Commercial Customers definition

Commercial Customers means any Person other than a natural person or an Existing Customer engaged in commerce.
Commercial Customers means purchasers who are not end users (e.g., contractors, home builders, multi-unit property owners); but does not include purchasers of multiple copies of the same SKU (even by contractors, home builders, etc.) that are sold in store operated by Buyer, its Affiliates and/or the SHO Authorized Sellers and picked up by the purchaser at such store (or picked up at such store by a third party arranged by the purchaser without assistance from Buyer, Affiliates or the SHO Authorized Sellers).

Examples of Commercial Customers in a sentence

  • In general, Buyer, acting as Prime, has the singular right to engage the customer on matters related to business – includes both Government and Commercial customers benefiting under this order.

  • Commercial customers also have the ability to use overnight depository, ACH, wire transfer services and merchant capture electronic check processing services.

  • For Commercial customers, metering shall include an automated meter reading device (AMR), which shall be furnished and installed by the Company at the Customer's expense.

  • All Commercial customers are eligible for an initial installment payment agreement with 25% of the total arrears paid upfront and the remaining balance spread over 12-months, if all previous installment payment agreements have been satisfied and if there are no returned checks in last 12-months.

  • WEATHER NORMALIZATION ADJUSTMENT PROVISION The quantities of gas sales sold to Commercial customers under this rate schedule are subject to adjustment for weather as set forth in the Weather Normalization Adjustment provisions of the Rules and Regulations of this Tariff.

More Definitions of Commercial Customers

Commercial Customers means customers who are not household customers. [RT I 2007, 23, 120 – entry into force 01.05.2007]
Commercial Customers means those customers of a utility or CCA whorun any business described in Standard Industrial Classification Groups 40through 86, and 89 through 99, and which do not treat sewage or manufacture goods or provide other process-oriented services.
Commercial Customers means customers, clients and licensees which are not, and are not owned, in whole or in part, or controlled by, a Governmental Entity.
Commercial Customers means all apartment buildings consisting of four (4) or more units as required by city ordinance to utilize City contracted services and business facilities that opt to contract for services through the City’s Contractor.
Commercial Customers means those Owners and/or occupants of establishments devoted in whole or in part to a business enterprise, whether public or private in nature and whether nonprofit or for profit.
Commercial Customers means commercial Customers.