the related Due Date of the first installment of principal and interest;