Individual Project definition

Individual Project means each parcel of Land, medical office buildings and other improvements now or in the future located on such particular parcel of Land and all related facilities, amenities, fixtures, and personal property owned by an applicable Borrower and used in connection therewith.
Individual Project means discrete projects to be completed by the Provider in performing the Services, each of which will be detailed in a Call Off Contract pursuant to the issue of an Order Form to the Provider by the Authority.
Individual Project means "Project", as defined in this Section.

Examples of Individual Project in a sentence

  • Individual Project Review Meetings between the ONR sponsor and the performer may be held as necessary.

  • The IPPA shall specify the design consulting services required for the Individual Project and shall state the maximum compensation authorized for the work specified in the IPPA.

  • Attached to each IPPA and made a part of this Agreement is the Design, Construction and Equipment Budget, a component of which is the Individual Project Construction Budget.

  • A component of the Individual Project Construction Budget is the Construction Contract Award Price, hereinafter referred to as CCAP.

  • Ten oiled ducks have been recovered for treatment and have transported to the Hawk Center in Russellville for rehabilitation.

  • Any Individual Project Net Revenues pledged herein in excess of the Required Payments for an Individual Project Borrowing may be used by the Institution for any other lawful purpose.

  • Each Individual Project Borrowing shall be secured on a parity with other obligations secured by the Individual Project Net Revenues relating to such Individual Project Borrowing (other than any obligations secured by a prior right in Individual Project Net Revenues).

  • If Individual Project Net Revenues for any Project are insufficient to pay Required Payments for such Project during such period, the Institution shall provide evidence of a plan to generate Individual Project Net Revenues for such Project sufficient to make such Required Payments in the future.

  • The Board further covenants that it will fix, revise, charge and collect such rates, fees and charges in such amounts so that Individual Project Net Revenues will at all times be sufficient to pay, when due, the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the related Individual Project Borrowing and on any other obligations secured by such Individual Project Net Revenues (such payments collectively the “Required Payments”).

  • The Management Plan is the description and definition of the phasing, sequencing and timing of the major Individual Project activities for design, construction procurement, construction and occupancy as described in the IPPA.

More Definitions of Individual Project

Individual Project means the specific project described in this Project Agreement;
Individual Project means a sub-set of activities and expenditure within an Individual Scheme – see more detailed definition below. Individual Scheme means one of the schemes which is agreed by the Partners to be included within this Agreement using the powers under Section 75 as documented in a Scheme Specification. Schemes may be sub-divided into projects, which do not have separate specifications, but which feature in the more detailed reporting of expenditure from within the Better Care Fund required by NHS England or the DLUHC Integrated Care Board means an NHS group within the One Devon Partnership that takes on the planning functions previously held by clinical commissioning groups. Integrated Commissioning means arrangements by which both Partners commission Services in relation to an individual Scheme on behalf of each other in exercise of both the NHS Functions and Council Functions through integrated structures.

Related to Individual Project

  • Project means the goods or Services described in the Signature Document or a Work Order of this Contract.

  • The Project Site, where applicable, means the place or places named in the SCC.

  • The Project means supply, installation, testing and commissioning, integration of computer hardware and services with support under Warranty and annual maintenance contract, if required for the contract period.

  • Project site, where applicable, means the place indicated in bidding documents.

  • Condominium Project Real estate including the separate ownership in fee, or on a satisfactory leasehold estate, of a particular residential unit with an indivisible interest in the real estate designated for common ownership strictly by unit owners.

  • Project Site(s) means the place(s) specified in the SCC for the supply and installation of the System.

  • Redevelopment Project Area means an area designated by the municipality, which is not less in the aggregate than 1 1/2 acres and in respect to which the municipality has made a finding that there exist conditions which cause the area to be classified as an industrial park conservation area or a blighted area or a conservation area, or a combination of both blighted areas and conservation areas.

  • Redevelopment project means a specific construction project

  • Building Project means the aggregate combined parcel of land on a portion of which are the improvements of which the Premises form a part, with all the improvements thereon, said improvements being a part of the block and lot for tax purposes which are applicable to the aforesaid land.

  • The Project Plan means the document to be developed by the Supplier and approved by the Purchaser, pursuant to GCC Clause 19, based on the requirements of the Contract and the Preliminary Project Plan included in the Supplier’s bid. The “Agreed and Finalized Project Plan” is the version of the Project Plan approved by the Purchaser, in accordance with GCC Clause 19.2. Should the Project Plan conflict with the Contract in any way, the relevant provisions of the Contract, including any amendments, shall prevail.

  • Construction project means the same as that term is defined in Section 38-1a-102.

  • Sub-project means a specific development project to be carried out by a Beneficiary utilizing the proceeds of a Sub-loan;

  • Project area budget means a multiyear projection of annual or cumulative

  • Project Land means any parcel or parcels of land on which the project is developed and constructed by a promoter;

  • Mixed-use project means a project comprising both a qualified

  • Development Project means a project for the development of land within a

  • New Project means (a) each facility or operating location which is either a new facility, location or office or an expansion, relocation, remodeling or substantial modernization of an existing facility, location or office owned by the Borrower or its Subsidiaries which in fact commences operations and (b) each creation (in one or a series of related transactions) of a business unit to the extent such business unit commences operations or each expansion (in one or a series of related transactions) of business into a new market.

  • Existing Project is a Project that has achieved Commercial Operation on or prior to the Execution Date.

  • Ongoing Project means a multi-year project undertaken by a Company in fulfilment of its CSR obligation having timelines not exceeding three years excluding the financial year in which it was commenced, and shall include such project that was initially not approved as a multi-year project but whose duration has been extended beyond one year by the board based on reasonable justification;

  • Project Common Areas as used in this Lease, shall mean the portion of the Project designated as such in the Site Plan. The Project Common Areas shall consist of all parking facilities, entrances and exits, driveways, exterior walkways, first-class landscaped and hardscaped areas which are generally consistent with the quality of landscaped and hardscaped areas of Comparable Buildings in existence as of the date of this Lease, open space areas and plazas on the real property comprising the Project. The term "BUILDING COMMON AREAS," as used in this Lease, shall mean the portions of the Common Areas located within any building in the Project not entirely leased by Tenant, which Building Common Areas shall be reasonably designated as such by Landlord. Notwithstanding the foregoing and subject to (i) Landlord's approval, which approval (as indicated in Section 29.4 below) shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed, (ii) the CC&R's, and (iii) all terms of this Lease regarding Hazardous Materials, Tenant may install or locate such items as benches, patio tables, bike racks, above-ground generators, security cameras and the like (collectively, "MISCELLANEOUS COMMON AREA ITEMS") at Tenant's sole cost in the Common Areas or on the exterior of the Building, as applicable, provided that Tenant removes such items upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease and repairs any damage to the Common Areas or the exterior of the Building (as applicable) resulting from such removal. If Tenant fails to remove any Miscellaneous Common Area Item or to repair any damage resulting from such removal upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Landlord may do so and may charge Landlord's actual cost thereof to Tenant. The manner in which the Common Areas are maintained and operated shall be in accordance with a standard which is not less than that customarily followed in the operation and maintenance of first class mid-rise office buildings located within the University Towne Center (i.e., the area from two (2) blocks to the North of La Jolla Village Drive to two (2) blocks to the South of La Jolla Village Drive between the I-5 and I-805 freeways), Del Mar, Carmel Valley and Torrey Hills geographical areas, provided that Landlord shall manage, maintain and operate the same in a manner consistent with that of Comparable Buildings, and the use thereof shall be subject to such rules and regulations as Landlord reasonably may make from time to time. As used herein, "COMPARABLE BUILDINGS" shall mean the first class mid-rise office buildings (now existing or subsequently constructed) within the projects located within the University Towne Center, Del Mar, Carmel Valley and Torrey Hills geographical areas and having substantially similar characteristics to the Building pertaining to size, age, accessibility, design, quality, amenities and tenancies. Landlord reserves the right to make alterations or additions to, or to change the location of, elements of the Project and the Common Areas, provided that if any such changes might affect Tenant's use of the Premises (in other than an immaterial manner), Landlord obtains Tenant's prior written approval of any such alterations, additions and changes and such alterations, additions and changes do not unreasonably interfere with Tenant's access to the Premises. Except when and where Tenant's right of access is specifically excluded in this Lease, Tenant shall have the right of access to the Building and the parking facilities twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days per week during the Lease Term. PEREGRINE SYSTEMS CORPORATE CENTER [Peregrine Systems]

  • Project Property means the real property on or for which preconstruction service or construction work is or will be provided.

  • Projects means the projects identified in Exhibit A to the Agreement and all other projects, any costs of which are included in a Transitional Capital Plan pursuant to the Act or are Recovery Costs, and financed, by payment or reimbursement, with the proceeds of Bonds or Notes.

  • Expansion Project has the meaning set forth in Section IV.3.a of this Agreement.

  • Approved Project means the Scheme application of the Applicant approved by the CIC.

  • Project Water means water made available for delivery to the contractors by project conservation facilities and the transportation facilities included in the System.

  • NCZ Examined Project means any Generator or UDR project that is not exempt pursuant to and either (i) is in a Class Year on the date the Commission accepts the first ICAP Demand Curve to apply to a Mitigated Capacity Zone or (ii) meets the criteria specified in An NCZ Examined Project may be at any phase of development or in operation or an Installed Capacity Supplier.For purposes of Section 23.4.5 of this Attachment H, “Net CONE” shall mean the localized levelized embedded costs of a peaking unit in a Mitigated Capacity Zone, net of the likely projected annual Energy and Ancillary Services revenues of such unit, as determined in connection with establishing the Demand Curve for a Mitigated Capacity Zone pursuant to Section of the Services Tariff, or as escalated as specified in Section of Attachment H.