CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. As an independent contractor, the mode, manner, method and means used by Consultant in the performance of services shall be of Consultant’s selection and under the sole control and direction of Consultant. Consultant shall be responsible for all risks incurred in the operation of Consultant’s business and shall enjoy all the benefits thereof. Any persons employed by or subcontracting with Consultant to perform any part of Consultant’s obligations hereunder shall be under the sole control and direction of Consultant and Consultant shall be solely responsible for all liabilities and expenses thereof. The Client shall have no right or authority with respect to the selection, control, direction, or compensation of such persons.
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. (a) Consultant shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy and timely completion of Consultant's work, including that performed by Consultant's subconsultants and subcontractors, and including drawings, reports and other services, irrespective of Client's approval of or acquiescence in same.
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. (The standard provisions in this Article are applicable to this Agreement only to the extent they coincide with the phases of work, and the scope of services described
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 4.1. Consultant will perform or furnish consulting and related services to a level of technical skill, ability, and diligence customarily provided by an experienced professional in their field of expertise when rendering the same services, and in accordance with sound principles and practices generally acknowledged by professionals in their field of expertise, as represented to the Consultant, both orally and in writing, to be possessed by Consultant, all in accordance with the standards contained elsewhere in this Agreement and in accordance with generally accepted standards of professional consulting practice and with the laws, statutes, ordinances, codes, rules and regulations governing Consultant’s profession. The same standards of care will be required of any subconsultant or subcontractor engaged by Consultant.
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. The Consultant shall provide the Services and the Goods, and deliver the Deliverables to the British Council, with reasonable skill, care and ability in accordance with the terms of this Agreement (and, in particular, the Special Terms (Schedule 1) and the Terms of Reference (Schedule 2)), and shall allocate sufficient resources to the Services to enable it to comply with this obligation. To the extent the Consultant is required to deliver any Goods under this Agreement, those Goods shall be of satisfactory quality, fit for purpose and shall comply with any applicable specification set out in this Agreement. The Consultant shall meet any dates related to the performance of the Services under this Agreement and time shall be of the essence in respect of such dates. The Consultant shall comply with, and complete and return any forms or reports from time to time required by, the British Council Requirements. The Consultant shall comply with the End Client Requirements (if any) and shall do nothing to put the British Council in breach of the End Client Requirements (if any). Where applicable, the Consultant shall, subject to the prior written approval of the British Council, appoint or, at the written request of the British Council, replace without delay any member of the Consultant's Team, each such member to be suitably skilled, experienced and qualified to carry out the Services. The Consultant shall not, without the British Council’s prior written consent (not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed), replace any of the Key Personnel. The British Council acknowledges that the Consultant will have to replace a member of the Key Personnel where such person leaves the employment of the Consultant, in which case the British Council shall have a right of approval over the proposed replacement (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed). The Consultant shall: observe, and ensure that, where applicable, the Consultant’s Team observes, the British Council’s Acceptable Usage Policy, Roam User Policy (where access to the relevant information technology systems has been granted), Information Security Policy and any applicable security policy or health and safety policy notified to the Consultant (including, without limitation, such policies as may be applicable at the Premises) and any reasonable verbal or written instructions or policies issued to the Consultant at any time and shall comply with the legal requirements of any country in which the Servic...
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 3.1 SERVICES Consultant shall perform the consulting services required for the Project, as more fully described in Article
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. 10.1 The CONSULTANT, following the CITY’s approval of the Construction Documents and of the Final Statement of Probable Construction Costs, shall, when so directed and authorized by the CITY, assist the CITY in estimating construction costs, reviewing proposals, and assist in awarding contracts for construction. If requested, CONSULTANT shall review and analyze the proposals received by the CITY and shall make a recommendation for any award based on the City of Fort Lauderdale Procurement Ordinance.
CONSULTANT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. Consultant acknowledges that this Contract was awarded on the basis of the unique background and abilities of the key personnel of Consultant and subconsultants identified by Consultant. Consultant shall identify a representative authorized to act on its behalf with respect to the Project and shall not remove, re-assign, or replace key personnel without District’s prior written consent. Consultant represents that Consultant has no existing interest and shall not acquire any interest, direct or indirect that would reasonably appear to interfere in any manner or degree with the performance of Services under this Contract and that Consultant shall employ no person having such interest. Consultant shall procure prior to commencement of Services and maintain for the duration of this Contract, or such longer time as may be provided, insurance against claims that may arise from or in connection with the performance of Services by Consultant, its agents, representatives, employees and subconsultants as set forth at Exhibit D. Consultant’s liabilities, including but not limited to Consultant’s indemnity obligations, under this Contract, will not be deemed limited in any way to the insurance coverage required herein. Maintenance of insurance coverage is a material element of this Contract and Consultant’s failure to maintain or renew coverage or to provide evidence of renewal during the term of this Contract, as required or when requested, may be treated as a material breach. Consultant shall coordinate with District personnel or its designated representatives as may be requested, including with other professionals employed by District for the planning, design, coordination or management of other work related to the Project.